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As The World Turns Update Wednesday 10/3/01

by James

I Do…

We open with Jack and Mitzy, seconds after she has told him about finding a dead waiter in the guest house.  They go into a vacant room of Lucinda’s and Jack asks her if she is sure.  He wants to see confirmation for himself, so Mitzy agrees to take him to see the body.  As they leave, Dante enters the room, up to something.  He has to backtrack though, as Simon and Katie enter to work things out.  Dante backs out of the room.  Simon tells Katie that he could not stay away.  She said she knew that he couldn’t.  But he believes she has moved on with Bruno.  He asks her how could he be in love with that moron.  Bruno walks in.  “You better rethink who you’re calling a moron, moron.”

Molly descends the flight of stars, looking beautiful and smiling at Jake.  Jake is smiling back and as far as they’re concerned, they are the only two people in the room.  Paul comments to Rose that Molly’s gown is beautiful, and Rose makes a snide comment about her gown, but he is barely listening.  Molly is still descending the stairs as Jack and Mitzy rush through the side unnoticed towards the guesthouse.  Jack takes a brief moment to stare at Carly, no doubt thinking how beautiful she looks.  Molly finishes her descent down the stairs and to Jake’s side. 

We go back to Simon, Katie and Bruno.  Bruno insists they need to get back to the wedding or else.  Katie reluctantly goes back but mouths to Simon not to leave.  As the room empties Luke, Will and Curtis come in playing with toys.  Holden rushes in, telling him to make sure that he and Lily know where he is the whole time.  Holden leaves to let them play as Dante overhears everything.

Jack and Mitzy find that the waiter who is not dead after all.  The last thing he remembers is sitting by the pool taking a break.  Jack and the waiter come to the conclusion someone knocked him out and took his shirt.  Jack vows to figure out what is going on. 

Back at the wedding, Paul asks Rose to see if she can find out who designed the wedding gowns.  Rose is too upset at this point to listen and gets up to move a few rows ahead, in front of Nancy.  Nancy tells Rose what a beautiful dress she has, and Rose is glad someone finally noticed.  To open up the ceremony, Abigail sings a song to Molly and Jake.

Jack has the waiter taken to the hospital.  He decides to alert Lucinda to the fact Dante might be present.  Meanwhile, Dante watches as Luke and his friends play with their toys.  Luke has an idea of where they can go to be alone.  He doesn’t tell Holden where they are going.  Dante tries to follow but has to remain in hiding as Jack and Mitzy explains to Lucinda that Dante might be here.  They leave to go work out how to find Dante.  Dante is finally left alone and heads off to get Luke. 

Back at the ceremony, Jake and Molly make a speech to one another and to Abigail, the twins, Donna and Marley about how they will now be one big happy family.  As the others sit down, and Jake and Molly are by themselves, they begin their vows.  They go off without a hitch, and Jake kisses his new bride.

Everyone begins to scatter after the ceremony.  Bryant decides to go get drinks and leaves Billy to look after Jennifer.  Billy tells her Jennifer he is leaving.  She admits it is for the best.  She is back with Bryant now.  Billy asks if she is happy.  She says she will be after he his gone.

Katie tries to ditch Bruno but he won’t have it.  She promises to pay him back the money he used to get her out of jail, but Bruno wants his payment in other ways.  She tells him that won’t cut it with her husband.  Bruno stands up, saying he will have a nice long talk with him.  Katie notices a gun under his arm. 

Jake and Molly can’t pry themselves away from each other as Isaac and Carly force them to the receiving line.  Jack and Mitzy find a waiter with a pony tail who they think may be Dante.  Lucinda says it is not him and insist that she must mention it to their guests.  Jack convinces her to hold off.

Katie goes to find Simon and he tells her again that he came back for her.  Bruno interrupts them as they share a passionate kiss.  He asks Simon if he likes her “long goodbyes.”  Simon asks if it looks like a goodbye.  The tension begins to mount but Katie remembers that he has a gun and in a strict tone lies to Simon that she is now with Bruno.  Simon is dumbfounded and doesn’t know what to think.  He doesn’t know she is trying to protect him. 

Back in the garden…Billy and Jennifer say some words to the camera for the wedding.  Paul attempts to apologize to Rose about how he acted and offers to go get her some champagne.  Hal and Emily ask Lily and Holden to see Lucinda’s famous Rose garden.  Lily makes a comment about being worried about Luke.  Holden tells her to relax because he made Luke promise to tell him where he was at all times.  He doesn’t know that Luke, Curtis, and Will have now ended up at the guest house with Dante close behind.

Cass says his farewells to the newlyweds.  Paul gets distracted and takes another gander at wedding gowns and works up the courage to ask Molly who designed her gown.  She informs him that Carly designed her and the bridesmaids’ gowns.  Molly tells him this is his chance to make up for turning the picture of Carly and Craig over to the DA.  Simon goes to Rose for advice about Katie.  She agrees to get Bruno away from Katie for awhile so he can have a moment alone with her.  Jack walks around the reception looking for Dante, and has a few words with Carly in the meantime.  After Molly’s information about her designer, Paul interrupts Carly and Jack.  At the same time, Lucinda begins motioning to Jack that she has found the waiters jacket.  It smells like chloroform.  Paul apologizes to Carly and offers her a job.  Carly cannot believe her ears.  

Bruno admits to Katie that his gun is loaded and he may have threatened the airline that was harassing Katie.  Rose gets Bruno away from Katie and Simon tries to figure out what is going on with her.  She again lies to him and tells him to get lost.  He leaves.  Adam tells Abigail what a wonderful singing voice she has.  They almost share a kiss but Nick interrupts them and Adam leaves to get something to eat.  He is a little jealous as he watches Nick and Abigail talking.  Nick compliments Abigail on her wonderful singing voice. 

Luke, Curtis and Will decide to play hide and seek at the guest house.  Luke has been chosen to find the others first and as he goes running out the door after them, he runs into Dante.  Dante walks in and Luke begins to get a little frightened.  Dante explains to Luke that his parents are extremely mad at him.  Luke asks if it because he didn’t tell them where he was.  Dante tells him it is.  But he tells Luke that everything will be alright, as long as Luke lets him take him to find his parents…


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