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As the World Turns Monday 12/17/01

By Mary Jane

Katie and Simon are at their suite, starting their honeymoon. Upon opening their gifts Katie comes upon a blender. Katie is very excited by this present, she always wanted a blender. She feels they are now really married in the eyes of their peers. She is delighted. Simon wants to consummate their vows; Katie wants to use her new blender. So she decides to make daiquiris for her and Simon. Katie starts to make strawberry daiquiris. She put in the strawberries, ice, rum, Simon interrupts her trying to start the honeymoon. He knows he isn't going to win, so he gives in to Katie's desire to make him something in the blender. While filling the blender with a few more ingredients Simon grabs Katie and she accidentally turns on the blender. The vividly ripe red strawberries fly all over Simon and Katie's bright white robes. Just another unpredictable event in Simon and Katie's life. The couple survives that mess and Simon once again brings Katie to the bed. Just when he thinks he is going to get somewhere there is a knock on the door of their suite, Simon yells that they are trying to start their honeymoon. Once again Katie springs from the bed to grab what was slipped under the door. Katie asked to get an advanced copy of the City Times. She arranged the couples second vow announcement. Simon is not happy about this announcement. He isn't comfortable with announcing the wedding vows, the article states that Simon has been married four times prior to this wedding. Katie and Simon resolve their differences about the article and once again Simon gets Katie in bed where he wants her. Again she springs to the floor, stating that she must go put on her new outfit. Simon mentions to her that he believes she should be taking off her clothes rather than putting on clothes, but he also knows that she is headstrong and will follow her desires.

At Java Bonnie is still trying to get entertainment for the Oakdale Hospital benefit. The difference is now she is trying to get people that are not famous and is still unsuccessful. But Bonnie is determined. She asks her mother if she could help. Ben jokes that he will entertain the crowds. Jessica presents and idea to use Oakdale's talent at the benefit. As Isaac, Bonnie, Ben, Jessica, and Jack talk about the benefit, they discuss Oakdale's many talented members some of which include talent including Rose DiAngelo dancing. Abigail singing. Simon playing guitar. Bonnie is against the talent show. She doesn't believe that this will impress the board. Isaac asks Jack if he thinks any of the policemen in his station would like to moonlight and work security for this event. Jack volunteers himself. Isaac is delighted. Meanwhile, Ben asks Jessica to an official date, she accepts.

Carly is still in the limo in Paris. She is very sure of herself and happy to be away from Craig. The driver reassures her that it is a long ride and she should just rest or sleep until they arrive at the Château. The driver waffles his way through Carly's questions and Carly decides she will sleep until their arrival at the Château. When Carly awakens, a great deal of time has past and she is still being driven. When she questions the chauffer, he roles up the window between them and ignores her. Carly is alarmed.

Hal and Emily are home; Hal has just missed Carly's phone call. Emily is still upset about Tom not thinking she is a fit mother. She does not believe that Daniel wandered away from her. Emily is sure someone set her up. She takes Hal to Al's dinner and they go over what has happened. Hal tells Emily that although it is possible, he really thinks that Daniel just wandered off. Emily is upset by Hal's disbelief. Hal feels that just maybe she made a mistake. Emily starts taking the offensive toward Hal's attitude regarding this situation. Just as Hal would like to settle in on the couch for the evening Emily tells him she is going to spend the night alone at her office.

The visitor pleasently surprises Craig in his suite. His daughter Lucy is there to visit. He spreads his arms open and the father and daughter hug. Lucy is attuned to her father's moods and senses his depression. Although he denies his real feelings Lucy reminds him that she has always been able to read him, better than her mother or Bryant ever could. Lucy tells her father that she wants to stay with him this evening, but Sierra only agreed to stop and allow her to visit for a short time. Sierra has plans to take her to Lucinda's house for the night. Lucy convinces her father to help sway Sierra's attempts to make her go to her grandmothers. Craig and Lucy are victorious, but Sierra is reluctant and is steadfast that Lucy will be picked up first thing in the morning. As Lucy goes to get her luggage, Sierra and Craig argue about Craig's qualities. When Lucy reenters Craig's suite she is unhappy that her parents felt the need to stop their conversation. Lucy is determined to know what is going on in her families life and will not be sheltered from events that effect the ones she loves. Sierra leaves to Lucinda's and Lucy and Craig get some long awaited time together.


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