As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/4/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/4/01

By  Glynis

Jennifer wants to kiss her mother goodbye and she is willing not to look at her mother to get that kiss. She turns her back and her mother reaches out to touch her.

Over in Malta, Danté is getting ready to kill Lily, Damien and Holden and the boy. Lucinda arrives and threatens to kill Danté. She has a gun in his neck and she is taking her family out of this place. Danté frees himself from her and grabs Luke. He asks grandma what she is going to do now? She might want to think a little before she gets the poor boy dead. Danté is holding Luke and he doesn’t realize that Simon is on the floor near him. Lucinda aims and Luke jumps down. Lucinda shoots and Danté falls from a window. Lucinda runs over to the window to see if Danté is really gone and she sees one of Danté’s thugs pointing a gun at her. She turns to aim at him and it is a standoff. Suddenly a gun goes off!

Katie is in the restaurant dancing with the Italian stallion that she has just met. She wants to sit down, but he wants to go somewhere with her more private so that he can use his hands on her… Craig is having a heart to heart with his son. He is making a promise to get back on an even keel with his son. He will say nice things about Lucinda or nothing at all. Bryant wants his father to give back the stock that he sold. That would make things right for Bryant to start again with his father.

Paul talks with Rose and she can see a dark side to him. He tells her that his father makes him the way that he is. He can even hear his father whispering to him. She is not scared of him. He doesn’t know if he is a time bomb. Maybe one day everything is going to snap and pour out of him. He wants to know what she thinks. She is not so sure.

Jennifer is with Billy and she has a splinter. He offers to get it out of her finger. He comes to her with tweezers and she reluctantly gives him her hand. He gets the splinter out and she is as good as new. He can see that something is wrong. With skin like she has, she can’t hide much. Bryant walks in and finds Bryant a little too close to Jennifer.

Cass comes to see Craig and he wants to talk about he Worldwide Stock. Craig is not going to like this.


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