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As The World Turns Update Monday 11/05/01

By Glynis

Simon and Katie are in the car talking about Bryant dying. One minute he was here and the next he is gone. Katie didn’t see him enough and now it is too late. They seem to be lost. The service is going to be over if they don’t get there soon. She thinks that he is mad at her. They have finally found their way and now everything is going to be great.

Craig arrives at Isaac’s bar. They are all dressed in their funeral clothes for Bryant. Craig is looking for a coffee cup with Bryant’s name on it and Isaac assures him that he will try to find the cup for him. Isaac joins him in a drink. They toast Bryant. Isaac tells him that the affair at the club is on the house. Craig leaves. Jessica and Bonnie watch Isaac and they go over to him and ask him why he isn’t heading to the reception. Isaac has a business to run and he doesn’t feel like going over to the reception. Bonnie reminds him that he was Bryant’s friend and should be at the reception. Lisa stops the attack on Isaac and she leaves with Jessica. Bonnie tells Isaac that he has 10 minutes to change his mind about going to the reception. He is also a member of the community and he should make an appearance at the reception. He doesn’t want her opinion and tells her so. She wants him to give her a reason why he shouldn’t appear at the reception. His feeling is simple. He won’t party at the death of a friend. She offers to be his escort if he doesn’t want to show up alone.

Lucinda and Rose join Matthew and Mitsy in the house telling them that the service was very good. Mitsy and Matthew leave the room and Lucinda goes to the picture of Bryant in the room. He could have been anything in this life if he chose to be. Bryant never made a choice of what he wanted to be. His greatest achievement was tending bar. Rose reminds her that they shouldn’t talk of what he could have been. Bryant did his best and got along well. He wasn’t afraid of searching for answers. Rose brings Lucinda to tears and they hug as Lucinda cries. Guests are going to be coming and they should be getting ready for that. Lucinda leaves and Rose assures her that she will hold down the fort. Mitsy comes to Rose who has seen better days in her life. Rose wants to call Paul but she can’t do that because Barbara is going to tell her worst secret in the world. Hal and his family with Abigail tagging along show up for the Wake. Sierra is there and she thanks Jennifer for her speech at Bryant’s wedding. Jennifer can’t imagine how Sierra must feel. Sierra greets Abigail, but Abigail doesn’t know what to say. Hal will do anything to help Sierra feel better and she knows that she can call on him whenever she wants. Jennifer turns from Bryant’s picture to see Billy arriving at the Wake. They talk privately and she tells him that she has been thinking about him. Billy would like to find a way that they can stay together. More people arrive at the reception… Margo hugs Sierra but this is becoming too much for Sierra and she leaves the room… Abigail sees Adam and she leaves the room…Lucinda follows Sierra out of the room and tries to comfort her. Sierra starts crying and she doesn’t want to feel what she is feeling. She tries to hold herself together. Lucinda has an idea. She thinks that Sierra and Lucy should move back to town now. She would have love and support from her family and it doesn’t have to be this way. Sierra seems to have needed to have heard that.

Molly and Jake are talking about the situation with Nick and Abigail. There are more things that Jake doesn’t know about that she doesn’t want to tell him. It is her past and it is her mistakes. He reminds her that they are going to solve their problems together from now own.

Paul arrives saying that Barbara sends her sympathies. Lucinda greets him and Rose stays far from him. Lucinda leaves them alone and Sierra walks from the room. Craig is there too but he quickly leaves. That is not good.


Outside, Craig meets up with Sierra wanting to know if Lucy knows about Bryant yet. Sierra hasn’t told her the news yet. She is not about to tell her daughter the news. She thinks that Craig is only feeling guilty right now and wants to play daddy. She will tell her daughter the news when her daughter returns from her trip. Craig is her parent too but Sierra disagrees with that. She walks back into the house away from him. Margo offers him her help. He tells her that Sierra thinks that Lucy shouldn’t’ know the news yet. She brings him back into the house to get a sandwich. They head to the main room where everyone is at the reception. Craig goes to Billy and offers that they go for a walk. Billy is fine with that. He can use a break. They leave the room and Jennifer watches as they walk out…Simone and Katie arrive at the reception and are greeted by all…Paul goes to Rose and wants to know what is up with her losing her feelings for him. Rose tries to double talk him. He sees what he wants in front of him and he can’t understand why he can’t have that.

Two ladies show up at the reception and Simone and Katie go out to talk to them. The lady refers to Katie as ‘Starshine’. "Why did you split? One of us is all of us. Why did you leave? You took an oath."

At the reception, Isaac thanks Bonnie for pressuring him to come to the gathering… Jennifer tells Billy that he shouldn’t trust Craig even though he is hurting. She is really glad that Billy hasn’t given up on her. Billy doesn’t think that they can work this thing between them out. He walks away from her… Rose walks away from Paul and he follows her out of the room. She tells him that this isn’t a good time. He wants to be honest with her. This is not the right place or time, but he has something to say. He has fallen in love with her.


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