ATWT Update Tuesday 11/27/01



As The World Turns Tuesday 11/27/01

By  Mary Jane

Bonnie is getting ready to leave on her trip and Isaac wishes her a great time. Ben sees the effect that Bonnie has on his brother and he digs him about that. Jennifer arrives and is ready for them to leave. The car is going to be there in a minute. Bonnie runs off to get ready. Adam arrives and wishes Jennifer a great time on her trip. They hug goodbye. Abigail shows up at the club with her friends who are going on and on about her film piece. The girls that she is with think that she is really cool. She may be a freshman, but she is hanging out with seniors. Abigail is basking in the glow of it all when she turns to find Adam and Jennifer staring at her. Abigail and her friends get a table and sit together. Jennifer finds it strange that they are not getting along. Adam explains the Nick factor into all that has been going on. Adam leaves and Jennifer goes over to see Abigail and her friends. Abigail introduces her as the future supermodel. The two girls go off to talk alone. Jennifer is going to meet some new people and new faces. Jennifer thinks that she may like it in New York and stay there. Abigail hopes that she returns.

Jennifer is not sure that she wants to see Billy on a permanent basis, but she will think about it. Being in New York will remind Jennifer about meeting Bryant there and Jennifer has to be ready for that. Bonnie returns ready to go to New York. Jennifer runs off to get ready and Bonnie finds her mother standing in front of her. Bonnie tells her mother that she is going to go to New York no matter what. Her mother is going to let her go but she warns her daughter not to sign any contracts until her mother sees it first. She leaves and Isaac still canít believe that Bonnie kissed him. Ben and Isaac watch her at the front door. Isaac jokes that he has to deal with an employee that has the hots for him. He denies having anything in him for her. Ben is not buying. Ben thinks that there is definitely there. Ben goes over to Jessica and offers to buy her a drink. They discuss her daughter. Bonnie is adjusting to life slowly. She can tell that Ben is fishing for information on her daughter and she asks Ben, "What exactly does Isaac want to know?"Ö Abigail goes to talk to Adam and they canít get anything nice out. Adam is very bitter about Nick and Abigail canít deal with that. Abigail was genuinely trying to talk to Adam nicely, but that is clear that she canít do that if Nick is concernedÖIsaac comes to talk to Ben who now thinks after a second thought that he should forget about Bonnie. She is too high maintenance. She has kissed him once and Isaac is already losing his mind. That is the third time that he has cleaned that glass that he has in his hand.

Abigail goes to see Nick and she learns that Jake has been there. Abigail thinks that this is insane. People should trust her and believe her judgement in people. She hates people protecting her all the time. She begs Nick to tell her the big secret that everyone knows about but her. What happened before does matter. Abigail has been feeling important in his eyes. He has been a real friend to her and she is not going to let him walk out of her life that easy. Abigail leaves and Nick thinks to himself how this is like taking candy from a baby.

Carly is with Molly at her apartment and Molly wants to know what is going on with she and Craig. Jack has this feeling that something is going to happen to Carly. He isnít being jealous and he can move on, but he thinks that James Stenbeck is back and no matter what Carly thinks, she canít help worrying that Jack may be right.

Paul and Jack are talking on the grounds at Paulís house and Paul is asking him to put his instincts to good use. Paul wants Jack to watch Barbara and protect her from his father. Jack tells Paul that he will be expected to watch out for Carly in New York.

Carly gets a visit from Jack and he tells her that he will be watching Fairwinds in case James shows up there.

Paul is ready to go and asks his mother if there is anything that she needs. She doesnít answer him. He tells her not to worry about the show. Barbara tells him that she shouldnít have been angry with him for hiring Jennifer. She wonders if there is anything else that he should be telling her. He tells her no. He has been doing everything in the world for her. A lie is a lie. Paul agrees and he learned that from his father. He turns and leaves. He will call her when he arrives in New York.

James is outside the house saying to himself that he is a realist.

Paul comes to see Carly and he assures her that everything is going to go as planned.

James comes into the house and talks with Barbara. She threatens to call Paul and tell him that James is harassing her. James tells her that not one dress on the runway will be one of her designs. She is shocked to hear that. James asks her to think of who else could put together a line for the show. Barbara canít believe that Paul would involve her company with Carly.