ATWT Update Friday 12/7/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 12/7/01

by Mary Jane

Java Underground is buzzing; Bonnie is on the telephone with Macy Gray's agent, attempting to hire Macy for an appearance at Java during Oakdale Hospital's fundraiser. Not having much luck, Bonnie attempts to call Mark Anthony's agent with no luck either. Isaac is impressed with Bonnie and her attempts to help with the benefit. He confides in Bonnie that he thinks she has helped Java and that he respects her attempts to make Java a better place. Isaac also confesses that he would like to franchise Java Underground. While Bonnie is waiting tables Simon arrives at Java.

Rose enters Lucinda's office. She is very satisfied at her business dealings she was working on. Paul was looking over Rose's freshly delivered flowers. Rose thinks that the flowers are from Paul. But the flowers end up being from an old flame named, Vince O'Malley. Mitzi arrives at Lucinda's office to visit Rose. Lucinda is upset by the visit and tells Rose they will finish working the next day, and that they will also speak about office visitors. Mitzi and Rose discuss Vince. Rose and Vince were a hot couple in New Jersey. Rose never really ended things with Vince. Mitzi asks Rose if she is going to tell Paul about this, Paul enters overhearing Mitzi. Mitzi leaves Paul and Rose to talk. Rose tells Paul she had a past and that she never really ended things with this man, but that she is in love with Paul and not the other guy. Paul presents Rose with a beautiful crafted miniature Rose, on a key ring. He tells her he wanted to give her a Rose that would last forever.

At Craig's suite, Craig is attempting to persuade Carly to allow him to go to Paris with her. After a brief attempt, Carly gives in to Craig, lying down ground rules. Craig of course accepts, and while Carly leaves to get Parker situated with Hal, Craig makes travel arrangements for Paris. While Craig is on the phone making reservations, Katie comes in dressed from head to foot in beige, beige coat, beige hat and sunglasses. Katie is again trying to spy on Simon in order to find out what arrangements he has made for their wedding. While Craig offers no help to Katie's efforts, she reminds him that he must be there for her wedding. Katie leaves Craig's suite in order to continue her efforts of spying on Simon.

Simon arrives at Java and persuades Bonnie to stash a blonde (Katie) with a wedding dress if one happens thru the doors of Java. Simon sits down at Java. Katie wanders in wearing her beige outfit. She spies Simon and asks Bonnie to camouflage her so that Simon won't see her. Meanwhile Lily arrives at Java and joins Simon at his table. Katie is watching when all of a sudden Margo also arrives, to talk with Lily and Simon. Lily recruited Margo to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. Simon is insisting that Katie's dream wedding needs to include Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and BonJovi. But Margo and Lily are telling Simon that it is just an idea of what Katie wants, that her tastes are now more contemporary. On the way out of Java, Margo and Lily have not convinced Simon that he doesn't need Madonna in the wedding. Katie talks Bonnie into helping Simon out by setting him straight about the fact she only wants a wedding dress, a church and a ceremony to make her wedding special. When Simon hears this he knows that Ka

Carly and Hal are now at her apartment and they are getting Parker ready to go with Hal. Hal tries to persuade Carly to visit Jack and rekindle their romance. Carly tells Hal that she is planning her Paris trip with Craig. Hal gets wise to Carly and Craig's start of a relationship. Carly will not admit that it is a full-blown relationship. While the two are going back and forth about Craig and Carly'sfriendship, the doorbell rings. Its Barbara, Carly's reluctance to let Barbara in is dismissed by Hal saying he will not let anything happen. While Hal is there Barbara is very amicable toward Carly. Hal soon decides he has to go; Carly attempts to keep him there while he insists she will be fine with Barbara. When Hal leaves, Barbara gets right to the point. She tells Carly she doesn't like her; she doesn't want her working for BRO. Barbara tells Carly that Craig taunted her in Oakdale and in the New York City fashion show, hoping that she would ruin the show. Barbara continues to tell Carly that Craig could h

When Barbara arrives home, her book is upright with an Atlantic City phone page stuck in a page of the book. Barbara reads the page, "Vincent O'Malley", Barbara is delighted that James has done so much work.

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