ATWT Update Wednesday 12/5/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 12/5/01

by Mary Jane


At Java, Billy and Adam make amends. Adam explains what happened with him and Abigail and Brandy. Adam tells Billy how sorry he was, especially because he ended up doing the same thing to Abigail that Jennifer did to Bryant. Adam slept with Brandy someone he barely knew. Adam explains to Billy his situation with Abigail and Nick's potential relationship towards Abigail. Billy spots Nick at Java speaking to a beautiful girl, the girl turns out to be Brandy! Adam approaches Brandy to find out how she knew Nick. Brandy refused to give Adam any information about Nick. When Brandy leaves, Adam goes straight to Nick to demand an answer as to how he knows Brandy. When Adam discovers Abigail is meeting Nick for a date, he than figures out in front of Abigail, that Nick set him up in order to break Abigail and him apart.

Carly is at Jack's house. She is looking to Jack for his opinion about designing offers. Carly explains the Paris offer, finally admitting that Craig had something to do with an introduction to the famous Paris designer. But if it means working for BRO or going off to Paris, Jack is pro-Paris due to the fact that James Stenbeck is around. Jack tells Carly to be careful, but to use Craig's introduction to her advantage. He tells her to go to Paris, follow her dream. Jack suggests that airlines have a lot of specials on flights and possibly he would visit Carly in Paris if she would like him to. Carly accepts. When Carly leaves, she says goodbye to Jack and tells him how much she will miss him. He agrees. When Jack opens his desk drawer he spots a picture of Carly. Jack looks for a moment at the picture, then turns the picture face down and leaves.

At Craig's suite, Paul comes to visit Craig at his request. Craig announces that Carly has the attention of Jean Claude Ramós, who is a famous designer in Paris. Craig declares to Paul that Carly will go to Paris and accept Ramós offer. Craig continues to tell Paul that BRO is an accident waiting to happen and he will not let Paul hold Carly down. The two men have words. Carly enters as Craig is proclaiming to Paul what Carly will do. Carly doesn't take too kindly to Craig interfering in her business. But she is used to Craig interfering and takes it in stride. Carly scolds Craig and banishes him from his suite in order to talk business with Paul. Carly tells Paul that she is not going to accept BRO's contract. Paul offers Carly more. Carly tries to explain to Paul why she doesn't want to accept his offer. She tells Paul that he is a good and honest man and she will miss this, but that it has been suggested by someone's opinion she respects(Jack's) that she should try Paris.

Down in the Lakeview dining room, Craig prepares for dining with Carly. He orders a bottle of DP champagne and sends and employee off to Al's to settle his craving for onion rings.

At Nicks boarding room his secret woman is starting to get jealous of his new relationship with Abigail. He assures this woman that it is just for money. Nick leaves in order to meet Abigail.

Abigail and Molly are at home discussing Abigail's new romance. Molly is trying to convince Abigail that Nick is only using her. Abigail will not be convinced and suggests that she might move out in order to date Nick with the freedom she desires. Abigail is not too nice to Molly. She leaves Molly in tears, while she goes into the bedroom to change for her date with Nick. Abigail starts to leave on a date with Nick Scutter. She is dressed in a very pretty off the top black dress. Abigail tells Molly not to wait up for her. Jake arrives and comforts Molly. With Jakes reassurance Molly puts off a phone call to Abigail's adoptive parents. Jake and Molly talk about how to solve the problem with Abigail, and if they can't then they will call her adoptive parents.