As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/28/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By  Glynis

Jessica is with her daughter and they are talking about her life and how her mother doesn’t’ know anything about her life. Her daughter found her boyfriend with some women. She is past it all now. He wanted whatever he wanted and she is only happy that she found out about him now. Jessica wants to help but her daughter tells her that she is fine. Her mother knows her and loves her. She knows that it helps sometimes to talk. Her daughter needed a break from the social engagements. All she wanted to do was come home to visit and not be in hell. Her mother wants her to start making her own way and her daughter thinks that she doesn’t know what she wants to do yet. Her mother leaves her and set makes a call to her father. She tells him that all her credit cards are frozen and she is going to die if he doesn’t help her. She doesn’t realize it, but her father is behind her, walking towards her slowly. She realizes that he has been there all along. She hugs him and begs him to take her away from there. Her mother returns and they decide that it is time that their daughter make a living in retail fashion. She doesn’t want to do it. She wants them to see her for who she is and stop being a Drill Sergeant. She poured out her heart and her mother still doesn’t care. She storms off. Her father knows that she is upset and he goes to talk to her.

Nick is on the phone trying to paste the paper that the invitation insulting Molly were written on. Carly comes there and Kim sees her and immediately tells her that she is not welcomed there. Kim hates that Carly kissed Craig passionately and hurt her friend Barbara. Kim doesn’t’ want to see Craig or Carly there. Carly is there because she is leaving town and she wanted to tell Molly. Kim will deliver the message. Carly thought that living a good and happy life was to bring you good things. Kim tells her that she though wrong.

Molly comes to see Jack as her whole life is falling apart. It took her so long to find the perfect guy. Jake can do anything, but he can’t fix this. Molly needs Jack because she has no where else to turn.

Craig is with Rose and she is telling him that he is going to be sued. They have unfinished business. Craig says the meeting is over. She tells him that Lucinda was poisoned with some chocolates and someone must have done it to her. Craig denies that he had anything to do with Lucinda being poisoned. Rose brings out a plastic bag from her purse and shows him one of the chocolates that was used to make Lucinda sick. She calls it ‘proof’. She also has the note that came with the box of chocolates. It was a good thing that she saved that too. Court might be tough, but she thinks that people in his family will be glad to nail him to the wall. She knows that he doesn’t want Barbara to have anymore pain. Craig tells her that she wins, he will drop the law suit against Lucinda if she suppresses the evidence that she has. She likes that deal.

Ben is getting a pep talk from his brother and Curtis. Even Curtis is trying to find a lady for himself. Isaac tells Ben to look around. The problem is trying to find the right kind of woman.

Molly makes her way over to see Carly. She can’t believe that Jack and Carly broke up. She wants to help. Carly thinks that there is nothing that anyone can do. Carly is only worried about Parker now. He needs a real home with his own mother. Molly tells her that they can stay in the apartment for as long as Carly needs. Carly is tired of waiting to be with Jack and it isn’t working. They always have a glimpse of what might be and then they are thrown into something that delays them being together. She is going to forget about men for a while. she is not afraid of hard work. That is a lot more than many people have. IT is time for her to pack up and never look back. She is not going to stick around there and do Craig and Lucinda’s work. She has to get unstuck. Molly knows what she is saying but she is going to miss her. Who is she going to drop in on now? Carly wants her son to be proud of her and if she stays he will just be the son that people love to hate. She will not do that to him or to herself. Molly wants to help her start over right in town. Carly doesn’t want her friend in the middle of this. Molly will not get Jack involved in this. She has a plan to put in action. She goes running off and promises to come back. Carly worries that Molly is going to go to Craig.

Jack pays Nick a little visit telling him that he is going to have a shadow from now on. On his way out of the office, he bumps into Kim explaining that he is old friends with Nick. Nick says that is true. They are old friends. He leaves and Nick is left to shake his head.


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