As The World Turns Update Friday 10/05/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 10/5/01

by James

At the police station, Jack confesses to Hal that he thinks he saw James Stenbeck shortly after shooting and killing Dante.  He is not totally sure of what he saw.  He heads back to his place and ends up having a nightmare about seeing James Stenbeck outside of his window.  He gets spooked when there is a knock on his door.  He draws his gun and throws the door open, startling Mitzy who has just came to bring him a snack.

Simon asks Margo to check out Bruno’s background.  Meanwhile, back at Bruno’s, Katie tries to confuse him about her feelings for him and Simon.  She convinces him to let her go back to Craig’s and pack some more comfortable clothes to sleep in.  Bruno decides to go with her. 

Back at the police station, Emily comes to visit Hal and gets screamed at by Margo.  She tries to tell Hal to beware of Emily because she’s only out to use him.  Hal asks Emily to wait in his office while he tells Margo to back off.  Hal goes to Emily and they share a long passionate kiss. 

Craig escorts Carly back to her apartment and attempts to take care of her.  She is taken aback by how nice Craig is acting, thinking he wants something in return.  He gets up to go, and reveals his back injury that he suffered rescuing Carly.  A phone call from Paul prompts Carly to think more about his offer.  She then gets Craig to take his shirt off and lie down on the couch to give him a back massage.  She tells Craig that he always wants something for his good actions.  None of his actions are ever selfless.  By this time, Craig has gotten back up and has his shirt on.  He walks up behind her and rubs her back.  He wants a kiss as a thank you.  Carly begins to enjoy it and turns around face to face with him.  She thinks a kiss will be alright.  As they prepare to lock lips, Craig pulls away and says he wants to wait.  Carly asks until when?  He says he wants to wait until she asks for it. 

Katie and Bruno go back to Craig’s.  She gathers some bags together and Bruno takes them back to his apartment.  As he leaves, she grabs her rabbit and explains to him that they have to go away for a while.  She disappears and then Simon walks in.  He notices that Snickers and Katie’s clothes are gone and shouts out for Katie.  There is no answer.  Bruno walks in wearing silk pajamas.  Simon asks her what he has done with Katie, explaining to her she has left.  Bruno says that if she left it is only because she has been so confused as to what a real man can be like.  An argument ensues, and as Bruno is about to leave, Simon stops him.  He turns around and Simon punches him, knocking him to the floor.

As Mitzy is leaving, Carly shows up at Jack’s door.  She just wants to make sure Jack is okay.  He says yes and she tells him she will go.  He grabs her hand and tells her not to go. 


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