As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/29/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/29/01

by Glynis

Nick shows up at Molly’s house while Jake and Abigail are there. Jake can’t believe that. He saw Abigail down at the station. Jake comes to take over. He is upset with Nick for showing up there. He doesn’t want to cause trouble and waited for Molly to leave. Nick says that he found out who has been harassing Molly. He traced the stationary to the store where it was bought. He is sorry for showing up, but he wants to prove that he is not the jerk that Molly thinks. He leaves and Jake tells Abigail that he will be back in a while.

Molly finds Craig in a restaurant and she tells him that she is worried about her daughter and he shouldn’t be losing anyone else because of him. She tells him that Carly is planning on leaving and going to Chicago. She is going to go there because she is sick of being treated like garbage. It is going to hurt losing her and it will all be Craig’s fault. She is the only one that stood by him. She is the one that has been branded because he couldn’t keep his lips off her. Craig remembers her kissing him back. Carly loves Jack and Craig has screwed that up to. He would do anything for Carly. The last time that he saw her she pushed him away. Molly is sure that the can get her back on her feet. He owes her that.

Carly is talking with Hal and she suspects that he is in love with Emily. She thinks that he should ask Emily out on a date. Hal is thinking about Barbara. Carly points out that he has married Barbara many times and it didn’t work out. She thinks that Barbara is not going to come back to him. He should accept that. Why should he give up something that might be real for something that might never happen. Emily shows up with Parker and they greet Carly and Hal. Carly is leaving and Parker will be with his father. She leaves and Emily wants to know what they were talking about. Emily has to get going and Hal stops her. He is not ready to say goodbye to her just yet. He tells her that she has been just great. She was there and talking to him and helping him out. Emily tells him that she really has to go. He is trying to say something. He asks her to dinner. She accepts thinking that he means going for a burger sometime. He corrects her thinking telling her that he was talking about something a little more fancy. Something more like a date. She seems to like the idea. He is waiting for an answer. She is worried about Barbara. He loves her and will probably always love her but she has told him that she does not belong to him anymore and he thinks that he should give her up. Emily is concerned that he is not ready to give Barbara up. Emily accepts his invitation. She tells him to call her. She leaves and he turns to his son suggesting that they go for a ride in the country.

Jennifer is with Bryant and she is scared. She doesn’t want to need him too much. Her life is messed up and the only thing that she has is him. She is afraid that if they have sex she will be giving him everything. Bryant tries not to be insensitive. He is sure that making love with him is going to make her feel stronger. He promises her that if they fall, they will catch each other. She kisses him and that turns to an embrace. He leads her to the bed and gets on her and she panics, pushing him off. Bryant is upset that she has pushed him away again. He tells her that she can do what she wants because he is not going to be there anymore. He walks out.

Carly is packing her things and Craig comes over trying to get her to open the door. She opens the door angry that he has drawn attention to her apartment with the noise. He wants her to stay in town.

Jake returns home and wants to know where the kids are. Molly finds out that Nick was there before. Jake learned that Mary was the one that made the bogus invitations. She has been looking after the kids and Molly is shocked at what she is hearing. The children as far as she knows are safe, but you can never be too sure now can you?


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