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As The World Turns Tuesday 12/4/01

By Glynis

Craig asks Carly to move in with him. She tells him to stop dreaming. She has to call Hal and see if he can pick up Parker this afternoon. He points out all the benefits of her living with him. She hangs up the phone after checking her answering machine. A famous designer called her and left a message saying that he would like to fly her to Paris right away. She decides that she is going and Craig thinks that she should go. Did he know that she was going to get a call like this? Did he do this for her? This is just the beginning. She wants to sign the contract with BRO, but Craig thinks that she shouldnít sign it. She shouldnít work under BRO. She didnít say that she was definitely going to sign the contract, she has to think of Paul and how he helped her out. She has to hear him out. Craig understands. He thinks that she should go ahead and listen to him. He is staying in a room in the same hotel that Craig stays in. Craig tells her to go ahead and make her deal and then come back to make plans with him about Paris. This isnít his plan, this is hers. He canít see letting her go to Paris alone. She is not a maiden in distress. She wants to go alone. He wants to go with her and start a whole new life with her.

Jack is with Mitsy and they share a cup of coffee. She talks to him of a guy that she used to date once. He was 30 years old and he broke his leg. The date was in ER all night. Mitsy offers him another chance at love. Look at Rose. Her ship finally came in for her. Life tossed her a ball and she ran with it. Jack will have another inning. She tells him that he canít sit around and wait for things to happen, he has to go out and make things happen for him. He tells her that he owes her one. She takes her payment now. She holds him and kisses him full on the lips. He is shocked at that. She knows that he still has it bad for Carly, but still.

Bonnie talks to Isaac about the party that she is going to throw for him. He is impressed at her determination. He didnít know that she had this in her. Isaac would like to learn more about her if she would only let him. Dr. Hughes arrives at the club. Kim told him that the plan was to have the benefit at the club. Dr. Hughes tells them that the idea that they had to have the event there is not going to work. Bonnie thought that Java was the best place for the event. The last time that Dr. Hughes was there, some rough stuff and Dr. Hughes didnítí like that. Bonnie offers to take care of the all the details for the event. She tells him that she will take care of all the arrangements. She guarantees that the tickets for the event will sell themselves. Dr. Hughes canít pass this up and agrees to the deal. Isaac walks off with Dr. Hughes and Abigail comes in looking for Jennifer. No one has seen her. Abigail is crying and really needs to speak to her best friend right now. Bonnie offers to be her best friend. Abigail thinks that her mother is trying to control her. Bonnie tells her that she canít let her mother control her. Bonnie says that he last time that she caved in to pressure, she ended up working in Java. She had the chance to model, but she changed her mind. That seemed like a good idea at the time.

Molly tells Kim that some developments have taken place with Nick and Abigail. Nick will not back off and Nick lied to her and made Abigail think that Molly lied to her. Kim doesnít like this one bit. He works at her station and his relationship with an 18-year-old girl is not appropriate. Molly called him and he is on his way over. Kim will be there when Molly talks to him. There is knocking on the door and Nick enters. He demands to know what is going on here. Kim tells him that he is fired. He knows why but Kim tells him anyway. He has encouraged an inappropriate relationship with a colleagueís daughter. He was kind to help her with her project, but he has created a damaging situation. Kim will have his desk cleared for him and the contents sent to him. Nick doesnít even get to say his side of the argument. He knows that Molly is behind all this. He congratulates Molly. This is what she has always wanted. Kim tells him that Molly didnít ask her to fire him. If his parole officer finds out that he doesnít have a job, he is going to be in big trouble. He leaves the office and Molly follows him. She tells him that she made it really easy for him. Nick says that he was only Abigailís friend. He tells Molly to get a life. Molly wants to know why he is using her daughter against her. Abigail is smarter than Molly was at the same age. Sooner or later she is going to figure this out. Nick is not so sure of that.

Abigail gets a call from Nick telling her that he will not be at the station anymore. He tells her that he was fired. Abigail is sure that her mother was the one that made this happen. He tells her that Kim was the one that did this. Nick tells her that he will be okay when she gets there. She gets up already on her way.

Bonnie is going on her break. Isaac sees that she was helping Abigail and he thanks her for saving the deal with Dr. Hughes. She admits that she has no one to do the show yet. She tells him that she will have someone good for him.

Abigail gets to Nick and he tells her that he is leaving. She begs him to stay. He is the only thing that makes any sense to her. She will fix everything. She tells him that she will meet him at the Java Underground. She wants to give him money to help him. He thinks that they canít be seen together. She doesnít care about that. She kisses him and runs out the door. Nick smiles to himself.

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