As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/21/01



As The World Turns Update Tuesday 8/21/01

By  Lisa

Carly comes over to Hal's house, and Jennifer is there.  Carly's clothes are muddy, and she's still trying to get over what happened with Julia.  She tells Jennifer to get Parker, because she really needs to hug her little boy.  Jennifer brings down Parker, and Carly talks to him about the "adventure" she'd been on that night.  She asks him if he'd want a normal life, and Parker shakes his head yes.  Carly swears to him that she'll get a job and be able to live a normal life without the help of Craig, Jack, or Hal.  Once Carly brings Parker back upstairs, she talks to Jennifer.  Jennifer asks what happened, and Carly explains what Julia did to her.  Jennifer tries to comfort her, and admits that she was wrong about Craig planting the bomb.  They start to talk about Jennifer's problems with Bryant.  Carly tells her to figure out what she wants, and to go for it without worrying so much about everyone else.  Jennifer asks her what about love, and Carly says that it's highly overrated.  After saying this, Carly goes leaves to go back home.
Craig comes to the station, and runs into Jack.  Jack says that Carly's okay, and tells both Craig and Margo what Julia did.  Jack tells them that this is all his fault, since he knew all along that there was something very wrong with Julia.  But he had kept that to himself.  Hal comes in, and overhears this.  He asks Jack what he knew.  Jack says that he knew Julia was in a bad way, worse than anyone else thought, but didn't tell anyone.  Margo asks Jack to back up, and to tell them what Julia would gain from destroying that horse.  Jack explains that Carly could sell the horse for millions, and would no longer need Craig's generosity to get by.  That would free Carly to be with Jack.  Of course, Julia despised the very idea of that happening.  Margo turns around to get some answers from Craig.  Craig owned part of that horse, and she wonders why he hasn't filed a lawsuit because of it.  Craig tells her that Carly told him what Julia did to it, and had asked him to keep it to himself.  Jack half laughs at this, and says that he should've known that Carly would go running to Craig to tell him that.  Hal is standing by, listening to all of this, and wonders out loud why Julia wasn't put in jail for what she'd done.  Jack explains to him that she needed psychiatric help, not a jail cell.  All four of them continue to talk about why Julia did what she did, and how they let it happen.  Hal continues to berate Jack for hiding the fact that Julia was capable of doing this for such a long time.  Craig tells Hal that he owes him for exposing the truth about what happened with the bomb.  Craig then leaves the station.  Hal and Margo talk about Owen Dever's testimony, and how it proved that Barbara lied on the stand.  Hal wonders if Jessica will charge Barbara with perjury, and Margo dismisses the idea since they do have the person who set the bomb.  Hal and Margo hug, and then Hal leaves.  Jack sits down at his desk, and Margo comes up to him.  Jack tells her that he thinks that Julia's destroyed everything that Carly and he had.  We then see Julia in a strait jacket in a padded room.  She's rocking back and forth slowly, content with what she's done.  A bright, yet eerie, smile is upon her face.
Reynolds drives Carly back to her place.  Once her leaves, Carly makes sure to secure all of the locks on her door.  She has flashbacks of Julia holding the gun to her, and cringes at the thought of it. She takes a shower, and when she gets out Craig knocks on her door.  She goes to open it, and Craig is standing there with chicken soup and crackers for her.  Carly starts to talk to him about what Julia might have done to Parker if he was home with her at the time of Julia's attack on her.  Carly starts to cry remembering this, and Craig hugs her for comfort.  Carly pulls away, and they sit down to on the couch to talk.  Craig tells her that when he heard that she was in danger, he couldn't stop worrying about her.  Craig admits to her that he loves her, and that for once isn't ashamed to admit it.  Carly freaks out upon hearing this, and throws him out telling him he has extremely lousy timing.  Once outside Craig smiles to himself, and says, "That's my Carly."  Carly stands on the other side of the door completely shocked.
In Malta, Lily tells Simon and Katie to go home.  Lily is told by Guido that she is free to go.  The three of them leave, and Guido throws the cell's keys to Damian.  Damian takes the keys and frees himself from the cell.  Lily comes to the airport to see Katie and Simon off.  Simon tells her off to the side that he knows that she met up with Damian.  Lily explains how she's tricked Damian into going to the cafe, just as Dante asked her to.  Simon and Katie get on the plane, and are about to leave.  Simon tells her that he's staying in Malta to help Lily.  Katie is outraged that he's choosing his ex over her, and yells after him that maybe she won't be waiting for him when he returns to Oakdale.

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