As The World Turns Update Thursday 10/04/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/4/01

By James

We open as the guests are all dancing at the reception.  The camera focuses in on the bride and groom.  Jake confesses that he doesn’t have a clue how to dance.  Molly kisses him and tells him that they will just make it up as they go.  Carly asks Paul why he wants her to design for BRO.  Paul suggests that they talk on the dance floor, so they begin to share a dance.  He tells her he wants her to work for BRO.  He also tells her that maybe Barbara doesn’t have to know about their designs.  While they dance, Craig watches from afar and becomes jealous.  Rose also sees the two of them and begins to get a little jealous herself.  She vents her frustrations to Mitzy, who just also happens to mention to her about the half naked waiter they found at the guesthouse.  Eager to get her mind off of Carly and Paul, Rose decides to make sure that everything is okay with that situation before Mitzy can tell her that Jack has already handled it. 

Billy walks in on Jennifer and can tell she is upset.  She asks him to go but he tells her that he needs to say something before he leaves.  He tells her that he just came to say goodbye.

Jack and Lucinda discuss how to find Dante.  Jack warns Lucinda not to tell anyone about him yet.  He promises he will find Dante and Luke both and that no one will get hurt.  He leaves Lucinda and goes and lets Margo know that there is a situation.

                Back at the guesthouse, Dante has found Luke.  He tells Luke not to be afraid of him.  Luke tells Dante that he knows who he is.  Dante grabs his and shakes him violently.  Luke begs Dante not to kill him.


Adam becomes more jealous of Nick.  He asks Adam’s help to finish up the videotaping of the reception.  Adam agrees, but Nick goes to Abigail and persuades her to dance.  Holden and Lily share a toast to “new beginnings.”  Hal and Emily have also begun dancing.  He tells Emily that he cares for her a great deal.  They share a passionate kiss until being interrupted by Margo who informs him of the situation with Dante.  Luke asks Dante what he wants as Rose walks in on them.  Dante thinks she is Lily until Rose informs him she is Lily’s sister.  Rose does not know who Dante is yet.  Luke yells at Rose that this man is Dante.  Rose freaks out and tells him that he is not taking Luke away.  Dante picks up Luke and tells her he is coming with him.  Rose tells him he is going to have to come through her first. 

Billy and Jennifer share some words of goodbye, but end up sharing more than that as they begin to kiss passionate and almost make love again.  They have to stop when they hear Bryant approaching.  They try to pretend like nothing is happening but Bryant is curious.  Billy tells him he walked in and Jennifer was asleep on the couch.  He tells Bryant she is not feeling well and he should probably take her home. 

Paul tells Carly he wants to put Barbara’s name on Carly’s designs.  He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is hiring her right now.  Craig interrupts their conversation to try to find out what is happening between them.  Craig leaves as Isaac comes to Carly’s rescue, threatening to throw him out. 

Jake and Molly share their ceremonial piece of cake.  Hal and Jack search the grounds for Dante but they don’t have any luck.  Lucinda tries to move the party along as quickly as possible without arousing suspicion.   They decide to break the news to Lily and Holden.  Dante tries to tell Luke to shut up and to get Rose out of the way.  He puts Luke down and pushes Rose down in a chair.  Rose kicks his shin and he bends over in pain.  Rose yells at Luke to get out and he escapes.  Dante stands up and pulls out his knife.  He tells Rose that now she is going to die. 

Back at the reception, Carly catches the bouquet.  To Carly’s disgust, Craig catches the garter.  He makes a scene and Matthew and another man ushers him out.  Lucinda tells Craig to leave but Craig can sense that something is wrong.  He asks her if he can help and she throws a piece of cake in his face and walks away.  Lily and Holden are telling Hal not to underestimate Dante.  Luke comes rushing in to his parents and they grab him.  They promise him that noone will harm him.  They ask Luke where Dante is.  He walks in with a knife to Rose’s throat and has an ultimatum.  “Give me the boy, or your sister dies!”

Jake and Molly share their goodbyes and head out on a motorcycle to Lucinda’s private jet to their honeymoon in Hawaii.  Most of the guests have been cleared.  Lily, Holden, Luke, Paul, Carly, Hal, Emily, and Margo are all witnessing the climactic situation.  Rose is being held hostage by Dante and is trying to get Luke.  Hal tries to tell him to stay calm.  Paul tries to get him to let Rose go.  As they all try to reason with him, Craig walks in behind them and sees what is happening.  Jack sneaks in hiding in the corner with a gun pointed at Dante. 

Luke screams not to hurt Rose and breaks free of Lily’s grasp.  He runs towards Rose.  Dante throws Rose on the ground and rushes towards Luke, his knife in hand.  Carly tries to grab at Luke to pull him to safety.  In the background, a shot rings out.  Craig pushes Carly out of the way of Dante’s knife and the bullet.  She lands on the ground in his arms.  Dante gets shot in the chest and lunges backward onto the floor, his knife flying out of his hand.  Lily and Holden rush to get Luke.  Paul rushes to Rose’s side to see if she is alright.  Carly and Craig are on the ground and he asks her if she is okay.  Carly is dumbfounded that it was Craig who saved her life.  He explains he can’t let her die until they give themselves a chance.  Hal checks and announces that Dante has no pulse.  Hal asks who fired the shot.  Jack comes out from the corner and admits it was him. 

Lily thanks Rose for saving Luke’s life in the guest house.  She tells Rose that she loves her and gives her a hug.  Rose explains to Paul that looking into Dante’s eyes was like looking into pure evil.  Paul says that it is like that with some people, and admits he is glad he will never have to look at a face like that again.  He calls Rose a hero and they share their first kiss.  Hal questions a few of the remaining guests and tells Emily to go home.  She says she is going to the office to write up the store.  He promises to call her.  Outside in the courtyard, it begins to thunder.  A figure lurks in the shadows.  Carly asks if Jack is okay.  He says he is and then Carly lets Craig take her home.  Margo tells Jack that he acted swiftly and did the right thing.  He tells her thanks but he can’t come back to the force just yet.  She leaves to go to the station and Jack tells her he will meet her there shortly.  He is left alone.  As Jack stares at the person he just killed, something catches his eye in the corner.  It thunders louder.  He turns and sees a figure in a black trench coat staring at him.  He is taken aback as to whom he thinks he sees.  Standing there in the shadows staring at him is James Stenbeck.  Jack mutters to himself, “Stenbeck?”


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