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As The World Turns Update Monday 11/12/01

By Glynis

Isaac talks to Bonnie about work. She agrees to do inventory for him. A cocktail dress is missing from Paul’s inventory and he called to ask if anyone has seen it. Jennifer arrives at the club to pick up her makeup. She announces that she is the new Barbara Ryan Original. Bonnie is ecstatic for her. Isaac asks Jennifer if she has seen a cocktail dress from the day before, she hasn’t but she thinks that he should call Carly and ask her. Isaac does just that. She doesn’t’ know where the dress is, but she needs it for the New York show. This is very important. Carly hangs up her cell phone and knocks on Craig’s door. He opens and offers her entry. He looks great and she can'’ believe it. That is not what she expected. he was torn up the night before. He had to deal with Barbara and she thought that he would have been depressed at the least. She was in the neighborhood and is glad to see that nothing affects him. He tries to seduce her with breakfast and finally she agrees. She has to make a phone call first. Craig goes into the bedroom for a minute. Carly sees clothes in a suitcase on the couch and she finds that strange. Carly tells him that she can’t find one of the dresses for the show. It must have been misplaced. Paul is going to try to find the dress. She will worry about that after breakfast.

Craig tells her that he is going to New York with her to have a short trip. He is going to go to the fashion show with them. He wasn’t invited. Craig is not going to let Paul ruin her career before it starts. The show is going to be a shambles of that Craig is sure. Craig thinks that Paul is not experienced enough to pull this off. Why is he so interested in her career? He tells her that he cares about her. Paul has run her ragged to look good in front of his mother.

All Carly gets is a little cash. She is doing it to get her own label. The company will own it of course. That spells Win-win for Paul and lose-lose for Carly. What if the label is a success? Paul and Barbara will not give her the credit. They will tell everyone that they were the reasons that she became a success. She will quit then. What happens if her line is a flop? They are going to blame her for everything. She is angry that he is trying to ruin things for her. He thinks that he is only being a realist. He is not a better man for knowing Barbara and he is not going to let Paul and Barbara do that to her. When Barbara finds out that Carly has been doing her designs she is going to be out of a job. Craig wants to help her and make sure that she is going to be okay. Carly tells him again. She doesn’t want him to come with her to New York. He has to respect that or they are finished for good. Barbara will not be in New York because Paul talked her out of it. Craig doesn’t believe that for a minute. Carly is afraid of Craig, not Barbara. His feelings grow for her everyday. She tells him that if he screws this up for her he can forget being her friend or her lover. The possibility of being her lover is tantalizing to him. He wonders if they would celebrate as lovers if he helps her with the show in New York.

Paul has just woken up with Rose and he gets a call that a dress is missing and he has to find it. He tells Rose that he has to go. He is not sure that he will be able to see her before he goes to New York. He will not be looking at the models when he is gone. He falls on top of her again, but he hasn’t got the time. She tries to keep him there, but he fights her. He has to go.

Barbara is lying on her couch and she rises looking at the cocktail dress on the chair. Someone sent her that dress for a reason. They were trying to send her a message and she is going to find out what that message is.

Rose makes it home and Lucinda is there. Rose tells her that she and Paul made out finally. Lucinda is happy for the both of them. the problem is that he is going away for New York and she is going to be worried about him being off. Lucinda tells her that she has to go shopping and buy something silk or cashmere. She has no money. Lucinda has something for her. She gets a check from a drawer. It is back pay for Rose running around for her way back then. She has enough to invest if she wants. Rose has more to tell Lucinda. She can tell when people are keeping things from her. She has had this bad feeling that Paul has been keeping things from her. The phone rings and he hesitates to tell her who is on the phone. What if he keeps something from her? Lucinda things that he is keeping things from her. He is keeping his mother from her. Rose was okay with what happened between them but now things have changed and there is so much at stake. Lucinda tries to give her some advice but she still worries in spite of it. Lucinda is family to Rose.

Paul arrives home and Barbara tells him that she was waiting for him all night. he has been keeping things from her and she is deeply disappointed in him. He was keeping things from her and he was only doing that to protect her and her company. Designing means a lot to Barbara and he thought that she would be jealous if she heard that Jennifer was the new model for BRO. Jennifer was there and told her mother the truth about the modeling job. She tells him that that the company is calls Barbara Ryan Originals and no one will push her aside. He thinks that she wouldn’t have agreed to have Jennifer as a model. She is worried about what modeling was going to do to her. Barbara feels that she has already lost most of what is important to her in this town. Can she bring Paul back? Paul denies that he ever went away. He doesn’t want her to blame Jennifer for anything that has happened. Paul offers to let her in on everything. She thanks him for hearing her. She goes to where she has the cocktail dress hidden and she asks Paul if he knows who would have sent her this. Paul thinks that the dress was a mistake and he wants to get it from her but she won’t let him have it. She thinks that the dress was sent to her from Craig as some type of message. She tells him that she will take the dress back to New York. She announces that she is going with him on the trip.

Jessica comes to see her daughter at the club and she can see that they are fighting again. Bonnie needs a couple of days off. Her mother wants to know why. Bonnie wants to go to New York and her trip is paid for. She just got a modeling gig for BRO. Her mother tells her that the gig is going to happen without her daughter there… Billy arrives at the club and finds Jennifer there. He tells her that he was sorry that he was hard on her the night before. Billy thought that Craig was telling him something that made sense and that was why he was willing to give her up.

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