As The World Turns Update Friday 8/24/01



As The World Turns Update Friday 8/24/01

by Glynis

Paul is thinking about his father ‘James’ and what he would say about the type of life that Barbara wants him to lead. ‘James’ had made some mistakes but he would be willing to help his son out now. He would want his son to avoid playing into his mother’s weakness. Paul doesn’t think that he is like his father. He tried to kill his father once and he will do things the way that he thinks is right now. Paul has conjured his father’s memory up because he wanted to see him. Paul will not leave his mother because of an apparition. His father is sure that he will leave his mother soon. Paul will go after Craig in his own time and not a moment sooner. ‘James’ threatens that soon the men in the white coats are going to come and get him. Paul starts laughing hysterically.

Carly is talking to her son and telling him that they are going to go away and be where no one will be able to find them. Jack can’t come. He has to work and will visit though. Someone comes to visit and Carly gets the door to find Hal there. She throws her arms around him and he likes that she is happy again. She knows that he has been reinstated. Hal is there to tell Carly that all charges against her have been dropped. She looks like she has been crying. She should be, cause she split up with Jack. This time it seems that things are really over. Jack and Carly can’t really be together. How much can one person take. Hal knows that life is hard. She wants to spend her life with someone that she can trust. She knows that she can always call Hal, but she would rather call Jack and Hal knows that. The problem with the town is that she has made some mistakes and no one wants to let her forget them. She was thinking that this is Molly’s apartment and maybe she should go some place new. She doesn’t mean a new apartment, she means a new town. She wants to leave Oakdale. She doesn’t want to be somewhere where everybody thinks that she is a bad person. Hal thinks that this is funny. As long as there are men and women, there is going to be talk. Hal is the only person that didn’t care about the pictures. Hal is the only one that matters to her.

Katie returns to town and she meets with her brother Craig and tells him the story of what happened in Malta. She tells him that Simon saved her life and has fallen deeply in love with her. Simon is still in Malta helping Lily out. Craig thinks that Simon is falling back into his old habits. She will not be lectured by Craig of all people.

Rose comes out of the scary black house to find Paul laughing seemingly to himself. It wasn’t to himself, he was talking and laughing with an apparition of his father. He stops laughing immediately when he realizes that he has been discovered acting crazy by Rose. Paul doesn’t want to talk right now. He does touch on the subject of Craig and how they are getting sued by him. They can’t go home right now because that will feed right into the law suit. Rose wants to help him with the law suit.

Jack relives what happened at the boathouse. If he had reported Julia, the accident might not have happened. He is sorry for what he has done and whatever the authorities decide, he will abide by. He is before a panel of officers and the commissioner. He will have to wait to see what they decide to do to him. He is excused and he knows that it is over for him. Maybe he will even lose his job. This was really his fault. Margo thinks that he shouldn’t give up. He wants to beg for his job. If he loses that, he will have nothing. He gets word that a decision has been made about his punishment for not doing the right thing.


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