As The World Turns Update Monday 8/20/01



As The World Turns Update Monday 8/20/01

By Glynis

Katie is frightened being in Malta and she wants to go right away. The policeman is there and he wants them to leave. He says that he doesn’t know what Lily is right now, but Simon doesn’t believe him.

Julia has Carly at gunpoint and she has taken her to a field. This is where she is going to kill Carly. The area is swampy and sometimes quick sand develops. Carly sees a puddle of mud and knows now how Julia is going to kill her. "Welcome to your burial ground!" Julia imagines that dying in quick sand might not be painless. Carly is only worried about Julia hurting Parker. Julia admits that Barbara wasn’t the one that was to blow up, that bomb was meant for Carly. Julia tells her to jump into the puddle of mud. Julia wants her to die a slow and terrifying death, but if she is pushed, she will make sure that Carly feels some pain on the way out. She demands that Carly get in the quick sand right away. Carly instead goes over the things that Julia has done over the months. She admits that the bombing was Owen’s idea and not hers, but Craig should go to jail anyway. The thing that is really sending Julia over the edge is the fact that Jack really loves Carly and not Julia. Carly tells her that she will always be second best. Carly tells her to go ahead because this is not going to get her dead. Carly tells her that Jack will never love her ever. Julia says that she will shoot Jack too then. Carly lunges for her and Julia fires at Carly. Julia slips and falls forward dropping into the foggy vat of quick sand. She screams as she slides in, but Carly doesn’t seem to hear her. She may have been hit by the bullet. Carly gets up and she sits nearby and watches Julia in the quick sand. Julia has calmed down and is standing straight up in the quick sand. Carly helps her out of the quick sand and Julia is sorry for what she has done. Julia wants to be the person that she used to be before all this happened. Carly thinks that sometimes when you lose someone you love, you lose yourself. Julia wonders if Carly will help her. Carly is surprised that she wants her help. Carly agrees to help her. She wants Jack to help too, but Carly doesn’t think that Jack will be helping her. Julia tells her that she was sure that she was lying. She hits Carly in the head and sends her falling to the ground. She knew that Carly was joking and not ready to help anyone. She was only saying that to get Julia to save her stinking life. She grabs her gun and orders Carly into the mud-filled hole. Carly doesn’t move fast enough, so Julia pushes her in. She loves this. Julia is laughing, cackling actually at the turn of events. Just at that moment, Jack appears over a hill behind Julia. He calls to Julia and Julia turns to face him with her gun pointed in his direction. She tells him that she is glad that he is there. He can’t save that bitch Carly now. He can’t’ even save himself. Jack tries to talk his way out of this. He has a diamond ring in with him and he offers it to Julia… Carly is up to her chin in the mud now. Just her face is above the quick sand. Julia takes the ring from him and she puts it on her finger. He tells her that they don’t need the gun anymore. He takes it from her and throws it to the side. She moves to him to get kissed and he pushes her away from him calling out to his reinforcements to grab Julia. Julia immediately starts shouting, "You lied! You lied!" Jack runs to Carly and grabs her, pulling her out of the quick sand. She clutches him and slowly she is pulled out of the gooey mess much like a baby comes into the world at birth. Jack gets her to safety and kisses Carly’s head.

Lily is in jail and she finds Damien there with blonde hair. He is in disguise and the two decide to figure out a way to get Luke and Holden out of danger. Damien will have their meeting place checked out because he doesn’t trust anyone.

Barbara is in the hospital being very quiet. Hal comes to see her. She thinks that her burned face is her punishment for believing in Craig’s lies and turning her back on her children. She can’t make sense of the developments in her life. She starts crying.

The courtroom is buzzing with the news that Craig is free…Rose thinks that it was unfortunate that they were setting up the wrong guy. Paul is very upset. Paul thinks that Craig should be considered as public service. They were going to celebrate that night, but since there is nothing to celebrate, he is just going to go home. He tries to walk out, but Craig stops him and taunts him.

Jessica is with Margo and she admits that she has lost. She is going to recommend that the charges against Craig be dropped. Margo goes to tell her brother the good news and Sierra is there and happy for him too. Craig turns to Sierra and tells her that they are going to have champagne now. Sierra thinks that he actually seemed to care for Carly more than he did for himself. Craig denies that. Sierra knows that isn’t true.

The judge returns and tells Craig that they are free to go. Lucinda and Rose decide to go somewhere and get drunk. Everyone leaves. Sierra thinks that she and Craig should go and have champagne like he suggested earlier. Sierra can see that the trial has changed him, but maybe not for the better. He wants to be left alone for a while. Once alone, he paces back and forth in the courtroom.

Carly has been left alone out in the muddy field. She is wrapped in a blanket and just stares out into the distance and darkness.


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