As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/18/01



As The World Turns Tuesday 9/18/01

By  Glynis

Paul is with Rose discussing Barbara. He canít undermine his mother anymore. She has been in business a long time and she knows what she is doing. Paul puts Rose in his shoes. She feels that she would do anything to save her motherís company if she could. Paul doesnít want to do it. His mother trusts him. Rose tells him that he has to get moving on this. He canít just sit there and wait for the last minute. He asks her if this was how she rationalized passing herself off as Lily all those months. Rose is surprised that he could say a thing like that to her. She tells him that he can go to the door and leave. He apologizes to her promising not to do that again. He wants to make up to her. She doesnítí know what he can do. He was temporarily insane. They talk about Craig and Paul finds him to be a vulture always circulating around. They can either take a chance on Barbaraís designs or they can sneak a peek at her designs. It is up to him but he has to make a decision fast.

Barbara is home trashing her designs. She flips page after page destroying them.

Abigail and Adam get tips from Nick on doing their documentary. He offers to help them out by trying to get the editing room for them at the station. Molly is feeling very uncomfortable with this whole thing. She doesnítí want her daughter to find out every stupid thing that she has been doing her whole life. Molly knows that she canít protect Abigail from all the mistakes that she has made. The phone rings and Abigail runs for it. Jake tells Molly that he will handle things for her. Emma has just called and she wants Abigail to come over to the farm. She has good news. Abigail wants Adam to go with her. Jake offers to give them a ride. They all leave and Molly is left with Nick heading to the door. She calls to Nick to stop him. She tells him that he working with Abigail would make things difficult. She doesnít know the entire truth about Mollyís past. Nick wouldnít say anything about Mollyís past to her kid. He feels that she is more worried about their romantic past than their criminal past. He thinks that she is wrong for trying to decide what Abigail should and shouldnít know. They have been dancing around the fact that they used to be an item once. She is ashamed of her entire past with Nick. She wants to protect her daughter and she is going to do that. He wants her to trust him more. He remembers the first time that he saw her and people were after her and she just smiled at them. She never lost her cool and when he saw that he felt that he had to know her and get her. Sometimes things donít change. He sees what she could have been and should have been. He took something from her the night Molly got arrested.

Carly and Emily have decided that Carly will work for Emily. Emily wants to do this column and she needs some time to come up with something fabulous for her to do. Carly wants Emily to admit that Craig was the one that put her up to asking Carly to work for her. Craig is walking by outside and he sees Carly and Emily inside talking. He continues looking in the window at the ladies talking. Emily tells Carly that she knows nothing about fashion and designing a column for fashion. She asks Carly to design her own column. Carly canít believe her good luck at finding this job. Emily admits that she has ulterior motives, but still this can work out. Carly gives her a number where she can be reached. Emily takes the number and gets up to leave. Carly thanks her and she really means it. Carly leaves and Emily gets stuck with the bill. She goes to the counter to pay and Craig shows up behind her with some money. She takes the bill wondering if he really had to lurk around outside. She confirms what he thought. Carly will take the job from Emily. She knows that she doesnít need a fashion reporter. She decides to tell Carly that the deal is off. Craig warns her not to make that call. He canít fire her. He feels that she is sexually frustrated. He wants Hal to stay in the dark about all of this. Craig has an assignment for Carly. She will have an exclusive interview with Barbara. That is like sending a tiger into the lionís den. Craig thinks that Carly will accept the challenge. She will want to prove that she can do this. Craig thinks that Barbara will want the exposure. Both of them canít fail. Craig calls the waitress to order.

Simon comes to see his wife as Bruno is leaving. She looks rejuvenated. She asks about his stab wound. He seems fine. She looks great. He has never seen her looking like this before. There is nothing that Bruno wonít do for Katie. She can see that he is jealous. He is angry too. Another man bought her an outfit and he wants to rip it off her. She offers to save him the trouble of ripping it off. She starts unbuttoning in front of him. She stops and again he denies that he is jealous. She doesnít understand. He doesnít want her, but he doesnít want anyone else to have her. He tells her that he has everything that he wants. She wants to know then when he is leaving. He wasnít expecting that, but he offers to leave that night. She is going off in Brunoís private jet to St. Martin. She walks out and leaves him there. Well, if she wants to play games, they will play games.

Paul comes home to see if his mother is ready to show what she has been up to. She doesnít want to show him anything and she goes to the drawer and locks her designs up. She is going to go to the hospital and she is going alone. She shows him some designs and he knows that these are from last Springís designs. She is stalling. He reminds her that they are weeks behind. He has to answer to the distributors. She asks him to trust her. She asks him to get her bags for her. He tries the drawer where the designs are but there are locked.

Carly and Parker show up to see Molly but she is not there. Jake lets them in. Carly learns that Mary is gone. She was the one that was responsible for that crap on the Internet. Carly canít believe her ears. Carly has big news. She has a job. Jake is happy for her. They hug. Carly tells him that she will be the new Fashion Editor for the Intruder. Jake nearly drops her kid when he hears that. Carly gets a call and goes to the cell phone. Emily tells her that she has an assignment for her. Jake brings her a pad and pencil. Emily thinks that Barbaraís rise from the ashes is a great story for them to follow. Carly thinks that there are many things wrong with this. The timing is really off. Emily says that if she isnít interested thenÖ Carly is trying to turn over a new leaf, but Emily tells her that she needs the interview now. Carly offers to do it right away. Craig writes a note telling Emily to ask for a couple of Barbaraís designs to spice up the article for her. Emily ends the call and hangs up.

Rose gets a visit from Bruno at her place. Bruno tells her that he met a wonderful woman and has been busy. That is why he hasnít been around. They hear a noise and Simon enters looking for Rose. Rose wants to know how the gentlemen know each other. Simon tells Bruno that he isnít going to sit by and let him take his wife. Bruno leaves. Rose can see that Simon is pissed. She canít believe that Simon wants Katie, but Simon denies that he wants her at all. She asks him is he is the only person that doesnítí know that he is in love with his own wife. He has that look in his eyes. If he doesnít tell Katie what is in his heart he is going to lose Katie. Simon tells her to keep her advice to herself.

Craig comes to see his baby sister, Katie. She is mad that Craig gave Simon $25,000. She thinks that is why Simon left. She is worried that Simon is not going to come back. Craig tells her that if Simon doesnít come back, then he was never hers.

After Barbara leaves, Paul finds something to pry the drawers open so that he can see his motherís designs. Paul gets the drawer open and canít believe that what he is seeing is all that she has to offer. There is a knock at the door and Paul hides the designs and answers the doorÖ it is Carly with Parker. Paul tells her that this is not a good time to visit. She comes in anyway telling Paul that she is there to make his mother a star.

Nick brings Abigail and Adam to the station and shows them around and they are very grateful. He leaves them alone and they bask in their good luck. Abigail kisses him and he wants to know why she did that. She tells him that he is so possessed with technology. He has been so great to her. She thinks that if she didnítí have himÖmaybeÖ he leans over and kisses her. They both hold hands walking off. Nick likes seeing them so happy.

Simon returns home and finds Katie with Bruno and he really seems to like her. Suddenly, Katie sees that Simon is there as Bruno is leaving. She asks him when he is leaving. He may go to Tahiti and he offers to bring her with him. She is not sure that she wants to go seeing now what it is like to have a guy put her first. She should be happy. She has a millionaire who cares for her. She walks out and he tries to talk to her but she has already walked out. He gets his bag and follows her out the door.


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