ATWT Update Wednesday 12/12/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/12/01

by Mary Jane

Paul is at Rose's home looking for his shirt so he could get dressed. Rose appears out of the bedroom wearing Paul's shirt. Paul is determined to get dressed and go to work. He needs to protect BRO from rumors due to Carly leaving the company. Rose and Paul discuss Vince O'Malley, when along comes a knock on the door. The couple looks at each other with apprehension of Vince being on the other side of the door. The visitor winds up being Lucinda. Rose is dressed in Paul's shirt and Paul has thrown his suit coat on to cover himself due to a surprise visitor, Lucinda. Lucinda is visiting Rose to give her a phone message from Vince. She tells Rose during their phone conversation she gave Vince O'Malley Rose's phone number. Rose is upset with Lucinda for giving her phone number to Vince. Paul than tells Rose that Lucinda suggested to him that he not date Rose anymore for Rose's own safety because of James Stenbeck being in town, and Paul being James's son. Lucinda fesses up telling Rose she told her the same thing.

Billy comes to Hal's house to tell Hal he spotted Abigail and Nick at Al's diner. Billy was quite sure they were going to Nick's. Hal thanked Billy and inquired as to whether Billy had heard from Jennifer. Just like Hal, Billy has heard nothing. Hal asks Billy to phone him right away if he does hear anything from Jen. As Billy leaves he agrees to inform Hal if he hears anything. Hal is on his way to see Nick Scutter, not as a cop, but as a father. Emily is concerned, but knows Hal is going to see this through.

At Nick's boarding house, Nick gives Abigail a present. The present is a mans ring, more specifically Nicks ring. Nick wants to give Abigail something of remembrance, because he is telling Abigail he is going away. Abigail doesn't understand why Nick would choose to leave at this time. As a desperate attempt to keep him in town, she offers Nick her college money or whatever help she is capable of . Nick declines, which upsets Abigail to the point of giving him the ring back and leaving for home. As Nick is about to close the door, Hal pushes it open and starts to set Nick straight. Nick is announcing to Hal that he has rights and Hal is in violation of Nick's rights. Hal asks Nick if he really thinks anyone would believe his word against Hal's in Oakdale and if he wanted to call his lawyer he would wait until Nick finished his phone call. Nick doesn’t call his lawyer. As a last effort before leaving Hal tells Nick that if he doesn't get out of town fast, without seeing Abigail, or calling Abigail he might e

Katie and Simon are at the empty church. The roof is being worked on and it is snowing inside the church. Also there are lambs walking around inside the church. Katie considers all these things to be her miracles. It is the happiest day of her life. Simon is making her dream come true. The only thing that could spoil this would be if no witnesses showed up for the ceremony. Katie and Simon do not have to worry about that because the doors of the church opened up and Margo appears. She has arrived for Katie and Simon's wedding and has brought many family and friends. Among the guests are Margo, Tom, Lily, Luke, Isaac, Bonnie, Lisa and Nancy Hughes. Everyone is happy to be there and Katie is overwhelmed. But then Lily, Bonnie and Margo get Katie's attention to show her one more surprise, the ladies take off their coats, all to be dressed in bridesmaid's gowns. Margo is chosen to be Katie's Maid of Honor, Tom volunteers to be Simon's best man. When everyone gathers to start the wedding, Katie stops the priest

Abigail arrives home and Molly senses she is upset more than usual. Molly gets Abigail to open up to her and the two find a moment of understanding and calmness.

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