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As The World Turns Tuesday 12/4/01

By Mary Jane

Simon and Katie arrive at the church. Today is Katie's big day, her dream wedding is minutes from taking place. Only one problem, there is no one at the church except for Simon, Katie and the priest. While the priests gives Katie and Simon time for guests to arrive the door opens and two special guests arrive, lambs from a farm down the road. Katie is please by their appearance. While waiting in the church for human guests to arrive another surprise presents itself, it is snowing inside the church! Katie believes the lambs and the snow are part of a miracle that is included in her dream day.

Molly is at Hal's asking him if he could help with the problem she is having with Abigail. Molly explains that Nick Scutter is pursuing Abigail. Billy and Adam arrive very persistant to tell Hal and Molly the news they uncovered. While Billy charmed information from Brandy being convinced by an older man to seduce Adam in order to break up he and Abigail. Hal has enough information and incentive to decide he should pay Nick Scutter a visit.

Carly is at her apartment waiting for a taxi to take her to the airport. When someone knocks at the door, Carly is surprised to see Jack. Jack is there to see Carly off and to wish her well. The door to Carly's apartment is still ajar. Craig arrives at Carly's. He wants to present her a bouquet of flowers before she goes to Paris and wish her well. Craig stops suddenly on his way, when he discovers Carly already has a visitor. Jack. Craig listens and looks in on the two discussing their future plans. When Carly states she is about to start her new life and many dreams will come true. Jack declares that when Carly leaves all his dreams leave with her. Carly is outraged at this and slugs Jack. She wonders how he dares proclaim this to her, after she has waited for him all this time. When she settles down, the two agree to make another attempt at a relationship when Carly returns to Oakdale. Carly agrees to allow Jack to pick her up at the airport when she returns. Craig backs off, after both Jack and Carly leave, Craig places the bouquet of flowers he brought at Carly's doorway, knowing full well that the reason he was not allowed by Carly to say he loved her was because all this time she really still loved Jack.

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