As The World Turns Update Monday 9/17/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 9/17/01

By Glynis

Donna is helping Molly get ready for her wedding. Donna tells her that she shouldnít worry because weddings have a way of coming together at the last minute. Molly thanks her for her help. Molly canít believe that Mary wasnít the person that she thought. Donna thinks that has something to do with Molly not trusting her with the kids. Donna wants to know what Molly is worried about. Later, Molly talks to the girls and she tells them that she has a lot of things to do for the wedding and she is going to be faced with a real battle. Donna enters the room and announces that the girls have to get ready now because they are going to the park. Molly is not sure about that. Donna can see that Molly is torturing herself for letting Mary get to her kids. Molly denies that. Donna thinks then that Molly must be worried about something else.

Jake talks to Nick at the station telling him thanks for scooping out who was responsible for the mysterious notes. Nick was only glad to do it. Jake wants to also apologize for blaming him for everything. Everything has been a lot better since the information about Mary has been revealed. Jake wants him to come to lunch at his house. Nick is not sure about that. That seems risky. Jake assures him that everything will be okay. They leave together.

Emma and Roseís father show up to see Rose. They were called there and they want to know why. Rose has them sit to get some news. She tells Emma and her father that Lily found Luke and Holden. Emma is beyond words. Lily is with Holden right now and they are together. They are all as good as new. Emma is brought to tears. Her boy is alive and he is coming home to the family. Emma leaves to go back to the farm and Rose is left with her father. Her father is very proud of his daughter. Rose came back into his life and things are bright again. There is a whole life that he shut his door on and he would like to get that back. He is thinking of going back to New Jersey and not just for the holidays. He wants to go back for good. He has been thinking about it for a while but he couldnít leave until things were settled. Rose will not let him leave her. He begs her not to give him a harder time than he already has. She doesnít need him anymore. She is like a beautiful flower that has blossomed. She has a lot of love and she knows how to fight. All he can do for her now is cheer her on from the sidelines. She hugs her father and the phone rings. She goes to the phone and it is Paul.

Barbara is in her lair creating at her desk in her darkened room. Paul comes to see her and he is perky as ever. She started working at 5am. He worries that she might wear herself out. She has to go to the hospital for more skin graph tests. She is worried about her work getting completed. Paul offers to get things rolling for her. HE wants her to give him some of her sketches, but she doesnít want to do that yet. She wants to reveal everything at once. She puts her sketches in a drawer and locks it. She tells him that if he has doubts about her ability he should speak up now. He knows that his mother was the one that built the company and he will never doubt that. She apologizes for snapping at him. She is under a lot of pressure. She was wondering about something. She questioned something. Craig made some accusations and Paul didnít deny them. He tells her that he collaborated with Rose because he saw that Craig cheated her out of everything, he was only trying to even things out. She doesnít like him keeping things away from her. This is her company. Paul loves her and he will do anything to protect her. He didnít tell her some things to prevent her from more aggravation. She questions that because he is entering into a relationship with Rose. She saw her sonís reaction to the mention of Roseís name the day before. She wants to know what he knows about Rose. She wonders if he knows that Rose impersonated Lily for months. He was told that already by Rose. Barbara feels like a fool again. She feels that Paul doesnít really need her anymore. She denies that anything is troubling her. He is her rock and she wants him to remind her that her health is important and so is her company. She wants to get back to her work.

