ATWT Update Monday 11/26/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 11/26/01

By  Mary Jane

It is morning at the Munson house. Hal and Parker are eating pancakes . Emily enters the home and has an appetite. Emily shows Hal the New York Times, a full-page article with Jennifer, Carly as the designer and the BRO fashion show. Hal takes Parker to preschool, but before he goes he tells Emily he wants her car parked in the driveway every night from now on, he wants to share the clothes hamper with her, he wants to sleep with her in his bed and have Daniel sleeping right down the hall. He is asking Emily in his own way to live with him. He knows he just shocked Emily so he rushes out the door. Emily is smiling, giggling and delighted at the offer.

At Carly's hotel room she is sleeping while Craig is walking around the room in a white bathrobe. He leans over Carly in bed and caresses her and gently kisses her arm up and down and back up to her shoulder. Carly awakens and says good morning to Craig. When she asks what time it is Craig announces that it is time to get up and read the reviews. Craig has brought her all the reviews he could find. Carly is very excited and asks Craig for her robe. Craig teases, but obliges her. Carly knows Craig has read the reviews and he is happy about them. Carly is thrilled with the reviews and states that last night was the best night of her life. Craig agrees that it was for him also, not only because they made love, but also because Carly loves him. Craig states to Carly that she wouldn't have slept with him unless she loved him.

Paul is looking at Barbara's picture at the BRO headquarters. Retired people from sales are being called back because business is at its best since BRO started. Rose enters the room, Paul and Rose hug and kiss. Paul tells Rose the good news about BRO sales. He suggests that they both move to NYC.

Barbara is at home telling James that the BRO show will haunt her for the rest of her life. Barbara is trying to figure out how to get rid of all the people who have made her life miserable. James suggests that Barbara give him the list and he would be glad to solve her problem. Barbara questions James motives. James mentions that Rose took Paul away from her, Emily has captured Hal and Carly Tenney has succeeded in stealing her company. Barbara knows that even if she eliminates the "three witches", her life would still be the same. She tells James that in order to improve her life he would have to turn back time and change things from when Craig Montgomery started promising her a life of bliss. James tells Barbara he could destroy Montgomery right now by taking Carly away from him.

In bed at the hotel room Carly is discussing with Craig that neither one of them is ready for the "L" word. He professes that she knew the job was dangerous when she took it. Questioning "what job", Craig proclaims the job of loving him. Carly laughs and announces, " Stop It". She mentions that he only says love when he is talking about money. Craig agrees that he really hasn't told a woman he loves her and meant it since Sierra. But Craig still sticks to the fact that he knows what he knows and that they love each other. Carly admits making love with Craig was terrific, but that he is still grieving for his son. She is starting a new career and wants the both of them to be careful of each others feelings during their budding romance.

Jennifer enters the BRO offices. She spots Billy. The couple talk, Jen mentions she looked for Billy after the BRO reception. Jennifer feels bad about not taking the contract from Paul last night. Billy comforts her. Gordon, a photographer comes in and insults Jen, calling her "Puff the Magic Dragon", because her eyes are puffy. Billy yells at the photographer and tells him he is interrupting. The man tells Jen to socialize on her own time. Billy gets upset because he thought she came to see him. Jennifer tells Billy that she took a modeling job with this magazine. He understands after Jen explains. Then she continues to tell Billy that they need to do a few more shots of her in Europe! Jen wants Billy to go to Europe with her.

At Hal's house, Emily is on the phone with the Intruder. Hal enters. They make small talk and then Hal apologizes about dropping a bombshell on her. The two put themselves down, while Hal compliments Emily and calls her brave. Emily compliments Hal and says he is saintly. Hal reproaches her with the undeniable fact that they respect each other. Hal asks if she is going to move in with her. Emily very happily states a moving truck was there before Hal got out of the driveway. Hal tells Emily her loves her.

Back at the BRO offices Paul and Rose are discussing the move to NYC. Rose knows that Paul is just trying to avoid his mother. Rose is against Paul moving to NY in order to avoid his mother. Paul tells Rose it is not just his mother, but he also would like to avoid his father. She says to let James bring it on and do his worst. Paul knows Rose is on his side, but that she also keeps him grounded. Rose declares she would go anywhere and start a life with Paul if it were for the right reasons. Paul agrees to go back to Oakdale to live. But Paul still wants to take Rose to Paris.

