ATWT Update Wednesday 11/28/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/28/01

by Mary Jane

Jake enters WOAK studio. Molly is pouring coffee as Jake kisses her. Molly is somewhat upset because the plan to speak with Nick Scutter that they had made will not work today due to the fact it is Nick's day off. Jake suggests going to visit Nick at his apartment. Molly is very much against that idea. She is afraid that Nick will run to Abigail and that would bring Abigail closer to Nick. As their discussion pursues, Adam enters the room. Adam is hoping to run into Abigail. Molly and Jake do not think that he should see Abigail at this time. Jake asks Adam if he has a minute, Adam says no. Jake answers good, then invites Adam into another room and promises Adam that he will be gentle with him. After Adam and Jake go into the other room, Abigail comes into the room Molly is still in, she is calling for Nick. Abigail was about to enter the room Jake and Adam went into when Molly yells to Abigail warning her not to enter that room.

The doorbell rings at Lily and Holden's home. Luke answers the door, it is his Aunt Rose. Luke has a half-day of school and is planning to help Holden purchase a new horse for Abigail. Rose is dressed up to have lunch with Paul. Rose tells Lilly that she is looking for a house and would like her help searching for a home. Lily replies that she cannot help Rose look for a house.

At the Oakdale police department Jack is starting his first official day as detective Snyder. Margo enters excited that Jack is again working with her. She brings Jack coffee from Al's diner and offers to buy him lunch. Jack was reading the paper when Margo came up to him. When Margo asks what he is working on he tells Margo that he
is working on his favorite case, James Stenbeck. Jack figures he will find James at Barbara's house. Jack also hopes that Carly will design faraway from BRO, so that she will be safe. Margo urges Jack towards a fresh start to a relationship with Carly. She tells Jack to step up before Craig talks Carly into something stupid, like marrying him.

At Craig's suite he is delighting in a plateful of fruit brought to his suite by room service. As Craig sits down to enjoy this scrumptious plate of fruit he hears some small feminine hello coming from another room. Craig rebuts with a hello. It is Katie; she asks if it is safe to come into the room. Katie thinks that wedding plans are everywhere and she will spoil something. The two banter back and forth for a minute. Craig announces that Carly and he is now a couple. Katie heard that Jack saved the day for Carly, not Craig. Katie makes sure her brother knows this.

Paul is visiting Carly. Paul and Carly are still very high on the good fortune of the fashion show. Paul questions Carly where the flowers came from; he assumes a competitor sent the flowers to win the new designer over to the competition. When Carly informs Paul that the flowers came from Jack, Paul confesses that Jack is the one who Paul finally listened to in order to give Carly the credit for her designs at the show. Paul also reminds Carly that Jack kept Barbara under control at the fashion show. Carly is distressed at the news; she was unaware that Jack was so involved in her good fortune and she has never even thanked Jack for the flowers. Paul is also visiting Carly to present her with a contract to design for BRO. Carly makes sure Barbara is aware of the contract. She tells Paul she will have a lawyer look over the contract and then sign. Paul is wondering why Carly is not very excited. Carly confesses to Paul that it is Jack that has her feelings stifled. She wishes Jack and her could be in a won
At the police station, Margo and Jack are having a similar conversation. Jack is under the impression that Carly is happy with Craig. Jack thinks he has put Carly through enough hell. During the conversation the phone rings, Jack answers, it is Carly. Jack is pleasantly surprised to her Carly. Margo is excited at the news of Carly being the caller; she tries to tell Jack how to handle the phone call. Jack swipes at Margo, Carly invites him to lunch at the Lakeview.

At Craig's suite, Katie and Craig are conversing about Carly and Jack. Craig is sure that he can give Carly the things she needs, including connections within the fashion industry. Katie tells Craig that games and strategies are not the way to win a woman's emotion. Katie pushes Craig to tell Carly that he loves her. Craig does not believe Carly is ready to hear this. Katie is busy determined to find out her wedding plans. She leaves Craig's suite in order to pursue information about the wedding Simon is planning.

Questioning why Lily will not help her, Rose discovers Lily has the offer of a perfect home. Cal Strickland's home, Lily and Rose's grandfathers house. Juke box and antlers included. Rose is delighted and mentions that Paul will be thrilled. Rose is off to meet Paul for lunch. As Lily and Rose walk to the door, the bell rings, it is Simon; he has come to see Lily. Simon has a problem he thinks Lily might be able to help him with. Simon explains that he is trying to plan a dream wedding for Katie, without Katie's help. Simon feels he really can't plan this alone and needs Lily's help. Simon shows Lily Katie's plans for her dream wedding, a book from the eighties. The two discuss Katie's plans she had made in the eighties. Holden and Luke enter the house, somewhat surprised at the presence of Simon. Lily tells the guys that she is going to help Simon with his wedding plans.

Molly warns Abigail that there is a high level; high intensity meeting in the room Abigail is about to enter. Molly talks with Abigail for a few minutes about her professor. Abigail needs to cut some time from her video and wanted to use the equipment at WOAK. Molly suggests that she uses the school equipment, but Abigail doesn't want to use this equipment and risk running into Adam. Molly invites Abigail to have lunch with her; Molly is trying to get Abigail out of WOAK before she runs into Adam.

