ATWT Update Thursday 12/13/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/13/01

By Mary Jane

Barbara is growing very impatient with James. She wants to see some action; she wants the three women she despises to disappear, NOW! James urges her to relax, that the plan is in effect and will happen soon. She agrees, but is in a rambunctious mood. James has left Barbara, to work on her press release praising and thanking Carly for all her hard work and efforts at BRO. This is not something she wants to write and is having a hard time with her efforts. At the moment she is laying on her couch throwing papers behind her that dissatisfy her. Hal appears. Hal is there to inquire as to whether Barbara has heard from Jennifer. She has not, although unlike Hal she is not concerned about Jennifer. Barbara tells Hal if there was a problem she is sure she would have heard from one of her friends in the fashion industry. Hal is not totally convinced Jennifer is safe. The conversation switches to Hal and Emily. At first Barbara claims to be happy for the newly formed couple, but after Hal pushes the issue, she admits (sorry the rest is cut off)

At home Rose is meandering around the house when Paul comes to visit. Rose attempts to become amorous with Paul; he tells her he must leave to catch Carly at the airport with one last attempt to sway her towards BRO. Rose intended to tag along, until upon exiting her father, Joe had some old belongings delivered to her home. Rose decides to unpack while Paul is at the airport. She finds an old picture of Vince and herself that Rose did not have in her possession, she is unsettled about this occurance.

At the airport, Craig is pursuing Carly. He tells Carly that he really wants to be with her, in the middle of their conversation Paul arrives to interrupt. Paulís attempts to keep Carly at BRO is appreciated but not accepted. Craig is growing rapidly impatient at Paulís persistence and wants to continue his conversation with Carly. The two men squabble, for a minute as Paul leaves, wishing Carly the best, Craig listens and finds humor in his wishes to Carly. Craig continues to pursue Carly, with his heart on his sleeve. He tells Carly he has never opened up to anyone like this before, and he canít always find the correct words. At one point Craig even jumps up on the chairs at the airport, proclaiming his love for Carly, Carly passes it off to the crowd telling everyone he just lost a bet. Craigís statement to Carly is he would appreciate not being treated as a child, he is grown up and letting him know where he stands would be considerate and appreciated. He tells Carly that she is all he has left in his (sorry the rest is cut off)

Emily brings Daniel with her to Al's Dinner for a meal. Emily is supposed to meet a client at Al's. When Emily answers a call on the payphone there, Daniel suddenly disappears. Emily is shaken.


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