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As The World Turns Tuesday 11/13/01

By  Glynis

Simon and Katie are in bed eating cake when he tells her that he made the greatest mistake of his life a year ago. She doesnít exactly like what he is saying and she asks him to explain.

Billy is telling Craig that he left Jennifer and that was the dumbest thing that he has ever done. If she will have him back he will go to her. The night of the accident, Bryant said that he needed your advice and that he needed to talk to him. He said, " I need to talk to my dad." Craig turns the conversation back to Jennifer telling him that he is going to get dropped by her when the next guy catches her eye.

Barbara is getting on her sonís back for not telling her that Jennifer was going to be the model for BRO. She has decided that she is going to New York. The last 24 hours has given her a new strength. What does this mean? She wants to supervise her show and keep tabs on her daughter. Paul tells her that if she goes to New York, that might be the last business decision that she makes. He pretends that he is the media and he asks her questions that she has a terrible time answering. She expected this treatment from Craig and not from her own son. Paul is not doing this o hurt her. What is she going to do when the public comes after her for answers to their questions. Barbara agrees that she will not go because she canít go. That seems to be what he wants her to say.

Bonnie tells Jennifer that her mother doesnít want her to go to New York, but she is going to find a way to get there someway, somehow.

Simon comes to see Craig and he can see that something may be wrong with him. Simon is there to talk about Katieís happiness. He is going to give her a wedding that she will never forget. Craig tells him to spend his own money on his own dream wedding.

Tom comes to see Hal and he tells him that dating Emily will become dangerous. She is fun until you cross her. Hal might find himself proposing to a world class user. Hal thinks that Tom should put this behind him and get on with his life. Emily is the catch as far as Hal is concerned. He feels that he is lucky to know Emily. Emily comes down the stairs with her son and Tom scoops him up and leaves to have his visit with his son. Emily is sorry about that happening. She heard everything that both the men said. Hal is sorry for that. Tom was a bit of an ass and Emily feels pretty bad. She didnít take much of that to heart but Tom is right about her. Every word that he said is true. She wishes that she could be the woman that Hal wants her to be. Hal tells her that she is the woman that he thinks and wants her to be.

Billy is talking to Jennifer and trying to make her think that they can have a future together. She has to go to New York, but he wants her to tell him that they may be able to pick up where they left off.

Bonnie canít believe it. Isaac is letting her go to New York. He warns her that she is going to have to make it up to him. She is so happy that she kisses him full on the lips. He canít believe that she did that. She runs off happy with glee that she is going to be able to take her trip

Simon and Katie are visiting with Craig and Katie can see that something is going on. Why is he going to New York? This must have something to do with Carly. Craig tells them that they have to go now. He ushers them out and they know that they are right.

Paul is in the yard of his house calling for his father. "It is over Stenbeck! Do you hear me? It is over."

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