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As The World Turns Update Monday 10/22/01

By Glynis

Paul tells him mother that he was told that James Stenbeck might be back in town. She tells him that James is not there. Paul tries to believe her. He thinks that the house is making them feel eerie. Barbara shouldn’t be in the house like this all the time. This isn’t healthy for her. Paul doesn’t want to see her hiding. Barbara plans to stay there as long as she can.

Bryant goes to Adam to talk about what he has learned going on between Billy and Jennifer. He is upset to learn that Adam already knew about the affair. Adam denies that anyone else knows about this. He is furious. Adam explains that he couldn’t tell, it wasn’t his place. He wants to help Bryant. He tells Bryant that the affair happened before the wedding. Bryant tells Adam that he and Abigail are not his friends anymore. Adam is worried about his cousin and his state of mind, but Bryant storms off anyway.

Craig comes by to see Carly and they discuss a whole new game for them to play. She thinks that he is playing with her again. He reminds her that everything something has gone wrong, he has been straight with her. He wants to know if she is designing for BRO and she never gives him a straight answer. He is sure that Barbara has been too dysfunctional. Finally she admits that she has been designing for BRO. She is not going to get any credit and Barbara will get all the glory. He is going to get all that hurt to go away if she resigns from BRO. Carly leaves the room for a minute to get drinks and returns to find Craig talking to her son about Bryant and how he used to talk to him as a little boy. She can see that Craig has regrets about his own son. Carly comes in with the refreshments and Parker scurries off to bed. Craig thinks that she is doing a good job. Craig loves his kids and that is the best thing that he has. He doesn’t see Lucy as much as he would like and the same goes for Bryant. Still, they are in his heart everyday. Craig offers Carly one million dollars so that she can make a place for herself that no one can ever take away. Carly has terms. She wants Bryant to know that Craig has made this offer and she wants him to agree with this. If Bryant does this, she will return Paul’s money and accept the money from Craig. Craig offers to call his son immediately to get the approval.

Jennifer tells Billy that she loves him and he undoubtedly loves her too. He would love to live this moment over and over. Jennifer wishes that Billy could have a moment like this too. She thinks that they should find Bryant and tell him that they want the best for him. There are things that Jennifer wants to say to him. Billy tells her that he should let Bryant have some time by himself. Billy is going to find a place for himself the following day. Billy leaves her and she immediately picks up the phone and makes a call to Abigail to tell her that Bryant knows the truth. Abigail is at the station and tells her that she will be finished work soon.

Nick comes to see Abigail at the station and Abigail tells him that her friend just called telling her that she told her boyfriend that she was in love with someone else. She thinks that she should leave and be with her friend right now. It is clear that Abigail is close to her friend. Abigail explains that one time she ran away and Bryant took care of her. He is also one of her best friends. He wanted things to work out with Jennifer so badly. Nick tells her that love should be full of surprises.

Bryant returns home and finds Jennifer there. He is still acting sarcastic. Bryant wants to know why Billy was the one and not him. She can’t explain. If Bryant had pressured her she would have run away. She still loves him but she can’t help it if he is not the one for her. She tells him that Billy is the one for her. This conversation soon angers him and he walks out angry. Jennifer runs after him begging him to stay but Bryant is gone. Jennifer makes her way over to Abigail’s at the station. She tells Abigail the whole story. Jennifer was going to tell Bryant the truth but when she got there everything went wrong. Jennifer wants to go home so that if Bryant calls he will be able to find her. Abigail is so sorry that Jennifer and Bryant had to go through this. Jennifer leaves and Nick comes out and learns that Bryant feels betrayed by everyone. Nick tells her that she is not a bad person and Abigail really needed to hear that. She wants to continue working and she is glad for his support. He takes her hand and they start working.

Billy shows up to stay with Adam and learns that Bryant was there. Billy wants to talk to his cousin one more time. Adam tells him to forget it. Bryant almost punched him. Billy wants to go and find his cousin, but Adam knows that Bryant should be left alone. Adam thinks that Billy should forget about pretending that he is feeling guilty. The affair should have stopped. This is Bryant’s girl. Billy explains that he fell in love with Jennifer and he is not sorry for that. Adam realizes that Billy is not the only one that is to blame. Adam almost told Bryant a couple of times but he didn’t feel that was right. Billy wants to call Jennifer. He is not sure that things can work out with Bryant.

Bryant is in the car driving erratically. He is speeding and replaying the things that he was told by his cousin and ex-girlfriend. He closes his eyes for a moment and that is when the crash happens… The windshield is busted out and Bryant lies in the car battered and terribly hurt. On the seat beside him in the passenger seat is the Nokia 6185 phone… It starts to ring. It is Craig calling to let him in on the deal that he is trying to make with Carly. No one answers…


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