ATWT Update Friday 11/30/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 11/30/01

by Mary Jane

Tom visits the Munson house to pick up Daniel's suit jacket. Tom and Margo are attending an interview to enroll Daniel in an exclusive pre-school. Tom has no patience and no time for Emily. He decides Emily can meet him at the police station to pick Daniel up after the interview. When Tom leaves Emily is very distressed. Tom and Margo arrive at the police station somewhat early. Tom questions Hal why Emily is not there; Hal replies that they are early. Apparently the interview did not happen, because the application never arrived at the school. Emily arrives soon after Margo and Tom. When Tom questions Emily about the application, she swears she mailed it. Tom is once again very upset with Emily. Later Tom visits Emily at home. He tells her that he doesn't think Hal's house is a good place for Daniel to live, because Hal has just gone through a divorce and it would not be a good environment for Daniel. Tom continues to tell Emily that she needs to decide the proper action regarding her living arrangements. Tom continues that if he feels Daniel is unsafe, he will use his legal right for custody of Daniel.

Molly tells Abigail about her and Nick's criminal and physical relationship. Abigail shows Molly little belief and doesn't appear upset with Nick. At the end of the conversation Abigail runs to Nick's boarding house, to hear his version of Molly and his past. Holden visits Molly to inquire about Abigail and Molly's conversation, and Holden assures Molly things will turn out all right.

Paul and Barbara are having a heated discussion about James. James decides that he should be apart of the conversation. When Paul mentions to Barbara the scheming his father has done, including the pictures of Paul and Carly hanging in the gazebo, the dress that was sent to her, which she had originally thought Craig had sent, Barbara seemly starts to side with Paul. When Barbara demands James to leave, Paul assumes that he finally has gotten through to Barbara. After James leaves, Barbara and Paul apologize to each other and hug. Assuming things are changing, Paul leaves to tell Rose he is going to stay at his mother's house tonight. Upon Paul's exit, James enters applauding Barbara's performance. Barbara decides she still needs James. Barbara is very delighted at this decision when James shows her, the envelope that will start the trouble for one of the three women Barbara wants out of her life. The envelope is the application for Daniel's school that Emily is sure she mailed!