ATWT Update Friday 11/09/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 11/9/01

by Glynis

Craig is ready to go to dinner with Carly. She is at his penthouse and they have just shared a kiss. People are going to be talking about them soon. She wanted to look respectable for him and he appreciates that. He is mourning his son and not his life. Bryant wouldnít want him to mourn his life.

James has been in the club and has seen Paul kissing Rose. He managed to do that because he put himself in disguise. Paul wants to go and see his mother but Rose tells him that is not necessary because she went to talk to her already and she tells him that Barbara is fine with him being out late. They continue kissing and then run off together to share a night of passion. James sees them leave the club.

Jennifer visits with her mother and she tells her that there was a casting call that day. Barbara knew nothing about this. This is her company and nothing is done without her okay. They were looking for a Barbara Ryan Original. Paul doesnít know anything about choosing a girl to represent the company. Jennifer tells her mother that the girl that they chose to represent the company is her. She canít believe that they were auditioning models and no one told her about it. All these models were pretty but they were nothing special. Jennifer was very nervous but she got the job as the new face of BRO. This is a great honour and a great responsibility. Jennifer thinks that this will work in their favour. Jennifer thinks that this is great. Everything in Jenniferís life has so confusing lately, and now this. Jennifer needs something happy in her life and now she has something like that. Barbara doesnít look happy for her daughter. Barbara and Jennifer know how Barbara feels about a modeling career. Jennifer could do anything. Most girls never recover from being a model. Jennifer doesnít think that there is anything bad that can happen to her. Barbara thinks that she canít even trust Paul anymore. Barbara should have known about this. There is something else that Barbara doesnít know about and she probably should have been told. Barbara turns to her daughter. Jennifer tells her that Bryant signed over his trust fund agreement to Jennifer. He gave her the money because she never approved of him having the money. The money was really Barbaraís all along. He said that he refused to take the money but that was a lie. Barbara should have been there for her daughter. Barbara still doesnítí understand why he gave the money to Jennifer. Bryant didnít want his father to get the money. Barbara finds that it is strange that Bryant gave Jennifer the money on the night that he died. This means that Jennifer doesnít have to model for a living. Jennifer feels that she has to model because she is giving that money to her mother. Barbara doesn't know if taking the money will be legal. They have to find out. Craig will be furious when he finds out that the money was given to Jennifer. Jennifer is glad that things worked out this way. She is too young to have any regrets. She wonít create lines on her face. Barbara tells her that she will be the Barbara Ryan Original. Jennifer goes to hug her and Barbara moves away from her. Jennifer touches her head to her motherís telling her that she loves her mother too. She leaves and Barbara turns to the documents that she has been left. "Oh Craig, do I have news for youÖ"

Paul and Rose go to dinner where he kisses her hand and she smiles at him. She is thinking of her high school play. Her father made her feel like a star no matter what she did up there. She forgot everything. She doesnít seem to be the kind that gets stage fright very easily. Rose thought that she messed up with Paul, but here they are. Rose has the gift of keeping on swinging. They have real chance at having a relationship. Carly and Craig enter the dining room and greet Rose and Paul. They have to sit next to them at a table as there are no others. Rose leaves to powder her nose. Craig wonders out loud if Rose knows about Carly and Paul. Craig wonders if Rose knows that Carly and Paul are working together behind Barbaraís back. Carly warns him that if he wants her to stay with him for dinner he will just butt out. Barbara walks in and shows Craig some papers and they walk out. Carly keeps eating by herself.

Rose returns to the table and Paul assures her that nothing is going to ruin their night. He kisses her and she sits at the table. Paul goes to talk to Carly and Carly has no more information than what she just saw. Paul is worried that he has made a mistake. He is going to New York with Carly the next day and then everything will be great.

Jennifer meets Abigail at the diner and they talk about their parents. Jennifer thinks that Abigail shouldnít complain about her mother caring. Her mother doesnít care about her she thinks. Jennifer tells Abigail that her mother freaked because Paul didnít tell her that she was going to be the new model or that there was going to be a new model at all. Abigail thinks that she should do this. Abigail reports that her film project was really great and her teacher thinks that she should enter it in the inter-collegiate film festival. She canít tell her mother about this because she doesnít want Abigail spending time with Nick. Abigail thinks of him as a friend and not a cute guy. Abigail tells her friend that she should go ahead and model, she needs something to get her mind off everything that has been happening lately. Just then Billy walks into the diner and sees the girls talking together. Jennifer thought that Billy left town but he tells her that he is sticking around. He will be helping with the BRO show. Jennifer tells hi that she is going to be in the show. Jennifer finds it hard to just chit chat like they never meant anything to each other. She gets up and storms off. Billy talks with Abigail about her feelings for him. Abigail didnít like what Billy did to Bryant. Billy feels that he didnít get to choose who he should love. Billy is not trying to push Jennifer away, he is trying to make things safe. What Bryant and Jennifer had was special and that was why he got so upset. Billy has to think about what she says.

Rose goes ahead to the hotel suite and she prays that Barbara screw up the evening.

Craig and Barbara go to his penthouse and she shows him the trust fund papers. She shows him that Bryant signed over his trust fund to Jennifer. Then Jennifer realizing that the money was Barbaraís gave it to her mother. Barbara takes the paper from him and Craig tells her that she has no right to the money. Untrue, Bryant was of age at the time. Craig knows that Bryant wanted Craig to use that money. She leaves. Carly comes to the apartment and asks Craig what the papers were that Barbara showed him in the restaurant downstairs. Craig tells her to go home and kiss her son and be with him because some day it may be too late. He wants her to take every moment that she can with her son. She promises to do just that. She turns and leaves.

Barbara returns home and she is looking for her son. She finds a dress that is a sample. "This isnít mine. I didnít design this." Slowly it dawns on her that something more is going on with her company.


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