As The World Turns Update Monday 10/01/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 10/01/01

By James

                The Day Before The Big Wedding…

We begin with Carly, Molly and Abigail reading through bridal magazines in Jake and Molly’s apartment.  Donna is coming out of the twins bedroom and informing everyone they are finally asleep.  Jake is also there, looking for something to eat.  Donna and the other women are telling Jake he needs to leave since it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.  But Jake explains he is just hungry and will take his sandwich into the bedroom and get out of their way.  Jake loses the argument and the girls kick him out.  Molly gives him a goodbye kiss to tide him over and they say a few loving words to one another.  As Jake leaves, Jennifer shows up and asks to speak to Abigail alone.  Abigail and Jennifer leave to have their private conversation, and Jennifer gives Abigail a hint that something has happened and that now her whole life is different.

Meanwhile, Bryant goes to Java Underground to ask Isaac for his job back.  In the corner of the club, Katie and Bruno sit waiting to order drinks after Bruno has bailed Katie out of jail.  Katie is upset to be there to say the least, especially after Bruno’s comment to her the day about him “owning her.”  Katie explains to Bruno that there is only one man whom she has ever loved so she is a bit upset because he has left her.

Back in Craig’s suite, he makes a telephone call and arranges to have himself informed when Donna Love is alone.  He has something up his sleeve.  As he gets off the phone making the deal, there is a knock on the door.  Craig opens it up to find a love struck Simon staring back at him.  Simon explains that he needs to see Katie, but Craig tells him that he is too late…

Jack and Holden have a reunion at Lily and Holden’s house.  They catch up on old times, and Holden explains that he doesn’t feel that his family is safe yet.  They work out a deal that Jack will set up a brand new security system in their house by the time they get back from the wedding.  Jack asks Holden if there is anyone he needs to be on the lookout for.  Holden gives Jack a description of Dante.  Holden leaves, giving his keys to Jack.  Shortly thereafter, Jack locks up.  The camera pans to the right.  Dante walks out of the shadows of another room looking for Luke.

 Abigail and Jennifer are outside and Jennifer tells Abigail her secret.  She doesn’t tell her with whom she has slept with.  Of course Abigail assumes it was Bryant.  Abigail asks for a description and  Jennifer explains that it was ‘incredible’.  Adam walks in as they are discussing things and overhears what happened.  A short discussion ensues that Jennifer can trust Adam so she begins to feel more comfortable discussing things in front of him.  Adam is concerned that Bryant did something he shouldn’t have.  Jennifer alleviates his concerns by telling them that she did not sleep with Bryant.  Adam and Abigail are astounded.  “With who?” They ask. Billy and Bryant walk in.  Bryant has just come from Java Underground where Isaac has agreed to give him his job back.  Adam notices the look on Jennifer’s face and realizes what is up.  He motions to Abigail about what he has discovered.  Bryant is clueless.  Adam goes to have a word with Billy and Abigail has a word with Jennifer.  Abigail asks Jennifer what she was thinking. Adam tells Billy to get out of town fast if he knows what’s good enough for him.  Jennifer asks her to keep quiet about it and Abigail agrees.  Abigail also reminds Jennifer that she said it was the most incredible moment in her life.  Billy confides in Adam that he feels the same way.   

Over at Java Underground, Bruno is trying to work his charm on Katie, but she is still too upset over losing Simon.  Bonnie comes over to take their order, and senses trouble after Bruno orders for Katie.  She leaves, but is curious as to what is happening so she stays within hearing distance.   As she eavesdrops, she hears what sounds like a threat.  Bruno asks Katie to lighten up and be happy with their arrangement or….  “Or what?  You’ll kill me?”  Katie chimes in.  Bonnie tells Isaac what she heard and  Bruno tries to explain what he meant by his “I own you” comment.  Katie tries to get him to clarify what he wants as their arrangement.  Isaac comes over to make sure everything is alright, and Bruno insists Katie tell him everything is.  She does, and Isaac tells Bruno to keep it that way.  He leaves, but keeps an eye on the two of them.  

Jake ends up finding his way to Carly’s apartment, who claimed she had a stocked fridge.  Jake finds a juice box to drink and answers a knock at the door.  Hal is there bringing over Parker’s toys and some other things of his.  They have a chat about the big day, Jake explains how excited he is, how in love he is with Molly and how much he is looking forward to their life together.  Hal asks if it is okay if he brings Emily to the wedding.  Jake says anything that happened between them is in the past and that bringing Emily to the wedding would not be a problem.  Hal leaves, and Jake realizes that Carly has nothing to eat in her apartment and decides to go out and get a burger. 

Back at Jake’s apartment, Carly, Molly and Donna are going over what they have for the wedding.  Something new; Carly’s dress.  Something old; the Scottish coin that Bridget gave to Vicki.  Something blue; blue underwear Carly bought for Molly to wear.  Now they need something borrowed.  Donna promised she would find something borrowed before the wedding.  Carly and Molly decide they need to go out for banana splits and head out. 

At his apartment, Craig explains to Simon that Katie and Bruno are now very happy together.  He also gets Simon to admit that he loves Katie and asks Craig what he should do?  Where can he find Katie?  Craig says he is not sure but if anyone would know it would be Margo.   As he heads off to the police station, the phone rings at Craig’s suite.  It is Craig’s informant telling him that Donna is now alone.  He takes a gift to Jake and Molly’s and smooth talks Donna into securing an invitation to the wedding.

Simon goes to see Margo and she informs him about the circumstances behind Katie’s arrest and as to who bailed her out.  On her advice, he heads off to Java Underground to hopefully find his wife. 

When Simon gets there, he believes that he sees more than he bargained for when he witnesses a kiss between Katie and Bruno, after they come to a hesitant understanding about their “arrangement.”