As The World Turns Update Thursday 8/30/01



As the World Turns Update Thursday 8/30/01

By Glynis

Jake canít believe that he found out who really was hurting Molly on the net. It is Mary. He shows her the paper with her signature on it to buy the paper. Nick wanted to save his job and that is why he did this. Molly canít believe this. She trusted that woman with her children. Molly remembers that right now, the children are with Jake. They have to get to her. Jake tries to calm her down. They have to stay calm to prevent the kids from being devastated by having Mary dragged out. Mary returns and Molly runs to her kids and grabs her kids from her. Molly freaks out and Jake tells her that they have to talk to her. Molly shows her the receipt from the paper store and demands an explanation. Is this her credit card number? She thinks that it is. She admits that she saw the T-shirt and that is all. She canít believe that they thought that she would do a thing like this. She denies all of it. She has been set up by someone and she canít explain it. This is a shock to her. She has a choice. She can tell why she did this or they will call the cops. She wants chance to get a hold of herself. She admits that she tried to make Molly look bad so that Jake would look to her. She admits that she did the terrible deed. She made some calls and found out the information. She apologizes to Jake. What she did was childish and foolish and she is ashamed of her actions. Molly fires her and follows her to her room to watch her pack. Donna comes over to see Jake. She wants to know if everything is okay. Molly comes from the room following Mary and pushing her out the front door. Donna watches and learns that the nanny was fired because she loved Jake. She had a fatal attraction for Jake. Jake wants Molly to apologize to him for some things. Molly apologizes and asks Donna to stick around for her. She has some things to take care of. Donna offers her services. She is there and she will fill in for Jake and Molly. Jake reminds her that the children are wearing diapers. Jake doesnít think that she would like to take care of kids as little as he has. Donna is sure that she would love to take care of the kids. She will take them everywhere with her. Donna goes to the children and walks them into the room to come their hair. Jake thinks that maybe he is crazy.

Rose shows up and meets Paul. She looks beautiful. She would like to discuss business with him. He tells her that they should eat first and talk business later. She tells him that she had a talk with Craig about dropping the suit against Paul and his mother. Paul canít believe that she was able to do a thing like that. She continues to amaze him. She wants him to make sure that Craig stops using and abusing the stock. They sit together and she tells him that they are going to have a board meeting soon and the board members may have lost their confidence in Lucinda. She has to get the stock back to save her. She wants him to help. He has to do this for her. She does have a case. Paul offers to help her get the shares back for Lucinda. This makes Rose very happy. Paul knows that soon she is going to be a world class business woman. He doesnít want to talk business all night with her. He likes her and finds her refreshing. Ever since he got into town, she was there for him. She has been helping him from the start. She is his guardian angel. She is seeming more like an angel to him all the time. She likes him too. She has been a little too obvious and she hasnítí been out with a nice guy in a long time. She feels like she has made a fool of herself. They are now going to celebrate her birthday together. This is actually their first official date together. He was trying to be direct but it seems that he has been assuming a lot. She tells him that there is nothing to assume. She isnít seeing anyone right then. He is surprised. He asks her if she has had any serious involvements. She tells him that she was involved with a guy but he was not available. Paul guesses that the guy was married. Paul offers to break his head for her. He wants to know more. Did she love him? She did. She thought that he loved her too, but his wife came back and it was clear that he belonged to his wife. She still loves him, but not like the first time. He is very close to the woman that he is married to and she starts crying. She cries because that man and his son are presumed missing and dead. Paul is not frightened by her tears. He gives her a hanky. Paul guesses that she was in love with Holden. She thought that she was hiding the big secret from him, but she wasnít at all. She is sure that he thinks that she is disgusting. He wasnít thinking that at all. Their table is ready for dinner and Paul escorts her to the table.

Carly has opened the door to Craig. He is there to stop her from leaving town. He is there to help her. She lets him in and closes the door. Craig admits that he was insensitive to her the other day. His timing is not very good. She doesnít want to hear anything from him. She tells him that his announcement means nothing to her. He is wasting his time. He will not let her leave town. He knows everything about her. She just wants to say goodbye to him. He holds her arm and tells her that she absolutely is not leaving town. She wonders why she attracts men that seem to think that they know more about her than she does. She doesnít think that they can be friends. He still feels that this is not the best time for her to run away. He offers to help her get along. She finds him out of his mind. She thinks that he is the reason that she is being run out of town. He said that he would respect her relationship with Jack and he didnít do that. He shouldnít have kissed her, he almost ruined her life. He would do anything to have a kiss like that again. He has a lot of resources and would like to help her sort out her life. She asks him if he has her million dollars hanging around. He doesnít have that yet, but he will help her in any other way that she wants. She promised her son that she would never put her son in the position that he was in before. She doesnít want everyone to think of her as a sleaze. She is better off with no reference than one from him. She grabs her bags and she walks off. He shouts out after her but she leaves anyway. He gets his phone and calls a friend. He needs a big favor.

Sierra comes to visit her son. She is glad that she is there for him. Bryant tells his mother that he thought that he could get closer to Jennifer by having her move in and that didnít happen. He has been with her for over a year and he thought that he could make love to her. Sierra likes Jennifer but she is very young. She probably isn't ready for a relationship with him. What is bothering her might have nothing to do with him.

All he can do is be patient for Jennifer. He is afraid that Jennifer is going to discover that she really doesnít want to be with him. She is very proud of her son. She offers him her ear if he needs her again. Bryant warns his mother that he canít keep bailing out Craig from his troubles. Undoubtedly, that is where she is heading.

Emily comes to see Craig at the diner and he wants her full attention. He compliments her on her judgment. She knew that he was innocent and she worked very hard to prove that. He wants her to hire Carly and help her out. Emily thinks that he is joking. Emily wouldnít know what to hire her as. She canít afford to put Carly on the payroll. Craig wants her to create a new position. He is not happy with the way that she is taking the news. Carly is a talented designer. Emily refuses to consider the idea. Craig thinks that Carly could be sent away to get news about fashion. She could do a hell of a fashion column. Emily knows that he wants to help Carly, except Carly canít know about it. He tells her that she canít tell Hal about this. She doesn't want to lie to Hal. What is his rush? Craig tells her that Carly is moving to Chicago and she is leaving with her son. Emily knows that would crush Hal to lose his son. Emily has to wonder if maybe it is better that Carly move away. Emily thinks that Hal might appreciate the gesture. Emily will ask Hal to approach Carly with a job offer and they will see what she does. Emily can tell that Craig is very involved in Carlyís affairs.

Molly gets to work to find Nick packing and leaving his job. She is really sorry for his troubles. Molly wants to talk to him and she tells him that she was wrong and she knows that he didnít do the things that she thinks he did. She made a whopper of a mistake. The timing was what screwed her over. The coincidence was huge and she couldnít get over it. Nick asks about the lady that signed the receipt. Molly gives the info on Mary. She is out of their lives now. He doesnít think that things are so easy to get over for him. He wants to forget it. He thinks that he would have acted the same way that Molly did. He thought that she was a real inspiration and he can understand why she wouldnít want him there. She has a nice family and he would like the same things too. He canít start his life there. Molly tells him that he didnít pick the wrong place. She tells him that he canít leave, not like this. Nick doesnít want to be a constant reminder of the past. He doesnít know what to say to her. Molly remembers that she needed some second chances at one time. He canít believe that she is trying to help him. She wants him to give himself a chance. He thanks her for her consideration.

Carly gets in her car and she sees the rag that Emily runs. She looks at the cover and sees Craigís face on the front. She is not going to miss him and she is not going to miss Oakdale. She starts her car.


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