As The World Turns Update Monday 10/01/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 10/01/01

By Glynis

Molly has Donna, Carly and Abigail with her as they discuss the wedding and Jake shows up. The women all tell him to get out. Abigail pushes him out and finally he goes. Before he leaves, Molly goes to him and gives him a sexy kiss. He gives her one back. The other ladies are watching intently as the two kiss. Carly rushes over to separate the two and push Jake out. Jennifer shows up to talk with Abigail for a minute. She has something personal to talk with her about. Molly tells her to go ahead but not to stay out too late. The girls leave the apartment and Jennifer has something to tell her that has changed her life. They go to find some lounge chairs and Jennifer tells that she finally did it. Jennifer thinks that is great. Abigail is holding hands with Adam and they never slept with each other. Abigail asks how it was doing it for the first time. Jennifer tells her that things were incredible. She wasn’t thinking when she did it. There was no time and no one else. It sounds like everything that Jennifer dreamed it would be. Adam walks in and overhears the girls talking and asks what it was that Jennifer did. They get alone again after Billy and Bryant shows up. Adam knows that truth now. The problem is that Bryant wants to get back together now. Adam tells Billy to get Bryant’s deck finished and to get out of town.

Holden and Jack discuss Luke coming back to the house. Holden wants to make sure that the house is safe before he brings the kids there. He wants to implement a home system for safety. Jack things that they can upgrade the system for the alarms and they have a guy that they can use for security. Holden hates doing this, but he can’t take any chances. Holden thinks that Luke is still in danger.

Bonnie goes to Isaac and tells him that Katie and Bruno are having a conversation about Bruno possibly killing her. That gets Isaac’s interest… Katie and Bruno discuss their arrangement. He will take care of her and feed her and take her around the world. She decides that she wants to leave him right there and right now. She gets up to leave and Bruno stops her from leaving. Isaac is there in a flash, but Katie assures him that she is fine. HE leaves and Bruno tells her that he will do anything that it takes to make sure that his deal with her stays secure. He only wants to take care of her. Is that so bad? He kisses her and she lets him. Simon is there watching the whole thing go down.

Molly tells Carly and Donna that she really needs chocolate. They are going to have some banana splits. Carly and Donna rush out to go and get some ice cream. They leave Donna to watch the kids.

Craig comes by the apartment and Donna gives him an invitation to the wedding. He is pretty proud of himself for getting it.

Danté shows up in Oakdale. He enters Lily and Holden’s house and looks around in the dark. "Where are you?"


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