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As The World Turns Update Monday 10/29/01

By Glynis

Rose and Paul meet and she is worried that her friends will show up somewhere. She tells him that she got a job from Lucinda. Paul offers her a flower and a kiss. The date is wonderful and soon Paul is rushing Rose from the restaurant. They go running out together.

Craig and Sierra go to Bryantís house and find it in a mess. It wasnít that way when Craig was there before. Their son is dead and he was barely 21. It wasnít their fault. Craig feels that it was his fault. Sierra wants to share the responsibility of his death. Craig thinks that there are things about Bryantís death that she is better off not knowing. He explains that he went to Bryant and asked him for money. Sierra wants to know everything. She thinks that might have been the reason why Bryant was so upset. Craig explains that Bryant was already in a mood when he asked for the money. She cantí understand this. Craig let their son down in the last minute of his life. She canít grieve with him now. He is going to have to do this himself. She canít comfort him. Billy might want Bryantís jacket they think. They have not found anything of Bryantís papers. A document is missing. Craig is believing more and more that he was the one that put Bryant in his grave. Billy arrives at the house and Craig and Sierra learn that Billy was there the night that Bryant died. Billy said that he came over to clean up things and he wonders what they want to talk about. They want to know what happened. Billy saw Bryant a couple of hours before the accident. They are trying to find out if Bryant was agitated. Bryant wasnít mad at him at all. Billy was saying his good-byes to everyone. Sierra apologizes for interrogating Billy. They want a favor from him. Billy agrees to help. Sierra asks Billy to give Bryantís eulogy. Billy will not accept that honor.

Jessica arrives at Bonnieís work to get some service. Isaac forces Bonnie to admit that she is not working there anymore. She was fired and didnít quit. Her mother is sorry to hear that. She was fired a few days before but Bonnie didnít tell her mother. The staff demanded that they be given a raise. The others were hired and Bonnie was firedÖ Ben comes to talk to Isaac on the side and Isaac learns that Bryant was in an accident and he died. Ben joins Jessica and her daughter and Jessica learns that Isaac knows now about Bryant dying. Ben leaves and Bonnie is sad. Jessica has to go and see Tom and Margo. Her daughter has something to do first. She goes to the bar and starts serving drinks. Isaac comes over to her asking what she is doing? She says that she is filling in. She insists on making the drink herself. She just wants to help out. Isaac lets her. Isaac appreciates her filling in for Bryant but she was only thinking about herself. Everyone liked Bryant and she was jealous. Isaac is ready to accept her apology and give her back her job. She apologizes and thanks Isaac for another chance.

Adam and Abigail talk. Abigail begs Adam to be more understanding to Jennifer. All she did was find someone that really should be with her. Adam thinks that Jennifer shouldnít be jumping to the next person just because another person is there. Abigail realizes that they are really talking about Abigail and Nick. Abigail thinks that it is sick that Adam is thinking the way that he is. Their project turned into Abigail and Nickís project. She has been playing grown up with Nick. She admits that she was with Nick the night that she broke her date with Adam.

Hal walks in the house and turns on the light. Adam is in the house sitting at the table. Hal can see that there must have been a fight with Abigail. Adam admits that Abigail had he had a fight. Adam acted stupid and was looking for a fight all day. She gave him one. Hal tells him to go and tell Abigail that he is sorry. Adam canít apologize because Abigail broke a date with him to be with some older guy. They were working but it was the principle of the thing. Hal tells him that he will be very lonely if he worries about principle too much. This guy that she has been hanging out with is older and a thousand times cooler than him. Hal thinks that he is just that way too. They remember when Hal brought a donkey to Barbaraís wedding. Jennifer arrives and then Abigail arrives too. Adam leaves the house with his father and Abigail offers to make them some tea. Jennifer can tell that something is up with Adam and Abigail. She stops talking. Jennifer finds a letter on the table. It is from Bryant. "You have never been really grateful for the gifts that I have given you, but maybe you will like this." They find another document inside the envelope. It seems that Bryant left all his money to Jennifer.

Paul and Rose and trying to get each otherís clothes off and they are interrupted to learn that the car alarm has gone off. Paul has to go for a minute, but he will be right back. He leaves and Rose removes her dress to reveal her skimpy lingerie. She goes into her purse and sprays herself with cologne. There is a knock at the door and she opens it to find Barbara standing there. Rose shouts, "Surprise!" Then she screams. Barbara tells her, "Right back at ya!"


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