As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/22/01



As The World Turns Update Wednesday 8/22/01

by Glynis

Margo is getting praise from another cop when Jessica arrives to talk with her. Jessica and Margo talk privately. They are going to transfer Owen to a county facility this afternoon. Jessica admits that she went after Craig with blinders and she is trying now to apologize. She is hoping that Margo will forgive her in time. Margo has no problem with that. Jessica hugs her and tells her that she is so sorry for the way that she did her job this time. Jessica wants them to keep all friends and family out of the system. Someone is at the door to come in. Jessica opens the door. It is Duncan, the father of her child. Jessica stands stunned at the sight of him. Margo leaves so that they can have a private talk. Duncan tells her that he may stay depending. Jessica has been in touch with their daughter but not in the last week. Duncan has something to tell her and she wants to know what that something is. Duncan would tell her what is going on if he knew where she was. Duncan introduced her to a man that he thought that she would like. She was suddenly gone. Duncan has her credit card statements and he shows them to Jessica. She spends way too much in a month. Jessica always thought that he spoiled his daughter. Jessica is short on sympathy and has been in court. She is sure that her daughter is not on her way back to her mother.

Barbara is out in her wheelchair with her son. She is soon going to be back to her original self. She wants the drapes pulled shut. All the light streaming in there makes the room feel like a hot house. This is the home that she is going to have. Her son thinks that the place is scary and dark. Barbara thinks that the place is perfect. The world will not see her and she feels that this is perfect for her. It suddenly gets dark. Paul tells her that she can’t hide forever. Barbara doesn’t feel that she can face her children anymore. Paul thinks that is not right. She feels that her children will understand her feelings when they are older. She wants Paul to come and live with her as he promised. She wants him to come and live with her for a while. She promises not to interfere in his life. He agrees to stay with her for as long she wants him to.

Jake comes to see Molly and she keeps thinking that he is going to leave her at any moment. She is trying to work on their wedding but things are working against them. She knows that Nick is working against her, but she can’t stop it. Jake wants to have a talk with Nick. She tells him that he needs to be careful whatever he does. He is going but he wants her to wait for him. He goes stomping off.

Lisa shows up at Isaac’s and they discuss Ben losing Lien. Isaac can’t figure out how Ben keeps screwing up. He is too strong with women and he scares them away. Isaac thinks that he is cursed and can’t find the right woman. Lisa tells him that she has found true love before. Isaac shouldn’t go knocking marriage without trying it. He will never find the right woman there. Lisa knows what kind of woman he wants. She needs to be gorgeous and stylish and as pigheaded as he is.

Jennifer gets with Bryant and they discuss their relationship and if anything has changed. They have plenty of time to get together. He still wants her to be with him.

Jake comes to see Isaac and Nick shows up to see Jake. Jake wants to know what he shouldn’t rip Nick’s head off. Jake suspects that he was the one that put a mug shot of Molly on the net. Jake shows Nick the picture with the note. Nick denies that it was him that hurt Molly like that. Nick doesn’t see what he has to gain by acting like an idiot. Lisa comes up and tells Jake that she saw the ridiculous invitation. Jake introduces Lisa to Nick. She greets him and leaves. Jake warns him that there is nothing that Lisa wouldn’t’ do for him with her influence… Lisa goes over to Isaac again to tell him that he needs the perfect woman. Isaac tells her that he doesn’t need her to find him a woman. She warns him that weddings happen in threes… Nick is telling Jake that Molly has been filling his head, but this mug shot weirdness is not him. Jake has the wrong guy. He turns and walks away from Jake.

Molly talks with Kim and she tells her that she will continue to protect her family the best way that she knows how. Whatever that means. Turns out that everyone at Molly’s job has received an invitation with Molly’s mug shot on it.

Margo comes to see Hal and Emily is there. Margo is there with bad news. He was warned about consequences for not doing as he was told. Margo puts an envelope on the table and tells him to look inside. Hal looks in the envelope and finds his gun and badge in there. He is reinstated back to Chief of Detectives. It was the Commissioner’s idea. Margo leaves promising to see him the following day. Emily knew that everything would work out for him. She takes his badge and pins it to his apron. She is glad that she got to know Hal. She is going to leave so that he can get back to his life. He stops her for a moment and gives her a paper bag with food in it. She thanks him for everything and she goes to the door. He tells her that she did a damn good job.


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