ATWT Update Wednesday 11/21/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/21/01

by Mary Jane

Margo and James Stenbeck are in the police station. James is handcuffed and sitting opposite Margo at her desk. The two are playing Gin Rummy. James is self-assured as usual. He is trying to pull Margo's strings. Stenbeck gets "Gin" and reminds Margo that he plays by his own rules.

Hal and Emily are at Hal's house and enjoying a little time alone. Emily thinks he is in a bad mood. When Emily asks Hal, he refers her to page five of the City Times. At page five of the paper, Emily finds a picture of Jennifer at the fashion show. Hal is sad that his children are growing up prematurely because of the life experiences they have gone through lately. Adam walks in on Hal and Emily sharing a kiss. Adam apologizes, but comes in to talk privately to Hal. When alone, Adam announces to Hal that he and Abigail had a fight. Adam proceeds to blurt out that he then dated another girl and had SEX! Hal, a bit startled, tells Adam that it is not the end of the world. Adam then tells Hal that Abigail caught him! Hal tells him that does complicate matters. He also reassures Adam that he is not a cheat and hypocrite as Adam thinks because he does have a conscience about what happened.

Reporters berate Jennifer about the fashion show, her mother, and Carly designing the BRO line. They also asked her if she thought her mother would return to designing. She runs to Billy to escape all the questions. Billy is ready to take Jen out to a nightclub in NYC. Jennifer tells Billy she has to go to the BRO reception. Billy wants to take Jennifer to dinner, but he doesn't want to go to the reception. She is required to because of her BRO position.

Isaac and Bonnie share a moment at the reception together. Bonnie tells Isaac how nice it was to have her Mother and Ben at the show, and jokingly pretends to not have noticed Isaac was at the show.

Paul, Rose, and Carly are at the reception enjoying a drink together. Carly thanks Paul, telling him she never expected to be introduced on the runway. Carly also thanks Rose for helping by telling her she is not as heartless as Carly originally thought. Craig strolls up to the trio. Paul tells Craig that it is a private party and he wasn't invited. Carly speaks up to Paul and tells him she invited Craig! Everyone gets on Carly's case and tells her she will have to celebrate alone. Carly reminds Paul that Craig did discover Barbara was at the show, which prevented Barbara from ruining the dresses. After a few moments of complaining about Craig, they leave and Carly and Craig enjoy some eel sushi.

Bonnie meets up with some of her elite friends, whom are so excited about Bonnie's performance and new job at BRO. Bonnie introduces Isaac to her friends. When the friends start to talk about the elite club she works at in Chicago, Isaac sets the friends straight and tells Bonnie's friends that the nightclub is in Oakdale, Ill. and anyone is invited in. Isaac starts to act out towards Bonnie and her friends in a street type fashion.

Billy and Jennifer have words about going to the reception. Billy gives in and they head toward the event.

Jack brings Barbara into the Oakdale police department. Barbara is looking for Hal, she wants to turn to him because of the bad night she had at the fashion show in NYC. Hal is not there and has gone home. Barbara is just in time to see James at the station. James, still in handcuffs, is being held until the police know if Barbara is going to press charges. Barbara at first asks where she should sign in order to press charges against James. When James questions Barbara if she is up to testifying against him he points out that she is getting a lot of practice at perjuring herself. She tells Margo to release James. Stenbeck persists to tease Barbara. Jack takes Barbara to Hal's house.

Isaac continues his acting out at Bonnie's expense.

Rose and Paul are enjoying the reception and starting to feel romantic. Jen approaches Paul. Paul surprises Jen with an offer of representing BRO for 5 years. Jennifer is upset that Paul would offer her a position without Barbara's input.

Adam and Hal talk more about the events in Adams life. Hal asks Adam if he used protection. Adam rebuffs, "Yea, do you think I'm a kid or something". Adam then excuses himself to go home as it is getting late. Emily comes into the room, and they discuss Adam briefly and tells Hal that she is going upstairs to change. Hal is detoured when there is a knock on the door. Unaware that someone was at the door, Emily heads upstairs. As Hal opens the door he is surprised, but he is supportive of Barbara.

Back at the BRO reception Jennifer becomes irate that Paul is only thinking of BRO and not his mother. Jen decides that business should come first and family second. She tells Billy that it is a better way of thinking and she is going to start acting with this new attitude.