In the other room, Adam asks Jake if Abigail wants her dead, Jake tells Adam both Abigail and Molly feel that way. Jake advices Adam to give Abigail time. As much time as she needs, and not to try any of that "stupid guy rational". Adam would like to go back in time and erase his mistake. When Jake and Adam finish their conversation, they walk out of the room only to run into Abigail. Abigail is in total disbelief that Molly lied to her.

Carly is visiting Craig. She was supposed to have lunch with Craig, who had already ordered room service. Craig spots a legal document in Carly's purse, when he pulls it out Carly grabs it out of his hands, Craig is concerned that Carly already signed the contract. She explains to Craig that she is going to give it to her lawyer to look over, before she signs. Carly drops the contract, to stop Craig from kissing her. Craig hands Carly her purse knowing that the contract did not make it back into Carly's purse. As Carly leaves Craig is still under the impression that she is being interviewed at lunch, he is unaware that the meeting is with Jack. Carly is unaware that she is not in possession of her BRO contract. When Carly leaves Craig starts to read the contract.

In the Lakeview dining room Paul and Rose meet for lunch. Paul and Rose both have good news, they both have found homes that they are happy with.

A few tables away Jack stands as the lady he is waiting for enters. Carly comes to the table and tells Jack she finally knows how she feels. Carly mentions to Jack that she found out about Jack's help at the fashion show. She is delighted and tells Jack she owes him and wanted to see him to thank him. Jack tells her its part of the job, and she didn't have to waste her time. Carly rebuffs that it is not a waste of time. Jack warns Carly that Barbara is in a bad place and that the Stenbeck case is his first priority. He leaves Carly with the impression that she is just part of the case.

Rose and Paul are delighting in being able to spend more time together now that they have new living arrangements. They are also busy gossiping about Carly, Jack and Craig.
They are hoping that Jack and Carly find a way back to each other.
Katie inquires to the mai-tre d` of the Lakeview as to when her reception is scheduled. She suddenly notices Carly with Jack and tells the mai-tre d` she will return later. Katie rushes out.

Holden questions Lily as to whether she really wants to help with Katie's weddings plans, because Katie's involvements usually leads to disaster. Lily reassures Holden that it would be alright. Holden and Luke leave. Simon worries that he might be causing friction between Holden and Lily, he volunteers to let her off the hook. Lily reassures Simon that things are fine, and she wouldn't even have her family if he didn't help her in Malta.

Abigail is very upset to see Jake and Molly being civil toward Adam. Abigail is livid that Molly knew Adam and Jake were in the other room discussing her! Abigail approaches Adam to find out why he was there. She tells him she really doesn't have anything to say to him, she doesn't think associating with her parents is right. Adam gives Abigail a note he wrote to her, she immediately throws it in the garbage. Adam dismisses himself telling Abigail he will be around; she thanks him for warning her. Abigail is very mad at both Jake and Molly, she tells them she doesn't even know them. Jake will not let her leave until the three of them discuss, this situation. The discussion doesn't go anywhere. Abigail is just under the impression that Nick is right and Molly, Jake and Adam are all against her.

Carly and Jack are discussing Carly's BRO contract and that it could be dangerous for her. Jack finds out quickly that he and Craig are on the same side when it comes to Carly signing with BRO. Jack is not impressed, but Carly is affirming what Craig told Jack that they are now in a relationship. Jack's big question, is Carly happy?

Katie enters Craig's suite. She is going crazy looking for her wedding. Craig takes his silly sister in stride. Bantering continues. Katie questions why Craig is looking at Carly's contract. Katie tells Craig she was wrong and he shouldn't tell Carly he loves her; instead Craig should get over her. When Craig asks Katie why the sudden change, she announces that Carly is just like him and the two of them being together should be illegal! Katie explains that Carly cannot be trusted either! Katie tells Craig she saw Carly downstairs interviewing with Jack.

Simon and Lily are discussing the wedding. When Lily asks what Simon would like out of his wedding, Simon tells Lily that the one thing he desires is for Katie's friends and family to see her the way he sees her. The way he loves her.

At Craig's suite, Carly arranged a delivery, the wedding dress from the BRO fashion show. Katie signs for the box, the deliveryman tells her that this is a delivery for Carly from BRO designs. Simon phones and asks Katie to lunch, she is still preoccupied with wedding plans. Katie decides that the package delivered was meant for her, from Simon. She is very surprised and ecstatic to discover a beautiful wedding gown design!

Holden enters his house, yelling for Lily. Holden leaves the door open and following directly behind him is Molly and Jake. They need to discuss Abigail and the fact that Nick Scutter is manipulating her.

At Nick's apartment he is in bed shirtless with a female partner straddling him. Abigail knocks at the door. Nick rushes his friend out the back exit. Abigail rushes into Nick's arms.

Paul and Rose are delighting in conversation about Jack and Carly. They kiss.

Carly questions Jack about discussing Craig and her relationship. Jack jumps on the word relationship and knows it must be true. Jack is looking for an answer about whether she is happy in her newfound relationship at this time Craig approaches Carly and gently extends his hand upon her shoulder. He apologizes for intruding, but tells Carly she left her contract behind and thought she might need it. Seeing this, Jack looks Carly in the eye and tells her he got his answer. He puts his napkin down and leaves. Carly looks forlorn.