ATWT Update Thursday 12/6/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 12/6/01

By Mary Jane

Isaac and Bonnie enter Java Underground still arguing about Isaac's actions at the Oakdale Police station.

Kim Hughes and Lisa are at Java discussing a benefit that Oakdale hospital's burn unit is hosting. Kim is not so sure she wants the benefit at Java, only because they already hosted one of the hospital's benefits. When Lisa, Isaac and Kim start to discuss the possibility of the benefit being at Java, Kim is still not convinced. Whe n Bonnie jumps into the conversation, she convinces Kim that it would open up the benefit to younger donors and a new scope of interested people. Kim and Lisa discuss the possibility of Barbara appearing at the benefit fo r the burn unit.

Ben and Jessica enter Java. Ben is going to bartend for Isaac again. Jessica and Ben notice Isaac and Bonnie arguing. Isaac and Bonnie are discussing the benefit and Isaac puts Bonnie in charge of the event. She tells Isaac she really doesn't want to be in charge of this event. The two argue. Bonnie quits. Isaac doesn't except her resignation. Ben has a brother-to-brother talk with Isaac regarding Bonnie, while Jessica has a mother to daughter talk regarding her feelings for Isaac. Isaac hears part of the mother, daughter talk.

At Barbara's house, James and Barbara are discussing their plans. Barbara is wondering what role James would have her play in his underhanded dealings. James insists that she join society once again, and that she should dismiss her housekeeper and gardener as soon as Paul moves out. So that James is not noticed coming and going . James gives Barbara a book called 'The Wheel Spins", as Barbara declares she isn't familiar with the title of the book, James is miffed that "no one seems to read anymore". At this time Jack knocks on the door. James m akes a quick exit. Barbara appears peppy and delighted to see Jack. The two discuss BRO for a minute and then start to discuss James. Jack tells Barbara that James is now in Canada. Barbara tells Jack she knows this. When Jack asks how she became aware of this information as the police just found out, Barbara replies that she, Paul and James had a heated discussion earlier Paul and Barbara asked James to leave them alone. This made James go away. Skeptical Jack starts Kim and Lisa decide to phone Barbara in order to visit ask her to attend the benefit. At the knowledge that Barbara is going to be visited by Lisa and Kim, James removes her scarf and tells Barbara he wants the world to see her as he does a beautiful lady. She is flattered, but doesn't really want to be without her scarf. James convinces her and she leaves the scarf off. When the ladies arrive at Barbara's house, James suddenly vanishes far enough to still be in earshot of the conversation. Not convinced but not totally against her own appearance, James tells Barbara she needs to go to the benefit, it is a good alibi for th e events of the evening. Barbara declares that as the book portrays three ladies will disappear that evening.

Holden is visiting Molly to find out how her conversation with Abigail went. Holden tries to make sure Molly knows that she is not to blame for Abigail's situation. The two discuss Abigail. When Holden finally call Jennifer's house to investigate where Abigail went when she left the house, they conclude that Abigail went to Nick 's boarding house. Molly decides to go get Abigail from Nick's, Holden offers to come along, but she rather go to Nicks alone.

At the Oakdale police department Jack tells Margo he is not convinced that Barbara is being straight with him and that James is gone from Oakdale.

At the boarding house, Abigail is asking Nick whether Molly and he were lovers. Nick lies to Abigail; he tells her he was not Molly's lover. Nick also leads Abigail to believe that he did not set Molly during the store theft. That Molly was not taking ownership of her mistakes. Abigail and Nick discuss this situation. It turns into Abigail desiring to be kissed by Nick, at the time they start kissing Molly knocks on Nicks door. She is outraged and will not stop until the door is open. They finally, at Abigail's agreement open the door to Molly. Abigail declares that Molly lied to her again and that she should apologize to Nick. As upset as Molly is she disputes what Abigail is stating and lets Nick know that she is not going to be apart of his game. Molly makes Abigail leave with her, Abigail was driving, and so Molly makes her leave her car at Nick's. Molly and Abigail go home. Both outraged they get into a big argument and Abigail confesses her love for Nick, as she runs into her room. Holden once again arrives at Molly's to see how she made out with Abigail. Molly tells Holden that Abigail has said she is in love with Nick and that the landlady told Jake Nick and Abigail have been kissing. Molly declares to Holden, that she will do anything to stop Nick from hurting Abigail. Even if she has to kill him!