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By  Glynis

Simone and Katie and going to spend some alone time together after her freaky friends leave. They are part of a cult that Katie was involved with when she was on the run from Simone trying to make him jealous.

Billy tries to get Jennifer to understand why they can’t be together anymore. They will never be happy if they are always under the memory of the way that Bryant died… Paul tells Rose that he loves her at the reception and she almost faints. Paul runs to catch her and the others at the wake watch on. They elevate her feet and leave her with Mitsy. She tells Mitsy that Paul said the L word to her. Mitsy tells her that she has to stay with him.

Outside the Reception, Carly arrives and Jack is there. He tells her that it looks like the whole crew is there. Jack and Carly enter together and Carly is bringing in a huge bouquet of flowers. Hal is there as is Isaac and Ben. Isaac is still very grateful that Bonnie brought him there and he waves to her as he leaves with his brother…Rose doesn’t know what she is going to do now that Paul has decided that he loves her. Jack approaches Rose and asks about her talking to Paul. Rose says that she didn’t talk to Paul. Jack finds Paul and tells him that his father is in Oakdale and Jack has talked to him. He made a deal with the feds. Paul rushes off to tell his mother but Jack tells him that Barbara already knows. Lily comes to tell Jack that Rose would like to talk to him. She goes back in the house.

Jennifer is sure that Craig only cares for himself. Billy doesn’t like this. All he can think about is how things are when he is with Jennifer. He turns and sees Craig staring at them as they talk at the reception. She can’t believe that Craig is passing judgment on her. Billy can’t continue with her and that shouldn’t matter now. She feels that if they don’t’ get together then Bryant died for no good reason. She storms off. …Carly goes over to Craig, he looks like he could use a friend right now…Billy goes to Sierra and tells her that he would like to say something about Bryant here since all of Bryant’s friends are there…Carly tells Craig that she isn’t going anywhere. She cares for Craig and she cares about him. She hugs him.

Paul enters the house and Rose things that this is her chance to talk to him about why she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Rose starts walking to him but then sees Barbara walk in behind him… Everyone gathers in the room where Bryant’s picture is displayed and Billy starts talking. "I liked to go fishing and Bryant like to wait on the fish to make up its mind. He was patient and he forgave me. When I was gone, no more Bryant to the rescue, no more second chances. What do I do with that? I don’t’ think that Bryant ever hurt anybody but himself. I loved him…I guess that I am trying to keep him alive by learning something." This is too much for Jennifer and she walks from the room. Bonnie follows her…Paul tells Carly that he knows that they are looking into his father being around. Barbara comes up and tells Paul that she would like to leave. He leaves for the car. She came to pay her respects. Craig comes up to them thinking that Barbara is only their for sympathy. Carly tries to defend Barbara but Barbara assures her that she doesn’t need a slut to defend her. She leaves the room to go to her son and interrupt him talking to Rose. Paul says goodbye to her, he will not be driving her home. Barbara stands nearby listening to Rose tell Paul that she doesn’t love him. Paul knows that she is lying. Rose tells him to take his mother home. Paul knows that something is going on and he will not let her go without a fight.

Simone and Katie go to the diner to meet Mrs. Hughes. They are concerned about her grandson Chris. She is the reason why they are there. She is the one that has the car where they first made love. Simone and Katie found themselves and they want to borrow the car from her for a short while. Nancy finds that very romantic. She offers to lend them the car for a ride home and a canolli.

Bonnie and Abigail follow Jennifer and they learn that she is upset over the money situation with Bryant’s trust. Barbara is leaving and Jennifer goes to her to see if she can come and see her mother that week. Barbara would love that and she kisses her daughter then leaves… Slowly everyone starts leaving the reception…Carly leaves with Craig…Billy simply walks away from Jennifer…

Simon and Katie get the car and still Katie can’t go through with the sex in the car. She has not been like him. She has only been with him. She is married now and she is in love. She is scared that she is not going to be what he wants. Some people are incompatible. Simon is scared too. He knows nothing about marriage. Adventures are full of risks and that is why they both like them. It is worth it to him. They kiss each other and the passion begins.

Barbara and Paul return home and talk together outside. Barbara says goodnight to her son. She would never want to lose him. She walks away from him and goes into the house.


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