ATWT Update Thursday 11/01/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/1/01

By Eric

            Jake and Molly tried to get Lucinda to ease up on Craig, whom she still wanted to blame for Bryant’s death.  She feels that he was not there for Bryant and possibly the reason why he was so upset at the time of his fatal car crash.

          Abigail pleaded to no avail with Nick, who insisted that they end their friendship and keep their distance from each other.  She claimed that she felt closer to him than anyone else…

            Craig plotted to keep Jennifer and Billy apart now that he knows, courtesy of Jen, that the knowledge of their affair is what drove Bryant to fatal despair.  Hal, however, refused to help Craig, who went to Hal for assistance.  He tried to appeal to Hal’s protective father side by making him see that the two teens were bad for each other.  Hal apparently learned his lesson the last time, when he objected to Jennifer seeing Craig’s deceased son.

            Jack confronted James, who continued to taunt Barbara that she needs him.  Barbara fretted that Jack will go to Paul and tell him that she bullied Rose into calling it quits with Paul by threatening to reveal Rose’s past as a convicted prostitute.  Barbara feared that Paul would sever their mother/son relationship if he knew the truth.  Hmmm…could this be what James is hoping for?

            Simon and Katie overpowered Bruno, who intended to do great physical harm to Simon and force Katie to go away with him.  They managed to do so by duping Bruno, who believed Katie had a gun trained on him (it was really her finger pointing at him under a garment).  Later, Simon, who had already admitted his love for her and that he missed her, was disappointed when Katie put the brakes to his advances to make love.  She insisted they wait.  

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