As The World Turns Update Friday 8/31/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 8/31/01

by Glynis

Barbara is in her home walking around slowly in the dark. She sits at her desk and hears someone coming in. It is Jennifer. Barbara didn’t want her to see her face. Jennifer doesn’t want to upset her. Jennifer was just driving around and she wanted to see her mother. Jennifer has never been to this house before. It is big. Barbara has some help and some staff to be with her there. She is going to be very busy now at the house. Everything in life changes. She has always had her parents and her brother. No matter how bad things got, she knew that she would always have her mother. She wants to count on her mother now. Barbara guesses that she can. She turns to her daughter. Jennifer had a fight with Bryant and she didn’t mean to come and dump this on her mother. Barbara thinks that she can’t help Jennifer she knows nothing of love now. She only has her company to rebuild. This makes Jennifer sad. Barbara wants to get to work now. She sits away from Jennifer. Jennifer knows why Barbara turned to Paul and not her. Jennifer reminds her of how she used to look before the accident. Jennifer hates that her mother will never look at her the same again. Jennifer is young and she is in a wonderful place of love and the touch of a lover’s hand. She wants her daughter to understand that she can’t bring her problems to her mother anymore. Barbara is not there anymore. Jennifer tells her that dad still loves her and she can see that in his eyes. Barbara doesn’t want that anymore from Hal. She can’t look at him. She is not the same. She will not have any man pretend that he is attracted to her anymore. She is not the man that Hal was attracted to before. Jennifer is sure that Barbara could be the woman that Hal used to love. She could be wrong. What if she is only too hurt to see that people love her. Jennifer would like to help her. Jennifer remembers her mother helping her when kids were cruel to her when she was a young child. Barbara tells her that she has to go now. Jennifer agrees to leave, but she would like to give her mother a kiss goodbye.

Bryant bumps into his son. Craig wants to buy his son a beer and Bryant agrees to have one with him. They take a seat together. It has been an eternity since they sat down together. The last time that they talked it was about Jennifer. Bryant tells him that they are living together and are great room mates. Craig can tell that something is wrong.

Paul and Rose are having dinner together. Paul thinks that he really wants to be with her right now. Last time that he felt like this, he was in Paris. She really likes being his angel. He makes a toast to her. She remembers her friend Misty and she has known her for as long as she can remember. Paul wants to hear all the details and all about her life. Before Lily, her life was colorful. Misty has just walked into the restaurant and she has found Rose. She exits and makes a quick call to her friend to tell her that she has found the birthday girl and everyone should come over to the restaurant right away… Lily wants to talk about Paris. Just then Misty walks in and the two girls shriek and hug each other. Misty tells her that she remembered her friend’s birthday and that is why she is there. Lily is speechless. She is in shock. She introduces Paul to Misty. Misty found her by checking all the hot spots in town and now they have found her. Misty gets Rose’s friends who come into the restaurant to wish her a happy birthday. They are carrying balloons and are dressed really tacky. Rose is a little embarrassed but smiles anyway. There are a number of men that greet and hug and kiss Rose. One of those men turns and sees Katie at the doorway. Katie asks what is going on and learns that Rose’s friends decided to have a party for her. Katie sees the beautiful man staring at her and she makes sure that he overhears that she will be in the lounge. The man hears and follows her out. Rose has changed in the last year. Misty talks about her pretending to be like Lily and how she was hurting the year before. Paul stands by and hears how things used to be. Rose is embarrassed at her friend talking out of turn. They all want to see Rose dance. Rose grabs Paul’s hand and drags him from the crowd. Paul seems fine with everything that is happening. She just wants to call it a night, but Paul convinces her to open at least one of her presents. She tells him that he can leave, but he doesn’t want to go and plans on staying. A man dressed like a cowboy enters. It seems like he is going to do something risqué. Rose guesses that the guy is a stripper and she runs over to him and begs him not to do anything. She assures him that he will be paid for his trouble and she runs back to Paul to convince him to leave, but he won’t. The lights are dimmed and the dancer starts dancing around her as she sits in a chair. He watches as the stripper makes her remove buttons on his shirt. He takes off his shirt and she sits trying to look pleased at it all. The dancer gets down to his boxes and then he tears those away. He ends the show by backing himself out of the room with his hat over his goodies. Paul can see that Rose’s friends love her. Misty brings her a present asking her to open it first. Rose opens the gift and it is a very nice necklace from Paul. There is more for her to open. A big black woman comes in with a box for Rose to open. Inside is a feather headdress that would have been appropriate for the old Rose but is not for the new Rose. The friends try to get Rose to do a dance routine from the past. Rose tries to fake that she knows what to do, but she can’t do it. She drops the feathers and runs out. Paul offers to go and see what is wrong.

Lily meets with Danté and he is angry that she hasn’t followed their agreement. She hears a gun shot and Simon is ushered into the room by two thugs. Danté tells her that she has made her final mistake bringing a friend with her into the establishment. He points his gun at Lily and Simon. Simon tells him that there is no reason to shoot him. He has no gun. He is searched and nothing is found. Lily tries to beg for him, but it is too late she is told. He wants to know what his brother is planning. Lily tells Danté that he knows nothing of Damien’s plan. Danté thinks that Holden can persuade Lily to tell the truth better. Holden is brought in with a sack over his head. Lily knows that it is Holden. Lily goes to Holden and then the scuffle begins. Danté stabs Simon and he falls to the ground. Suddenly, Damien walks in and faces his brother. Damien is not there to fight. Damien tells him that the fortune is going to be his. Damien offers to give Danté what he wants. Damien is ready to give everything to his brother. Danté doesn’t believe him. Damien assures him that he will give him everything. Danté shouts for the boy to be brought in. Luke is brought in with a sack over his head. He can’t talk because his mouth is taped shut, but he is okay. Lily turns to Damien. He has to do something to save their son. Damien demands that the boy be freed. He calls out and the woman that has been housing Lily comes in with the papers that will give wealth over to Danté. Danté considers killing everyone anyway. It isn’t a bad idea to get insurance. He is about to start shooting when a crazy woman jumps up behind Danté and holds a gun to his neck. IT IS LUCINDA! She warns everybody to drop their guns and unhand the captives or Danté is going to get it in the neck. She gives them until the count of 3…ONE!…TWO!… Lily only stands in fear at what she is seeing her mother do.

Katie enters the dining room where Craig and Bryant are sitting together. She greets them and walks over to the bar. The handsome man follows her and comes up behind her to tell her of some good wines. She makes her order and the man tells the bartender that they will have two glasses of the wine. He sits with her and they share some nuts together… Bryant tells his father that he has been getting mixed signals from Jennifer and she won’t tell him what she wants. Craig tells him that you never know what a woman is thinking and he uses Katie as an example of that. Craig likes that they are trying to get along. It means a lot to Craig for Bryant to come to him for advice. Bryant doesn’t like the way that his father operates. Craig wants a chance to start over and make things work… The man that Katie is with tells her that he is from Palermo. She feels so tipsy from the wine. She thinks that maybe he should go back to his party. The guy imports Italian cars and he came into town on a whim… Craig wishes that he had been there for his son. HE doesn’t want to throw this away… Over on the dance floor, Katie is dancing with the handsome Italian fellow and he tries to kiss her, but she doesn’t let him. Instead she puts her hands behind her back and removes her wedding ring. The man doesn’t know what is wrong. He asks her, "Are you married?"


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