Back at Carly's hotel room, she is ready to shower and start her day. She wants to get back to Oakdale in time to pick Parker up from preschool. Craig thinks she is very level headed. Carly wants the affair of theirs to have no strings attached. The couple needs to just exist together for a while. They share a passionate kiss.

Barbara escorts Bob and Kim Hughes into her parlor and offers coffee. Bob has to tell Barbara that it is not a social call. The results of her skin graft tests are not all positive. They can remove a lot of the scarring, but not all. Kim tries to reassure Barbara that with some makeup she will look fine. Barbara is very upset and is not interested in hearing this as a solution to her problem. Barbara tells Kim she doesn't want to be painted like a clown the rest of her life. Kim tries to tell Barbara that she needs to stop locking herself up in the house and get out and start to get well. Barbara knows that both Bob and Kim have been good to her and loyal friends. Bob and Kim offer to call Paul or Hal for Barbara. Barbara declines. The Hughes leave. Barbara feels she will be a monster for life.

Ben and Curtis are at Java. Jessica enters. She meets Curtis. Jessica wonders where Isaac is, because the last time she saw him, he was with Bonnie in NYC. Isaac enters in a very bad mood. Jessica assumes Bonnie created Isaac's bad mood. Isaac tells Jessica that wherever Bonnie decides to make of her life he hopes it is not in Oakdale.

Jennifer is posing for the camera. During her break Jen and Billy talk about the trip to Europe. Billy tells Jen that it would not be practical for him to go with her and hang around with the sort of people she is going with. Jennifer worries that if she doesn't go she will miss a good opportunity. Billy tells Jen he will wait for her in Oakdale. They kiss. Billy sighs.

Isaac tells Jessica when he left Bonnie she was about to hobnob with her upper Eastside friends. Isaac apologizes to Jessica about his attitude regarding Bonnie. Jessica doesn't feel an apology is necessary. Ben, Curtis and Jessica leave Java. Isaac looks at a picture of Bonnie in the newspaper and mentions how beautiful she is on the outside. Bonnie enters pumped up to work at Java. She leaves Isaac speechless. Bonnie tells Isaac that her friends redefine boring. When Isaac mentions that this is how he thought she felt about Oakdale, she tells him he was wrong. Now Isaac feels bad about what he was thinking of Bonnie.

Paul and Rose enters Barbara's house. Barbara is sitting in a chair in her living room. She didn't expect to see the two of them. Paul tells Barbara that they need to make some decisions regarding BRO and personal matters. He announces that he would like to move BRO offices to Oakdale. Barbara is delighted as she has thought about doing that for years. Paul also mentions that he is going to move out of his mother's house and move in with Rose as soon as they find a suitable place.

Carly opens the door to her apartment and notices a giant flower arrangement set up on her table. Craig follows Carly into the apartment carrying Parker. Carly assumes Craig has sent them, and he tells her he cannot take credit for the flowers. Craig told her to look for the card. The flowers are a gift from Jack. Carly mentions that they are still good friends. Craig accepts this. Carly cuts the tension and hugs Parker and invites Craig to stay for some macaroni and french fries. Craig declines, making the excuse that he needs to check on Lucy. When Craig leaves, Carly thinks of Jack and outside Carly's apartment, Craig is thinking about Jack still trying to get with Carly. He proclaims to himself, " Not for long".

Hal and Emily are making fried chicken and waffles to celebrate Jennifer's success. Hal expects Jen to arrive home this evening. Jennifer phones Hal to tell him that she is off to Europe to model and tells him that she is going to Rome this evening. Her father is somewhat upset.

Paul and Barbara discuss his move. She feels it is a punishment for her actions. She really isn't willing to discuss or hear his reasons. She dismisses Paul. Paul and Rose leave. As tears steam down her face, James enters the room. Barbara makes arrangements with James to go ahead with his plan to rid her of Rose, Carly and Emily. James tells Barbara he loves her when she is like this and kisses her on the cheek.