As The World Turns Update Friday 9/21/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 9/21/01

by Glynis

Hal talks with Emily telling her that this night is going to be a whole new chapter in his life. Emily and Hal laugh but something is not right. Everything is going right at home and Emily believes that is because everything is going as it should be going.

Carly is home with Parker when Paul arrives to see her. He wants to thank her for living up to his worst expectations. He is angry that Emily found out that Barbaraís designs donít exist. Carly denies the charges. He is sure that Carly lied to him. He wants to know what she is up to. She finds him on a high horse. She doesnít care what Emily says, she went to Craigís and found out that he was the one that set up that super editor job. She told him that Barbaraís designs were fantastic. That surprises Paul. Paul almost believes her. After she went to Craigís she went to Emilyís. she finds him to be a self-righteous creep. She opens the door for him and he steps out but offers to buy her dinner. He is going to kick himself later for this he is sure.

Bryant shows up at Craig as he is drinking champagne. Bryant is there because of the trust. Bryant is going to turn down the money from the trust fund. If he makes money more important than the people that he loves, he is going to end up like Craig. Bryant hasnít got a clue what it is like to have no money. Doesnítí matter what Craig says, .cry. is not taking the trust. He wants to be taken out of the line of succession. Jennifer left him because she thinks that he was using her motherís money to make it in life. Craig knows that one day he is going to look at Jennifer and resent her running his life and making him poor. Bryant has to leave. He has came to say what he wanted. Craig admires him for living on his own terms. He hopes that one day he will be able to make his son proud. Bryant knows that he will always love his father. Craig tells him to always come to him if he has to.

Billy and Jennifer are together and she is so hot for him it isnít funny. He makes sure that she really wants him and then they are rolling around together in no time. She does it! She actually does it. They make love and it was her first time. It was amazing for him and for her. She lies naked with Billy under the sheets and she hears a noise scared that Bryant will catch them. She just broke up with him a couple of hours before this. Billy really doesnít want him to find out about making love with Jennifer because Bryant really is his best friend. He tells her that she means a lot to him but he can never do this again with her. He can never forget this night or her. She gets her things and leaves.

Holden and Lily are asking about Lukeís death. Lily is upset and afraid that this time their worst fears are going to be real. Luke was pronounced dead but they have to find his body. Lily insists on finding her don herself. Holden is upset that they canít get anymore information. The authorities are not being helpful at all. Holden and Lily leave and Dantť comes out of hiding to talk with the authorities. He has heard everything and he will act.

Carly and Paul show up at the same restaurant that Emily and Hal are at. Paul thinks that is a surprise considering what a bitch Emily has been. Carly and Paul go over to their table and announce that they have been sharing information about Emily. She seems to be lying to everybody. Hal wants to hear more about Carlyís accusations. Carly thinks that his date should be the one to fill him in. Hal learns that Carly was asked to interview Barbara. Barbara wasnít at the house because she was having her face put back together. Now Hal understands why Craig got Carly into this. Emily denies that she was doing anything underhanded. Carly wants Emily to tell her about the conversation that they had earlier. Carly said that she was quitting the Intruder and she said nothing about Barbaraís sketches. Craig knows that Barbara is in trouble with her company but he didnít find out from Emily. Carly and Paul leave the two alone and Hal tells the waiter to cancel dinner and bring them the check. So much for the rest of their livesÖ Carly and Paul didnít mind ruining Emilyís meeting. Paul and Emily used to be close once, but he is the only one that remembers. Carly wants to know what he is thinking about. He tells her that he has been thinking about her. He has been wrong about her. She knows that he was also right about her as well. She has done things that were wrong, but she never conspired to ruin Barbaraís company. He likes hearing that from her. He wants to apologize to her. He tells her that he is sorry for the miserable things that he has said about her. She gets the picture and they toast new beginnings. They raise their glasses. Craig walks in and sees Carly with Paul. He is obviously down at seeing the two and he immediately leaves. Paul can see that they were getting under Craigís skin. Carly and Paul toast again.

Lily and Holden go back to the hotel room and they look more at the death document. Lily flips the document over and sees that there is a message written on the back of the certificate. Lily is sure that the note is from Damienís. She knows his handwriting. Holden will believe that the writing is Damienís but why the note? He must know that someone is watching them. Holden and Lily are in bed talking about Luke and if he is still alive or not. Lily will go to the ends of the earth and track down who did this to their son. As they lie in bed, Dantť sneaks up to the door and listens carefully to see what he can hear.

Emily drives Hal home and he thinks that she should leave. She wonít leave until she says what she feels that she has to. She swears to him that she didnít know that Craig was going to ask her to interview Barbara in the beginning. She did it because she thought that this was good news. If Barbara was there when Carly showed up, she would have been hurt. Hal knows exactly what she is like. She is not the devil. Jennifer comes running in the door and announces that she is home for good. Hal and Emily can see that Jennifer is acting funny. Emily sends him to let the babysitter go home upstairs. Emily approaches Jennifer asking her what is going on. Jennifer is acting very guilty. It is very obvious that something has gone on. Jennifer tells Emily that she slept with someone that night and it wasnít Bryant. Emily sits her down and asks about birth control. Jennifer tells her that they didnít use condoms but she is not worried, she knows that Billy doesnít have anything like that. Emily corrects her thinking. STDs donít write themselves on your forehead. Emily offers to take her to the gynecologist the next day. Jennifer likes that and thanks Emily for her assistance. Jennifer likes this new boy a lot but she fears that she will never be able to see him again. Hal comes downstairs and wants to know what the big secret is. He is really bad at turning the other way. He tells her that is doesnít mind helping out from time to time. Jennifer leaves the room and Emily tells him that he is not to find out what is going on with her. He doesnít like secrets. Emily thinks that secrets are good. She knows that he isnít talking about Jennifer anymore. This is about her. She offers to leave. He thought about the bad stuff that happened this night. Then he comes down and finds Emily with her arms around his daughter. First she makes him angry, then she melts his heart. She is one of the few good things that has happened to his life. He is not ready to let go of her, not yet. She doesnít want to let go either. He thinks that he is right all the time but he really isnít. He has driven one woman out of his life by hating Craig, so now he is going to have to accept the fact that she works with Craig. Her end of the deal has to do with Barbara. He tells her that if she hurts Barbara or her business, they will not be able to continue their relationship. Emily agrees to his terms. She will not write about Barbara or her company. He offers to dig up a frozen cheesecake. She is very interested in that.

Bryant returns home to find Billy still up. Billy has decided to work on some sketches. Bryant brings up the fight that he had with Jennifer earlier. Billy tells him that he listened to Jennifer about the fight. Bryant doesnít sound like he broke up with Jennifer. Bryant loves her and is not going to give up on her. It is too late to call Jennifer. Billy canít help with any advice on how to get Jennifer back. Billy helped her take her stuff to the car and was anxious to go. Bryant wants to make her understand that things are different. Billy thinks that Bryant should let her be for now. Bryant likes that Billy is there for him right now. Bryant challenges his cousin to a swim. He goes running ahead of Billy to jump in the water first, but Billy stops outside the door and looks to the skyÖ Over at Jenniferís house, she too goes outside at that moment and raises her head to the sky.


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