ATWT Update Monday 11/19/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 11/19/01

By Glynis

The fashion show is in full swing. Bonnie is trying to get Jennifer into the swing of things. Bonnie tells her that she can do whatever she wants, the audience will love her. Jennifer starts hyperventilating when realizes that the place is full of reporters and designers. What is going to happen when her mother finds out that she has been lied to? Bonnie tells her to forget about everything until this show is over. Bonnie was almost a duchess once. She got the title but that is about all. Isaac calls her duchess and he was cute saying it sometimes. That is probably why she kissed him. Jennifer’s jaw drops to the floor. Jennifer is still having a terrible time dealing with going out in front of all those people. Where is her brother. Bonnie tells her more about her kiss with Isaac. Just then flowers are delivered for Jennifer Munson.

Craig is in New York with Carly and he tells her that he is going to take her to the show. He knows that she doesn’t want him to stop trying to win her over.

Rose shows up in New York and Paul greets her after talking to Jack. She slaps his face when she is close enough. She tells him that he has been dodging the truth. She asks him if Carly has been the designer of the dresses. He admits it. She asks if Carly was the one that woke him up in the morning. He admits that she was. Rose doesn’t see how she wasn’t involved in the business dealings as soon as Carly got involved. She tells Paul that what they had is over. She thinks that things didn’t go the same for him. He can’t believe that she is ready to throw everything out the door over one silly mistake. He thinks that she is the one that made the rash judgment and that things were not the same for her. He walks off leaving her there.

Adam is at the club with the older girl that he met from school. Lisa thinks that he should watch himself with this girl. Lisa leaves and Adam dances with his date slowly. She kisses his neck and that is almost too much for him to handle. He moves away from her, but doesn’t tell her why. She guesses that he is shy, but she is not. He is looking really guilty and she wonders if he has a girlfriend. He tells her that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He takes a chance and kisses her on the lips and then they go running out of there. Lisa watches, worried that Adam may be making a big mistake.

Billy is at work in New York when Isaac shows up to talk to him. He sees Jessica and Ben walk in. They were being spontaneous and flew in on a whim to see the fashion show. Jessica is there to see her baby girl do her thing. Jack shows up at the fashion show looking for Carly. The press is there trying to find out who is and what is going on with the rumor that Carly is really responsible for the collection that is going to be shown that night. Carly asks Craig to keep her from one of the world’s most talented designers. He is sure that she is the one that designed the dresses. She turns and finds the famous designer behind her. He asks her to let him sit next to her at the showing of the dresses. Carly gets away from her and bumps into Jack. Jack is there to support her even though her name is not on the label. They hug and Craig is not happy to see that. The press comes to Paul to ask about Barbara and Paul says that Barbara is already on her way out of town. Craig is right behind the press agent when this conversation is taking place and he tells the press that he finds it hard to believe that Barbara would be going out of town when there is about to be a show for BRO. The press walks off and Paul tells Craig that this is his party, so he should behave. Paul turns to Jack who wants to know what is going on with Carly. Jack wants Carly to get her credit. Those designs are not Barbara’s. Paul will not take his mother’s reputation from her. Paul gets notice that the show is about to start. Barbara is at the reception hiding behind a black veil as usual.

Backstage, Carly is getting ready for the big show. She is assured by the staff that the dresses are sensational. She leaves the room and Barbara finds her way into the costume room. She closes the door behind her. Craig is behind her surprised that Barbara really doesn’t know when to quit.

Rose comes into the room and finds Paul there, but she goes to Mitsy instead. Mitsy had some trouble getting in, but Paul helped her. Rose is not staying. She is going to make her way back to the airport. She tells Mitsy that Paul wasn’t the guy that she thought that he was. He lied to her. Paul is just like the other guys that she used to know. Paul is watching Rose talking to Mitsy when Carly comes up to tell him that they are ready for the show. The show is going to be a big success, Paul promises that. The music starts and Paul runs off. That is his big cue. Jack is watching Carly from afar. Carly walks over to him and the famous designer corrals her reminding her that she promised to sit with him. She tells him that she will sit with him and they take their seats. Paul comes out on the stage. "BRO has had a tough year, but we are making a comeback."

…Barbara is backstage rifling through the dresses on the garment racks.

…Jennifer is introduced to the audience as she walks out, prancing and posing in the dress.

…inside the garment room, Craig comes in behind Barbara. He is not there to gloat. He is there for Barbara. There is a monitor in the room and they turn to it. Craig thinks that Jennifer must be making her proud. Barbara is not going to make this happen. She tells Craig to go to hell. Barbara watches as the audience claps for Jennifer. Barbara thinks that Craig is just what Carly needs. Craig thinks that Barbara will only bring the company down. She tells him that no matter what he gives Carly, she will always love Jack. Craig wishes her a good day and he leaves. She returns to searching for the finale dress. She finally finds it..

Later, the changer comes into the room and starts getting more dresses out. She finds that something is terribly wrong.

Jennifer and Bonnie meet in the change room . They both hit the runway and they know that they were both successful. Bonnie turns for find Isaac standing behind her. She learns that her mother and Ben are there to see her model. Isaac brings her flowers. She is speechless. He never thought that he would ever see that. They look in each other’s eyes. He knows that he has to go back out. He leans towards her and kisses her cheek. He tells her that they are all cheering for her. He leaves. Bonnie finally feels connected. She has family and friends. Jennifer returns to learn that her friend has had a jolt from a little kiss on the cheek. The changer comes to Jennifer telling her to go out there and make her mother proud. Barbara is hiding and listening to every word.

Bonnie has modeling thing down pat and her mother is delighted. Jessica sees that Bonnie and Isaac are looking at each other in that special way.

Adam is outside getting hot and heavy with the older girl that is also Abigail’s friend. Abigail walks out and finds him with the girl. She calls his name and Adam stops, turning his to face Abigail.

There is an emergency. Jennifer can’t be found. They bring Bonnie out again.

…In the back of the dressing room, Jennifer finds the changer passed out on the floor and Jennifer has to think fast. They have to do something to help her. She is lying unconscious on the floor. Barbara comes in behind Jennifer and closes the door. "I am sorry Jennifer. We can’t help her."

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