As The World Turns Update Monday 9/24/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 9/24/01

By Glynis

A decision has been made for Jack’s behaviour as a cop. Margo has no idea what decision was made. He will find out at 12 noon that day. Margo wants him to have a checkup with a doctor. Jack is sure that he is fine. Margo doesn’t disagree. HE is not fine. He hasn’t gotten his life back on track.

Damien is with Luke and he is trying to take care of him and make him safe. Damien has a plan for Luke. He is Damien’s life. Losing him would be like losing his life. He has been through a lot and he has been very strong and brave. Damien knows that his son can bare the truth. If Damien’s plan fails, they will have to move and start again. He will not have a chance to be with Holden and Lily if they fail. Luke closes his eyes and sees Faith messing up his baseball cards again…his aunt Emma is making cookies. Damien will try to make things like that for his son again. Damien talked to Luke before about having an adventure together. Luke thought that the adventure that were going to have was going to be fun, but it isn’t. Luke wants to go home. He doesn’t think of Damien as his father, he hates him. Damien has a talk with Luke and soon Luke understands that he is Damien’s son and will always be Damien’s son. Luke has to know that Damien loves him and will always watch over him. Damien wants to reveal his plan now. Luke kept hearing opera music earlier. Damien tells his son to press a button after Damien is gone for a few minutes and soon if they are lucky, his parents will come and get him. Luke is a brave boy. Damien tells him goodbye. He leaves and Luke sits down to count the minutes to press the button.

Barbara and Paul discuss her designs. He has seen better but they can still start over. Barbara thinks that this day is the perfect day to start the company over. They have strong hopes for her skin graphs. She needs another week to work on the designs. Paul is trying to be hopeful, but he isn’t. Barbara is sure that she can pull this off. The doorbell rings but before Paul goes to the door, he tells his mother that she has one week to pull this off. Jack walks in and needs to speak to Barbara right away. Paul doesn’t want him talking to his mother now, but Jack insists. He tells Barbara that he was responsible for Julia almost getting her killed. Barbara thinks that she knows why they all explained things away. Julia is a beautiful woman and she can get away with murder. She is like Carly. Julia was in a terrible state that night. Jack was with her and she was making many threats. If Jack had gone to the boathouse, he might have been killed as well. Barbara did nothing. They were blinded by love, duty, responsibility. She is not the first woman to marry a louse and he is not the first man to marry a woman that he thought that he needed.

Holden and Lily are at the funeral. Holden thinks that this whole thing has been a setup. There is a little coffin at the front and there are people around praying for the dead little body. Lily goes tot he coffin. Danté is there and he follows her to the front. Lily turns suddenly and sees that Danté is behind her hiding. "He is alive, Danté is alive." He is not aware that she has noticed him watching her. Holden returns and Lily tells him that Danté was there. They suddenly hear the classical music and know that they must follow the music. Holden and Lily go to the top of the church and Luke comes out to greet his parents. They all hug each other. Lily missed him so much. Lily will never let him out of their sight again.

Jack comes to the station and Margo presents him with his gun and badge. Based on his record and years of service, he is allowed to stay with the department. He refuses to accept the gun and badge. He has been thinking and he can’t be expected to pick up his life where he left off. He lost his objectivity and hurt some people. The truth is that he would do that again if he thought that it was right. He doesn’t belong on the force right now. He returns the gun and badge and leaves the station.

Danté enters the church and gets a moment alone with his nephew. He goes to open the coffin when Damien arrives holding a gun in Danté’s back. Danté tells him that he only wanted to say a prayer. Damien tells him to say a prayer because he will need one.


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