As The World Turns Update Monday 8/27/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 8/27/01

By Glynis

Molly is worried that this Nick thing is going to screw up her marriage. Jake enters and starts kissing her as she ends her call. She tells him that she was just doing some bride stuff. She tells him that she was talking about her wedding music. She doesn’t want to lie to him. She tries to lie to him, but she can’t. He knows her tricks and her faults. Jake doesn’t get it. She is actually saying that she can’t lie to him and that upsets her?! She is getting hysterical and she tells him that she was lying when she said that she was talking about their wedding. She was actually talking to Hal telling him to put the screws to Nick. She is sure that Nick is the one that is torturing her. She is sure that he will not stop bugging her until he has ruined her life. She is afraid that Nick will ruin her family. He takes her in his arms and hugs and kisses her. She thinks that he feels that she is crazy again. He admits it. He thinks that she is crazy. He kisses her and puts an end to all this crazy talk.

Lily gets a visit from the lady at the inn. She has been gone for a few days and now she is back and acts like things are back to normal. Lily demands to know where she was gone. The woman tells her not to worry. She shouldn’t be asking so many questions. Lily wonders if the woman was spying on her. The woman denies that. Lily drags her into the room and tells her to look everywhere she wants because Lily has nothing to hide. The woman tells her that she has to rest now and she walks off. Lily is determined to make sure that her family is safe. She is suddenly held and a hand is placed over her mouth to make sure that she does no screaming. It is Simon. He just didn’t want her to scream by being surprised to see him. They discuss what can be done to save her family. She is worried that Damien will have to be killed in order for her to get justice. She fills him in on meeting Damien in jail. He is working in disguise. Simon has been trying to find information on Damien and where he is hiding. Lily is losing hope. They have to think of a plan that works to their advantage and Damien’s. Someone is at the door and Lily opens to the owner of the establishment. Lily apologizes to the woman for her behaviour earlier. The woman tells her not to apologize. Lily asks her for a favor. She tells the woman to contact Damien for her and bring him a message that is important. She gives her some money and the message. The woman says that she will do her best for Lily. She walks off and Lily closes her door. All they have to do now is wait. This is it. This is going to be the start of the end. Lily is glad that Simon has found someone for himself. Katie is in love with him that is for sure. They are going to the café to find some news.

Danté talks to Holden and offers him some food, but Holden only wants his freedom. Luke is sleeping and Holden has to wonder if Danté is going to use Luke for bait. Holden tells him that everything that he tries is not going to work. Holden learns that Lily is in town and Danté tells him that Lily will be joining them soon.

Damien is talking with the policeman. The man is helpful to him. The policeman gives him a gun and Damien takes it from him.

Nick is talking to Kim and she leave to talk to Molly. She tells Molly that Nick has resigned. Molly loves that news. Kim brings her into the room with Nick. Kim doesn’t want to let him go. He does good work but he is tired of being guilty overtime something happens to her. Kim wants this to stop. She thinks that this station is big enough for the both of them. She is leaving this for the two of them to sort out. She wants them to act like adults. She leaves the room and Nick approaches her asking what he has to do to make things work. She tells him that all he has to do is leave town.


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