Emily is with Parker and Hal. Emily would like to know if Carly is going to accept her proposal for a job. Carly is coming back from Chicago later that day. Hal didnít mention the job to Carly yet because he didnĎt think that it sounded honest doing it that way. Hal wants Emily to be there when he talks to Carly. Emily sees Carly coming into the diner. She greets her son. Hugging him feels good. She jokes about Emily and Hal dating. She is feisty. Carly thinks that Chicago is a fantastic city and she is looking forward to going there. Hal tells her that Emily is looking for someone to do fashion for her magazine. Emily admits that she is expanding her fashion section. Hal suggests that she apply for the job. Carly reminds him that she is a designer not a reporter. Emily thinks that she would be perfect for the job. Having a local designer would make the paper more interesting. Carly canít believe that Emily would like to hire her. Emily would love to have her. She thinks that Hal and Emily are wonderful people for trying to help her. She feels that she is being set up. Carly has no experience in writing and no experience in reporting. Emily thinks that Carly could learn. Emily is not as horrible as people think she is. Emily is willing to take a chance on Carly. Carly tells her simply that she doesnít live there anymore. She gets her son and will talk to Hal later. Hal doesnít know why she is ready to give up on this. Carly doesnít want to step back. Hal wants her to stay and keep her son close to her father. She needs an open mind. Hal wants Carly to talk to Emily and get all the information. Carly goes to talk to Emily alone. Carly could work on it when she has time. She just has to meet the deadlines. Emily would love to see her in Paris 2 times a year. Expenses will be considered if they are reasonable. Hal has to go and he will leave Parker with the ladies. After he is gone, Carly and Emily get back to talking. Carly wants to know what is going on. She knows that Emily is doing a favor for Hal. Emily tells her that Hal has no influence over anything that she does. Carly suddenly figures this out. It wasnít Hal, it was Craig that set this up. Carly realizes that Craig can still tell her what to do. Carly knows how Craig operates. Emily still fights to show that she has some control on her company. Carly wants time to think about this, but Emily needs an answer. Carly decides that she is interested in the offer. Emily is glad to hear that. Emily will call her and they will work out the arrangements. Carly wants to know what her first assignment is going to be.

Jake arrives home with Nick and Molly is there. Jake has brought some lunch for them. she takes the packages. Donna comes out with the kids ready to take them to the park. Donna meets Nick and Molly seems to still have some reservations. Nick meets the girls and talks to them. Molly takes Jake aside and he explains that Nick is in the clear again. Donna takes the girls and heads for the park. Jake tells Molly to relax. Donna was the mother of twins. The doorbell rings and Jake goes to get it. It is Abigail and Adam. Abigail forgot her keys and she and Adam get properly introduced. Nick tells Abigail that he went to high school with Molly. They all get together and have lunch. Abigail tells Nick that they are doing a documentary for school. The documentary is about events that turn things around for people. Abigail questions Nick about events in his life. Nick is fine with the question. He likes getting things off his chest. Nick explains that he ended up in jail for burglary. There was this chaplain that used to talk to him everyday. He would tell him to respect himself, but Nick wasnít listening. Months later, he grabbed the chaplain and wanted to know why the chaplain was preaching to him. He looked at Nick and said that he only preaches to those with hope. Nick didnít buy it. If you didnít have hope, he said, you wouldnít be listening. Then he disappeared out of his life. Nick figured that once the chaplain figured he was listening, he wasnít needed anymore. Abigail finds that incredible. They toast Father Donahue and have a sip of their sodas. The kids are worried about shooting footage and Nick thinks that he can help. The editing room is free in the evenings and if they can get approval, maybe they can use the room at the office. Molly looks a little afraid at the idea.

Paul and Rose talk on the phone while she is visiting with her father. She asks if he is busy right now. Paul is not busy. She would like him to meet someone. He is glad to meet whoever it is and he tells her that he is on his way. Her father is sure that he will get along fine with her friend. Paul finally arrives and Roseís father meets him and soon leaves. Paul likes her father. He talks of Barbara and how she is getting better all the time. He is worried about her work and he hasnít seen her sketches. He canít afford to be patient. There is a new fashion show coming up and he is worried that she canít produce. Paul suggests that they sell the Worldwide stocks to Craig and Rose is against that. They have to think positive, but if Barbaraís designs are no good, they have to find out now.

At home, Barbara is hating everything that she has done so far. She scratches out everything that she has done in her sketch book.


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