ATWT Update Friday 12/14/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/14/01

by Mary Jane

Barbara gives Paul mail that was sent to her house. In the mail is a note James Stenbech has added that is suppose to be from Vince O'Malley, Rose's old beiu. Paul is heavily laden by the news in the letter. Vince wrote that he and Rose were to be married when Rose left him. He expresses his happiness that he has found her, even though she is now with Paul. Vince goes on to say he is going to pursue Rose and if Paul needs proof of their love, Vince enclosed a picture, the same picture Rose has been sent. He writes in the letter that if Paul looks at the picture he will see the love they share. Paul leaves to go to Rose's home.

At Rose's house someone keeps calling her, but not talking. Rose is spoofed and a bit shaken by these events. She assumes that it is Vince calling her. Rose convinces Mitzi to purchase an answering machine and biring it to her house. Mitzi arrives and hooks the answering machine up for Rose. Mitzi tries to relax Rose. At the moment all Rose wants is to see Paul. As Mitzi brings some hot chocolate in from the kitchen Paul arrives. Mitzi leaves. Rose is content that Paul is now with her. The couple have some dinner. After which start to become romantic, while Rose leaves to the another room Paul searches for matches to light some candles. Paul finds the picture of Rose and Vince in her desk drawer. Distressed at this, Paul without giving Rose any attempts to explain, leaves.

Carly is still at the airport, trying to depart for Paris without a campanion. Craig is making efforts to convince Carly to let him come along. Carly still refuses. Finally Craig admits to Carly that he heard her promise Jack she would make an attempt at a relationship when she returns to Oakdale. Carly is surprised Craig overheard this. Carly asks Craig why he married Sierra. When he doesn't answer, she answers for him. Carly tells Craig at first she thought he married her for money. But when she meant Sierra she realized he married her because she had integrety and class and Craig needed this, to try to better himself. She tells Craig she also wants to be worthy of more thatn she is now, if she stays with Craig she won't grow. She needs to move on, Craig showed her this. She is thankful that Craig helped teach her what she needed in life, but she also knows she cannot include Craig in her future. He accepts, shattered by Carly's rejection he heads home.

On arriving in his suite, he sees a young woman standing in his room his mood is suddenly improved. Lucy Montgomery is there to visit her father, he is rescued from his misery and is consumed with happiness.

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