ATWT Update Thursday 11/08/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/8/01

By Glynis

Sierra has called Craig over to have a talk with him. She apologizes to him for the way that his mother acted. Craig will not insist on coming with sierra to get Lucy at the airport. Craig has been talking to Carly and she told him to just let things be. Sierra thinks that it is interesting that he listens to her. Craig took so many things for granted with Bryant. He thought that he would see him the next day and he didnít. So much has changed. Sierra wants to meet him that night, but he is meeting Carly for dinner.

Rose comes to talk to Barbara. She has an adult relationship with Paul and she wants Barbara to see that. Rose told Paul the truth about the arrest, about Rose being an ex-prostitute and he didnít care. She gave him a chance to back out and he didnít. When he was young, he apparently tried to kill his father so he can relate to her. Barbara threatens to tell her father and Lucinda about her past. Rose tells her that if she tries to hurt Rose, her son will never speak to her again. That is what her son told her. Rose is trying to drive the point home to Barbara that she may lose her son. Barbara turns to Rose and finally asks, "What do you want showgirl?" Rose has been waiting for her to ask that question. Finally. Barbara should be grateful that her son loves her. She should thank Rose for that. Rose didnít want to tell Paul that Barbara was part of this scam. Life throws you curves and you canít take anything for granted. She should stop being angry for Rose loving Paul. Rose leaves and Barbara turns to her phone. She dials and calls for James. She tells James to stay away from her.

Carly is at the club and she thinks that Paul should show his sister some support. She needs something that she can be proud of right now. Jennifer is at the club and Paul calls her over. He tells her congratulations. She is going to be the Barbara Ryan Original model. She is very happy and thanks Carly for her help. They look at Barbaraís designs and they are not that great. Paul assures her that the clothes will be much better for he show. Carly is there to make sure everything works out. Paul tells her that Barbara doesnít know that Carly is the one that is going to provide the clothes. Jennifer doesn't like that they are sneaking around her motherís back. This is the sacrifice that Jennifer is going to have to make. What is going to happen if Barbara finds out about her lying about the designs. Paul canít have her telling Barbara about this. Jennifer asks her big brother, "Who are you really working for Paul? The company or yourself?" Jennifer walks off to think of the offer that her brother has made to her. Paul wonders if having Jennifer in as a model is a good idea. Paul is sure that the show is going to make Barbara a star again. What is in this for Paul? He wants to be the one that makes everything happen. Carly has to go, she is meeting Craig later on that night. He just lost his son and she is going to make him feel better. She doesnít want Paul to make jabs at Craig. Their private lives are private from each other.

Jake meets Nick for a beer after work. Jake has something to talk about. Nick is making things difficult for Molly by getting in between Molly and her daughter. Nick didnítí want to upset anyone. He didnít want Abigail to go off on her mother like that. Nick was with Abigail when she found out that her friend was dead. Jake is trying to see Nickís side but it looks like Molly was set up by Nick the night of the robbery. Jake wants Nick to fix things with Abigail. Nick promises to do just that. Jake leaves and Nick dials the phone saying, "MacKinnon just left. Why donít you come on down?" Nickís friend comes down and is wearing a scarf and glasses. She is hiding her identity for some reason.

Isaac goes to the bar and gets an order for a Rob Roy from a man that is at the bar with a baseball hat on and glasses. It is James spying on his son.

Abigail meets Adam at the diner. They discuss the versions of the movie. They have done the work and Adam thinks that their teacher is going to see that the work is not that of students. This was something that they were supposed to be doing together and Adam didnítí have a say in how things were going. The version that she wants to use seems to be one that Abigail worked on without his full input. He puts his foot down and tells her that he is putting in the version that he and she mostly worked on.

Craig calls Carly to leave her a message that dinner is not a good idea. Just then there is a knock on the door and Craig opens to Carly dressed and ready for dinner. He tells her that he was going to change his mind about meeting her for dinner. She looks like a goddess. He moves to her and kisses her ear and neck. She likes the way that feels and soon they are kissing. He offers to go and change. They canít believe what has just happened but the moment is not to be rushed. Seeing her there dressed like that reminds him of a dream that he had. She has already made his day that day, the next day and maybe even the day after that.

Rose and Paul meet at the club and Rose is happy as can be. She had a problem and now it is all fixed up. She asks him if he wants to get lucky. She is not teasing him at all. She wants to make a night of being with him. They kiss. James in his disguise sees the two together and he gets his coat and leaves.


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