ATWT Update Thursday 11/15/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/15/01

By Glynis

Barbara tells James that only her designs will be shown as BRO’s. James tells her there is a cocktail dress that she has seen and that dress is a BRO dress. She is shocked at that. He tells her that the dresses that will be seen are Carly’s and they are being passed off as Barbara’s.

Carly is in New York with Paul and she is being asked why she isn’t taking the credit for the clothes. Carly tells him that all the credit will go to Barbara. The man that was talking to her was a famous man from the industry and Carly is upset that no one will know that the dresses were hers. Paul offers her an envelope. She takes it. It is to show that she is appreciated. She takes the envelope. She has been given a large amount of money. He wants her to keep the check and she thanks him for it. Barbara will be angry but she will get over it. He takes her critique the run through for the fashion show.

Simon meets with Rose and is talking to her about getting a job. Rose tells him that he shouldn’t worry there will be something for him to do. They go to Isaac and order champagne. There is something on his mind and Rose and Simon can clearly see that.

Jennifer is in New York with Bonnie and she talks to Billy telling him that her mother wasn’t the one that designed these clothes. Carly is the one that designed these clothes. Billy can’t believe that Jennifer is a part of all this. Important people come up to meet Jennifer and they are excited to see that Barbara’s daughter is going to be wearing BRO’s clothes. Billy stands by and watches Jennifer suck up the attention and he can’t believe it.

Hal is at work and he calls Barbara. She is not available and Hal leaves no message. James has just been brought into the station by Jack and Margo and Hal are there. James reminds Jack that he is not a cop anymore. Hal places James under arrest for assault, trespassing and littering. Hal tells him that he should make himself comfortable because he is going to be there for a while.

Jennifer talks to Carly and pretending that the clothes that she is wearing are her mothers. There has been a big poster created with Jennifer’s face on it and that seems to make her feel a little better about wearing Carly’s clothes pretending that they are Barbara’s.

Barbara is on a plane heading for New York. She is wearing a scarf over her head, but nothing on her face.

Barbara arrives in New York and goes to Carly’s hotel room and she finds a folder with BRO on it. She opens it and looks at the dresses inside. "These are not my dresses." She hears someone coming in and turns to find Carly walking in. Carly looks at her stunned to find the one person that she didn’t want there standing in front of her.


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