As The World Turns Update Monday 9/10/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 9/10/01

By Glynis

Simon comes home and finds Katie kissing Bruno. He leaves again and hears Katie jumping up and down. His mind runs away from him and he bursts in. His side starts hurting because of his stab wound from Malta. Simon announces that he is her husband. Bruno starts for the door, but announces that this is the most fun he has ever had. He walks out and Katie explains that she has been dating Bruno. He explains how he got hurt protecting Lily and now he is back without her. She has a look at his wound. He needs a new dressing and she wonders if he missed her. He did miss her. They are going to have a little talk later about their future. She tells him that she likes Bruno and he is gorgeous with lots of money. He even drives a Ferrari. She is not joking. Simon laughs at his name. Simon is sure that she is being conned. What does she want? She doesnít have to play games anymore because someone actually cares about her. He cares about her soul. Simon thinks that Bruno wanted to see Katie in her tiny little bikini and she felt great about that.

Jack finds Carly and he tells her that he is bringing her home to Oakdale where she belongs. Everything that she has said is true. He is going to fix it. He thinks that now he can think straight. She is finding it hard to believe him that he is okay with everything that she has said now. He is reckless and heroic but it will not fix what is really wrong. They wound up like this because he should have just believed her when she needed him. Craig is still in Oakdale and he will try not to be upset with her over Craig but it wonít work. He tells her that he went to see Craig and rip his head off. He thought that she had moved in with him. He was out of his mind. He had to fight for her. He wanted to find out about that kiss. Craig said that the kiss was all him. He told him that she loved him. Now he believes it. He couldnít believe her but suddenly he could believe Craig. She tells him to go home. He offers her money if she ever needs it. He goes out of the door and she immediately closes it. "Goodbye G-man" She tries to go back to her work, but she canít. "Damn you Craig! When are you going to stop!? When are you going to stop messing with my life?"

Lucinda comes home and finds Rose and Misty in the house. She tries to throw Misty out and Rose stops her asking her who died and made her Queen of the World. Rose tells her that Misty is her friend and Lucinda is going to apologize and invite Misty to stay in the guesthouse. Lucinda says that she is not going to do anything of the sort. Rose warns her that if she doesnít do as she is asked, Rose is going walk and leave the house.

Barbara comes to see Craig and she tells him that she will not be fooled by him. Paul and Cass arrive and Craig has another point to make. Craig tells Barbara that if she doesnít vote with him, she will vote with Lucinda, Paul and his girlfriend. That is the truth and he dares her to ask Paul. He tells her that Paul and Rose have her right where they want her. Craig tells her to ask Paul. Barbara turns uncertainly to Paul. Craig tells her that she is being sold down the river. Paul and Barbara leave and Cass demands to know what Craig is up to. Craig was just finding out where he stands with Barbara and her son and now he knows where he stands.

Paul comes to see Rose and Lucinda and he tells her that Craig gave up his shares to Barbara. Lucinda can live with that. Paul tells her not to pop the cork yet, there may be another problem.

Craig and Cass walk in and find that there is trouble in Paradise. Katie walks away and Simon follows her. They discuss Barbara siding with Craig instead of Lucinda. Craig wants to bring Lucinda down.


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