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As The World Turns Update Friday 8/17/01

by Laurie

Lily is in Malta and she is asleep on a bench in the church. A man walks in and calls her by name. She doesn't know who he is, but he says that he knows who she is and asks why she is in Malta. Other men take the body of the Friar out of the church. The man says he is an investigator and he says that she has to be taken to the jail for murdering the Friar. She pleads and cries saying she didn't do it. But, she is taken to the jail anyway. While she is there, there is a person in the cell with her. The officers leave her and the person stirs and peaks out from the blanket. It's Damien!

While Lily is being arrested, Simon and Katie are in their room. Katie wants Simon to make love to her, but he says he wants to wait for the sake of their marriage. Katie thinks this is stupid, but he says that is how it will be. Simon is not pleased that Lily went to the church by herself and is worried about her. He leaves to see if she is OK. While he is gone, the same investigator that arrested Lily shows up. He tells Katie that he has a gift for her. Simon comes back and asks who he is. The investigator says that he has two plane tickets to America for them. He says that they have to use them immediately.

Back in Oakdale, Craig in on the witness stand. He says that he and Carly did not have an affair. Jessica tries to get him to say that he and Carly were in cahoots together from the beginning since Hong Kong. Craig says that is not true and Carly had nothing to do with him taking over BRO. He says that he did that alone. Now, everyone thinks he just blew it for himself, until Hal and Emily come in with another witness.

Hal and Emily figure out that Owen Dever is the person that attacked Emily. They break into his apartment and find a shrine of Julia. Owen comes home and is surprised to find Emily and Hal there. They sweet talk him and tell him they understand him and want to help him. They finally persuade him to go to the court house with them. He agrees and says that he set the bomb off at the boat house.

Back at the courthouse, Owen takes the witness stand. he says that he set the bomb off at the boathouse because he did it for Julia. He says that the bomb was intended for Jack. Owen says that Jack was always mean to Julia and she asked him to set up a bomb. Only Barbara was there instead and her getting hurt was an accident. The judge has Owen in custody, and Craig thinks he's been cleared. Margo tells Jack that she needs to search Owens's apartment with the bomb squad and tells him not to go home and not to use his car. An officer comes up to Jack and tells him that Julia is missing from the hospital. Jack frantically calls Carly.

Back at Carly's house, Julia is there. Carly tells her to leave and Julia brings out a gun and points it at her. She says that Carly is going to leave with her. Carly refuses until Julia tells her that if she doesn't go with her, Parker and Jack will be blown up. Julia also tells Carly that the bomb in the boat house was intended for Carly, not Barbara. So now she has to finish what didn't get done. She is going to kill Carly and will kill Parker and Jack if she doesn't go with her. Carly pleads with her not to hurt them and agrees to go with her. Julia takes her to Carly's Prize - the land that Jack bought for Carly. It's night time and Julia has the gun on her and tells her that Carly is going to die and reside at Carly's Prize forever. It is her burial ground. She asks Carly if she has any last words.


by Glynis

Simone and Katie are together and Katie wants to take advantage of the time to make love to her husband. Simon learns that Lily went back to the church and he is suddenly upset with Katie for letting her go off by herself. She gets upset. She feels neglected by him. He isnít neglecting her, he just thinks that the less sex that you have in a marriage, the longer it lasts. She thinks that is crap. He canít deny that he has feelings for her. He is not afraid of being with her. She dares him to prove that he can make love to her and he grabs her and swings her around to kiss her. Things are going to be good for them. They kiss, but then he tells her that he has to go and he walks out of the room. Katie gets up and thinks that he expects her to follow him. She goes to the door and opens itÖ

Lily wakes in the church and Friar Domingo is being taken from the premises. There are police there and Lily doesnítí know what is going on. The police want to know why Lily is there. Lily explains that she was led there to find her husband and son. The police find her desperate and wonder what she would do to find her son and husband. She canít be released because they have to do a proper investigation. The police have no choice. She is taken away. She only came there to pray. She thinks that the man that she is talking to works for Dantť.

Craig is on the stand and she is trying to get Craig to admit that he really didnít mean his vows. He was a cheater with his last wife and he tampered with his sonís trust fund. The Prosecutor needs to stick to asking questions and not summaries of what she finds to be right. Craig tells everyone that he didnít do the attempted murder. He has made mistakes but would never contemplate murder. It has been alleged that years ago, Craig was responsible for a car bombing. Margo shakes her head at that.

Julia has just arrived at Carlyís. she tells Carly that she needed a little field trip. She was tired of the hospital food. She had to pick something up, so she thought that she would come and visit Carly. Carly tells her that she has to go to testify in court. Julia knows that she is lying and that she testified in court all ready. Carly wants her to leave. Julia thinks that they should leave together. Julia wants her to go with her. She takes out a gun and points it at Carlyís head. She insists that they leave together. Carly tries to leave, but Julia punches her in the stomach and drags her back inside. Carly is fiddling with her purse trying to get her hand on something. She has her cell phone out behind her back and she is dialing numbers trying to reach someone. She explains that she has lots of help in the hospital. She tells her that she has access to everything in the hospital. Time is winding down. Carly canít believe that she is going to do this. Julia promises not to hurt Parker or Jack. She has a choice of either dying here or she can come on a drive with her. Carly wants her to promise that her son and lover will not be hurt if she does what Julia wants her to. Julia whispers to her to remember that Julia is crazy. Carly walks to the door and Julia takes out a picture and drops it on the coffee table opened. It is a picture of a field.

Hal and Emily are with Owen and he tells them that he is in love with Julia. He finds Emily very pretty and nice. He thought that she would be some other way that was not too nice. Emily tells him that she is very nervous going to the courthouse by herself, so she wondered if Owen will come to court with her.

ÖKatie has just opened the door to follow Simon but she finds the head policeman standing in the door. Simon returns and the police man tells them that he has a gift for them. the man gives them an envelope. Simon looks in the envelope and finds that there are plane tickets in there. He wants them to go home right away.

Emily manages to get Owen to go with her and Hal to court. He tells the story of his relationship with Julia. He is taken into custody and removed from the court. Craig is freed and Lucinda, Rose and Paul are upset to find out that Craig is not the bastard they thought that he was.

Jack leaves the courtroom and a cop comes over to him and tells him that Julia is missing from the hospital. No one knows where she is. Jack canít believe his ears. He is immediately worried. He knows that Julia will go straight after Carly. He calls Carly, but he gets no answer.

Julia takes Carly out to a field and tells her that this is going to be her burial ground. Carly can only stare at her. Julia wonders if they should have a moment of silence.


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