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As The World Turns Tuesday 11/20/01

By  Glynis

Molly comes home to learn that Abigail won first prize for her work on the paper. They think that she must be with Adam having the time of her life.

Bonnie comes out again in the show and her mother knows that something is wrong because Bonnie is wearing the same dress that she had on before. Isaac and Ben try to tell her that they think nothing is wrong. Rose and Mitsy can tell that something is wrong. They ask Jack what is going on but he doesnít know. Something has gone wrong. Jack is sure that Carly has everything under control. The press recognizes Craig and knows that he was married to Barbara Ryan. Craig says that he is a big fan of the woman that designed the show. He is an insider and is pressed for more information.

Jennifer is in the back with Barbara and the changer is unconscious on the floor. Barbara takes a pair of scissors and she starts cutting up the dresses for the show. Barbara looks at the dresses and she says that the dresses are as cheap as the woman behind it. Barbara asks her brother if they laughed at her behind her back. Jennifer never meant to hurt her mother this way. Barbara knows. She worked for months on the designs. Jennifer tells her that her hand was hurt and that's why she couldn't do the job. Barbara shows her hand to her daughter. Jennifer begs to be allowed to get Paul. She finds the dress that is going to be the centerpiece of the show. Jennifer promises that she will make things better. Barbara doesnít believe her. She turned her back on her mother. She wants to be with Carly and Paul. There is banging on the door and Barbara shouts to Carly to leave. Carly is outside the door and she demands that the door be opened or Security will be called. Barbara walks Carly in.

Barbara gets out of the room and hits the runway again. She is posing in the dress and she mouths words to Paul to tell him that something is up. Rose sees her mouthing words to Paul and Mitsy tries to convince her to help Paul. She is reluctant to help because of the way that he treated her.

Abigail has found Adam with her friend, the older girl. Abigail can tell that Adam has had sex with the girl and Adam admits it. He did what he did because of her new life. He did this because of she and Nick. There hasnít been anything good happening for them since Nick arrived. The truth is that Nick is the guy that Adam thinks she really wants to be with. She feels that he is blaming everything on the wrong person. She really wanted to be with him that night. She walks off.

Barbara and Carly are alone in the back room and Barbara holds the scissors in front of her. Barbara is going to give her a finale that she will never forget. Barbara lunges with the scissors and Carly grabs her hands. They struggle for the scissors and Jack walks in and grabs Barbara. Carly revives the changer and takes her from the room. Jack takes Barbara to the center of the room. Jack came in the nick of time as usual. He turns to Barbara and she tells him that she is sorry. She starts crying and saying that she was angry at being lied to. She was wrong and she offers to apologize to Carly. She will get on a plane if they want her to. Jack tells her that she will not be allowed out of his sight. This is still her show and she is not leaving until she is ready.

Paul learns what has happened and he goes to the runway to make an announcement. It has been a great night and he has always tried to run the company with integrity. He is coming clean about tonightís collection. "To the woman who made this night possibleÖ" He would like to make a special thank you. Carly is backstage, but canít believe that Paul is doing this. He is really going to give her credit for the designs and the success of the show. The press is all over Craig and Carly. Craig says that he has been aware of this for a long time. Carly thanks Paul for what he has done. She tells the press that she is just as surprised as anyone that Paul revealed the designer for the show. She is asked about Barbara and Carly says that they have had their struggles, but that is all over now. She is a star, just as Craig thought that she would be. Paul goes to the back and Rose follows him with Mitsy in tow. He starts apologizing right away and she just holds his face and kisses him. He tells her that he has a problem with the dresses and he has to figure out what to do. Rose and Mitsy offer to fix the dresses for him. He tells Rose that he loves her and he kisses her before he runs off. Billy goes to Jennifer and tells her he is proud of her for going out there on the runway. "That took a lot of guts". She feels that she can do anything. He asks her to meet him later and she says yes. She kisses and hugs him. Unknown to them, Craig is watching from afar.

Adam is all alone and all he has now are his memories of he and Abigail. He cries to himself as he thinks of them.

Bonnie talks to Isaac and he offers to take her to dinner. She tells him that they should go to the party for the show instead. Carly thinks that this is the most fantastic show in the world for her. Craig thinks that she deserved it. He wants to kiss her, but she tells him to relax. They have all night to celebrate. Jack escorts Barbara from the room. Just then, Paul announces BROís picture of grace and elegance. Barbara turns in horror to see her daughter come on stage with her brother and then to see Carly come out and be recognized as the designer. Jack watches carefully as Craig offers her flowers.

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