Isaac continues to act out in front of Bonnie's friends. Bonnie asks him to go get drinks. Isaac leaves. Bonnie and her friends chat about how wonderful life will progress for Bonnie and how offers will come flowing in for her to model. One of the friends offers Bonnie to room with her at her new apartment on Park Ave.

Paul is now in an unoccupied room wondering how he was so thoughtless about his mother's feelings. Paul, after speaking to Jennifer is consumed with guilt. Rose tries to comfort him and tells Paul that he was correct doing what he did.

Emily comes down the stairs in a policeman's sports shirt, baseball cap and holding handcuffs. He is surprised to see Barbara there and in Hal's arms. Barbara immediately tells Emily to get out of her house! Hal speaks up to Barbara and tells her that the house is his and Emily is staying. Emily is going to leave the room to let Hal and Barbara speak in private. Hal tells Emily to stay right where she is. He then tells Barbara he will support her as a friend, and help provide her with her needs, but whatever they had in the past is over and his life is now here with Emily. Barbara starts to leave and Hal tells her she doesn't have to. Barbara then states that maybe they can have lunch sometime if it is okay with Emily. Hurt and dejected, Barbara leaves. Emily tells Hal to go after Barbara, it's okay. Hal refuses. Emily is giving Hal a chance to leave her. He refuses again.

At the reception, Craig and Carly are having a drink and toasting each other. While trying to enjoy a few moments, Craig leans to kiss Carly and reporters start to swarm the couple with questions regarding Carly's experience as a designer, her escort, Mr. Montgomery, and if there are romantic feelings, and if the rumors at Craig's trial were true. Was Carly really trying to drive Barbara out of her company and steal her husband in the process? While the reporters kept pursuing, Carly and Craig escape the harassing reporters. Craig and Carly try one last attempt at protecting each other's reputation to the reporters as they exit the reception.

Bonnie approaches Isaac to apologize for lying about his club. She admits that it was a shallow thing to do. It is apparent to Isaac that Bonnie felt she was ashamed to be working at the club, but does not let her know his true feelings. He explains that he is just out to have a good time and that's what he is doing. Isaac excuses himself to party with some friends he spots.

Mitzi speaks to Billy about Jen. Billy wishes Jennifer weren't so into this whole gig. Mitzi explains to Billy that is why the crayon box has so many colors. Billy excuses himself and leaves the reception, thinking Jennifer is putting her career ahead of him.

Rose uses charms to change Paul's bad attitude. She helps Paul and he starts to feel better about his situation. Paul attempts to be romantic; Rose admits she feels romance brewing also. The couple kiss.

Jennifer looks for Billy. Mitzi tells Jen that he had just left. Jen runs to the door looking for Billy and is upset to find that Billy had gone.

Carly and Craig arrive at Carly's hotel room. Craig offers her some champagne. Carly doesn't want a drink and tells him she thought of him as her hero this evening. Carly claims to have been a nobody until tonight, Craig tells Carly that she was never a nobody. Craig states he should go because he doesn't have a room. Carly isn't buying into Craig's fib. Craig tells Carly that there are not many other places he would rather be than with Carly this night.

Jack returns to Oakdale's police department, and tells Margo about the BRO fashion show. He tells Margo that Barbara was acting out of anger and cutting up the dresses. When Margo asked Jack who stopped Barbara, Jack tells her Paul, himself and Craig. Margo is surprised to hear Craig was there and yet knew he was there to pursue Carly. Jack admits to Margo that Carly is with Craig, but he feels it is what Carly wants and needs at this time in her life. Margo is surprised at Jack, giving up "his girl" so easily. Jack mentions to Margo that he has been a part of Carly's life and that is enough.

While sitting on the couch relaxing, Carly tells Craig that he is not nearly as charming as he thinks he is. Sharing insults Craig leans over and kisses Carly's neck. Then afterwards, a long slow passionate approach switches to the other side of her neck. Carly tells him he is not even a good kisser and she could resist him without a slightest bit of effort. Craig retorts that he could leave without being consumed by her. The couple shares a passionate kiss.

Paul and Rose are slow dancing at the reception in a vacant room. They share a kiss.

Hal reiterates to Emily that he doesn't want to get anything out of their relationship. They kiss.

When Barbara returns home, James is waiting. He sympathizes with Barbara and her tragic circumstances. James holds Barbara.