As The World Turns Update Tuesday 10/02/01



As The World Turns Tuesday 10/2/01

By  James

The Wedding Day Arrives…

                We open with Paul walking in on Barbara working on some sketches for the new line.  Barbara is hesitant to show him what she has been working on, but Paul insists.  Today is the day she promised she would show him her designs.

                Craig and Katie are getting ready for the wedding.  Katie is going with Bruno, Craig solo.  Craig informs Katie that Simon is back and hot on her trail.

                Rose walks through Lucinda’s garden where the wedding is going to take place.  Mitzy and her sit down and Rose confesses that she doesn’t like the way she looks.  She doesn’t think that she looks glamorous enough.  She wants to look great, so she decides to go find something more appropriate for the wedding.  She leaves, Mitzy runs after her and runs into a waiter who drops his tray on the ground.  Mitzy apologizes to the waiter, who just happens to be an Italian man with a pony tail.

                Molly is getting ready for the wedding with Carly and Abigail and Lucinda.  Lucinda has Matthew take Molly’s luggage upstairs and wishes her a happy day.  She leaves.  Molly is jumpy, and she is waiting to talk to Jake.  Carly makes Molly promise that she won’t let Jake look at her.  Jake arrives, and stands outside the door to talk to Molly.  Molly tells Jake that she loves him and that she needs to hear something from him before the wedding.  She is extremely nervous.  Jake says the words, “Molly McKinnon, I Love You.”

                Jake and Molly have a short conversation about their wedding day.  Jake assures her that it will be perfect.  Molly is worried about everything and thinks that they wouldn’t be there today without Vicki.  She knows she is there today and doesn’t want Jake to push her away.  Before Jake can answer her, Isaac pulls him away because it is bad luck for him to see the bride before the wedding. 

Lucinda is looking for Rose.  Matthew suggests she ask Mitzy where she is.  Mitzy informs Lucinda that Rose has gone shopping for a new outfit.  Lucinda tells Mitzy to go find Rose and bring her back.  

Everyone begins to arrive at the wedding.  To everyone’s dismay, Hal arrives with Emily.  Everyone is standing in the courtyard talking amongst themselves.  Adam talks to Jennifer.  Bryant arrives with Billy.  Nancy and Bob are there.  Margo and Lisa are chatting.  Tom is away in Washington.

Meanwhile, Paul presses Barbara to show him the sketches.  He admits to her that they are useless to the company.  They get into an argument about finding help.  He apologizes for protecting her feelings and admits that he should be looking for a way to save their company.  He gets on the phone to call for help.  Barbara is furious when she assumes he is calling Carly for help.  She freaks out and tells him he is not calling Carly to help with her company!  Paul says that he is calling other designers to see if they can help out.  She says she would rather give the company over to Craig than let someone else design for her company.  Paul shouts that he will not hand the company over to Craig.  She will have to fire him before he does that.  Paul tells Barbara to relax and to give herself time to recover.  She asks what he is going to do.  He replies whatever he has to do.  He leaves to go to Lucinda’s. 

                Back at Craig’s, Katie finds out from Craig that Simon went to Java and may have saw her and Bruno kiss.  Bruno arrives to pick Katie up for the wedding.  He tells Katie that it’s a good thing Simon is not around, because if he were, he would have to get rid of him.  He also suggests that after the wedding, they have their own little honeymoon.  Katie is getting seriously creeped out at this point.

Mitzy ends up at the Snyder’s looking for Rose, and meets Jack who has finished installing Holden’s new security system.  They strike up a conversation.  Mitzy does a little flirting and finds out that Jack is not married anymore.  She also finds out that he is not going to the wedding.  She suggests that he should because of the French caterers and the Italian waiters.  The comment about the waiters catches Jack’s ear and he finds out the description of the Italian waiter she ran into.  He realizes it must be Dante.  He asks her if she is sure if the waiter spoke in Italian.  Mitzy says she is sure and Jack says maybe he will show up to the wedding after all and that he’d meet her there.  He makes her promise not to tell anyone about the waiter.  She leaves.  He makes sure he has his gun, and then he leaves Holden’s. 

Back at the weddings, Holden and Abigail share a few touching words as they have not seen each other since their return.  Margo asks Hal about Emily, and Simon shows up to say goodbye to Lily, who it seems has decided to leave town yet again.  Simon tells Lily that Katie has found another man.  Lily tries to convince him otherwise but Simon is unsure.  He leaves to go find Jake to congratulate him.  At this point Katie and Bruno walk in together.  

Molly begs Carly to find Jake again so they can finish their conversation.  She goes and Abigail comes to say a few words to Molly.  Abigail tells Molly how happy she is for her and Molly realizes how lucky she is.  Abigail asks how she knows when you find the right man to marry.  Molly tells her you may have to go through a lot of bad guys to find the one.  Neither of them realizes that Nick is listening outside the door to their conversation, and he even seems hurt by Molly’s words.    Shortly thereafter, Molly is left alone and wishing she could talk to Jake.  Her attention is drawn by someone throwing flowers into her room.  Of course it is Jake.  They don’t see each other, but they hold hands through the doorway.  Jake tells her how grateful he is to have her.  He tells her how much in love with her he is.  He admits that he knows what it is like to fall in love with someone who is grieving because of Vicki.  He tells her not to be scared.  He tells her he is alive because of her.  He is not afraid to live the rest of his life because of her.  He kisses her on her hand and tells her he will see her at church.  He leaves to go get ready. 

Paul then arrives before the wedding and is talking to Carly when Lucinda ushers him out to see what they did to the garden.  Carly leaves to go be with Molly.  Matthew comes in with Rose, in an elegant evening gown.  Lucinda tells her she looks wonderful and Rose is grateful.  She tells Rose that Paul is outside looking for her.  Rose goes outside to find Paul and asks her for advice for BRO.  She is kind of upset that he wants to talk about business. 

                Jack arrives at Lucinda’s, looking for Mitzy but instead runs into Carly before she finds Molly.  He tells her how beautiful she looks and then leaves.  When her and Molly get back together they realize they still need something borrowed.  Donna enters and explains to her that she is suddenly upset because she can’t stop thinking about Vicki.  But Donna wants Molly to know that she can be her “Something Borrowed.”  She can be her mom for the day.  Molly is overwhelmed and agrees. 

                Back in the garden, Simon wishes Jake good luck and Jake tells him he needs to stick around for the weddings.  Jake and Bridget then share a moment and she tells Jake that she knows Vicki is okay.  She is very happy that Jake has found someone to take care of him and the twins. 

As the show comes to a close, Barbara gets a mysterious phone call with no one on the other end.  Who could it be?  Katie finally sees that Simon is at the wedding and gets up to go after him.  The wedding march begins.

                Abigail comes first, then Carly.  Paul can’t help notice the fabulous designs, and Rose is getting a bit jealous that he is paying more attention to the bridesmaids’ dresses than to her.  Jack is watching from afar and catches Carly’s eye.  Mitzy finds Jack and informs him that they just found a dead waiter half naked.  The show ends with Molly beginning her descent down the stairs, smiling at Jake. 


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