ATWT Update Wednesday 11/07/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 11/7/01

by Glynis

Simon and Katie have celebrated their time together in the car that they first made love in. They are naked in the car it is now morning. This is the greatest time of her life. The best is yet to come. She is sure. Katie is unpacking her things and she has a lot of books on how to be the perfect friend and the perfect mate. Her journal is in there too and she used to use that to talk to her father. She would write her questions in that book and now they are all coming true. She has a man who loves her. They are going to get a place to live and a real job. Simon is worried about her expectations of him and a job that would be right for him. She thinks that he will be good at getting steady work an a steady paycheck. She is sure that they are going to have the most perfect life in the world. She has books on how to have the perfect marriage and how to resolve fights. She hears his fear and doubts. She promises that everything is going to be fine. She wants him to tell her what he feels from her. He sees her mind. He would give her the world but he doesn’t see time clocks and budget reports when he looks at his wife. When Katie describes their lives he gets a bit scared. He has a vision about it: Simon comes home and tells her that he was a total success at home. She has a perfect day too. She calls out their child and goes to grab a bunny rabbit. Soon its brothers and sisters all come running out.. Simon thinks that he has been making fun of her. She finds him to be such a man sometimes. He apologizes to her and gives her back her book. They were talking about mirroring. Simon uses the format of the book and asks nicely what she thinks that their marriage should be like. She can see it now: It is a day in the life of the fearless Frasers. He is dressed like James Bond and he enters the apartment and she fights him because that is how they practice. She kicks off her jumpsuit and is wearing a see-through black lace dress underneath. They talk in English accents and flirt the whole time. They drink Martinis. That is the way that she sees them. They will find what works for them, whatever that is. He is going to be the man that she fell in love with. He is going to give her the life that she needs. She calls for someone to pick up her trunk and put it back in a safe place until she needs it again. Simon tells her that they are going to work out their problems. He wants to do something that they haven’t done before. "Honey, I’m Home."

Lucinda goes to the door and finds Craig at the door. He is there to talk to Sierra and Lucinda gives him a hard time with that information. She knows now what is upsetting Sierra and she tells Craig that if Sierra has her way Craig will never see Lucy either. She slams the door in Craig’s face. Later Craig makes his way into the house. Lucinda tells him to go to hell. She is not sure what Craig did this time, but Lucinda is behind her daughter this time. Craig tells her that she should tell Sierra that Lucy is his daughter and no one is going to keep him from her.

James comes to see Barbara and she tells him that people know that he is in town and he should get away. He knows that she is afraid that she is going to lose her son. Paul is tired of catering to Barbara. Barbara will be in control of her life again when she is back on top. James tells her that she has no idea what is going on outside of this house. He is not trying to scare her but trying to show her the facts. He tells her that she may end up with nothing. She reminds him that he is nothing to her. She wants him gone. James will leave but who is going to keep her fragile world from falling apart. She turns to talk to him and finds him gone. "I won’t let my world fall apart! Do you hear me James?!"

Rose shows up at the club with Mitsy and Jack. Paul is there and he insists on talking to Rose. She tries to avoid him but he begs her not to go. He has some things to take care of but he will be back and he begs her to stay. She agrees to wait for him. He walks off and Mitsy comes up and can see that she is hot for the guy. Rose doesn’t think that she deserves a guy like that. Too bad Barbara doesn’t feel the same about her. Paul soon returns to her and they discuss Rose’s change of heart. He asks if anyone has threatened her. She tells him no. He is sure that someone has gotten to her. She tells him that he has a right to know what is going on. When he told her that he loved her, she should have told him that too. She didn’t because she has something to tell him. The girl that he has fallen in love with was once arrested for prostitution.

Craig goes to see Carly and shows up at her place as she is coming in. Craig tells her that he is leaving town for a little while. He will be alone before Sierra has a chance to poison his daughter against him too. She takes him inside and they discuss Bryant’s death. Carly tells him that the death was an accident. Craig has to step away. He is not going to lose Lucy. Sierra is grieving and blaming Craig for all this. When he has a little more time Carly would like to know what is really bothering Craig. Craig thinks that he can pick up the phone and talk to his son. He would like to hold Lucy and never let her go. Carly has some things to do that day, but she warns Craig to try and behave himself. He wants to meet her for dinner in his suite and get all dressed up. Dinner sounds good to her but she will only go if it is in a dining room and he has to know that he is only getting dinner. He leaves happy with that.

Jennifer is at the club and Bonnie tries to get her out of her funk by telling her to forget about Billy. They are young and they should go out and shine… Rose is telling Paul the details of her life. He is Park Avenue and she isn’t. Paul is not that great of a person either. He tried to kill his own father once too. He tries to explain himself, but decides instead to just kiss her full on the lips. He has to get back to his client, but he wants to make sure that she is okay. She is fine. They kiss again and agree to meet later. He leaves and Mitsy comes running over. She saw the kiss. Rose knows that she has to stop Barbara. She has to stop her before she ruins the best thing that has ever happened in her life.

Rose arrives to talk with Barbara and Rose tells her that she can play dirty if she has to. Barbara knows that Rose can play dirty. Rose was going for a while on what Barbara was saying. Rose was only worried about her father if he found out about Rose being a hooker. She doesn’t like rules. Barbara thought that she had Paul in the palm of her hand. Barbara doesn’t know her son as well as she thought. Rose is the one that is holding all the cards. She wants Barbara to be nice to her and lose the attitude or she will make sure that Paul cuts her out of his life for good.


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