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As the World Turns Monday 12/10/01

By Mary Jane

At her home Barbara is delighted with James's newest find, the Atlantic City phone page, with a mans name Vincent O'Malley. While she is savoring her newest conquest, Jack yells into the room that he is there to talk to her about James. Jack questions Barbara about James. Barbara lies to Jack and tells him she would call him right away if she spoted James. When Jack walks out of the room, James enters. Barbara wants to know more of James's plan, she wants to have more information about what is happening to the women she hates.

Meanwhile at Rose's new home, Rose and Paul are enjoying a little freedom and time alone. While they start to get romantic Emma knocks on the door to deliver mail to Rose. A letter Emma thought was from Joe is actually from her old flame Vince O'Malley. Vince writes his congratulations to Rose regarding her new job and mentions that he will be coming to Oakdale to visit her. Paul gets somewhat jealous. Rose assures Paul that there is nothing to the old relationship. At first Paul worries that is the reason Rose didn't want to move in with him. Rose clarifies his presumption and the couple continues their quest at romance.

Emily and Hal are home playing with a new toy Emily bought Daniel. Tom arrives with Daniel, still upset that he could not get Daniel into the preschool that he originally wanted. Tom is upset because he feels Emily isn't doing her part as a mother. Tom is asking Emily to change her ways and start to help out more with Daniel. Both argue, Hal interrupts and takes Daniel upstairs so as not to upset him. Tom and Emily continue their argument, Tom feels he is right and Emily is sure that she is doing fine. With nothing really solved Tom leaves asking Emily to have Daniel at his house on time and clean. Hal joins Emily and tells her that he thinks Tom is right. Hal tells Emily that because of her move, she has upset Tom and Margo's routine and this is probably why Tom is so upset. Hal urges Emily to give him a chance to settle into the new situation and then see how everyone feels.

At Carly's apartment, Barbara has definitely gotten to Carly. She is unsettled and in total disbelief of Craig. As much as Craig tries to tell Carly how Barbara hates him, she is confident that it is Craig who is lying instead of Barbara. Craig asks Carly to call Jack and ask Jack if he is lying. Carly refuses, she still wants to believe Barbara. In the midst of Craig and Carly's argument Katie phones Carly. She is looking for a wedding dress. Katie asks Carly if she could borrow the BRO dress she wore at the Lakeview dinning room, last week. Carly told Katie that the dress belonged to BRO and she couldn't possibly give Katie the dress. Carly cuts the phone call short, telling Katie she is busy.

MJ Craig explains that Barbara has a very mean streak; he explains to Carly what Barbara said to him at the hospital the night Bryant died. Craig then tells Carly that after all they had been through, she really needs to accept every word he said without hesitation, and if she cannot, that the time they have spent together has been meaningless.

Bonnie and Katie are in Craig's suite trying very hard to figure out where Katie is going to come up with a wedding dress. They wonder if one would just fall out of the sky. Knowing Craig isn't there Carly arrives at the suite, , she is there to give Katie the wedding dress that she was supposed to marry Jack in. Carly tells Katie she never had the chance to wear the dress and she thought it would be nice for Katie to have. Katie is very grateful. Her wedding is tomorrow and she needed a dress and didn't have the means to get a dress in the conventional way.

Craig enters the Oakdale police department to speak to Jack. He asks Jack if he would speak to Carly on his behalf. Jack laughs at him and tells Craig he couldn't possibly do this for him. When Craig tells Jack he is his last chance at being able to be with Carly, Jack just says no.

James explains to Barbara that because of her, Carly will go to Paris alone, without Craig, and fall prey to their plan. That Emily will find how hard it is to be a single mother, even though Hal is certain she will be successful. And Rose will find herself irresistibly drawn to an old flame that will take her away from Paul.


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